Sunday, October 30, 2005


Autumn In The Ozarks-Sunday Drive

Went for a ride today. One of the most scenic highways in the state, State Highway 9, runs from our little town to the White River at Sylamore, Arkansas. Along the way there are several scenic pull-offs where panoramic views of the hills and valleys can be viewed. As I've mentioned before, for the past few years this road has attracted motorcyclists and pleasure-seekers who come to enjoy the wonderful views-especially during the fall of the year. What many of these people don't know is that there are many interesting sites to see just off the beaten path. The cave I have shown here is what we locals call "The Clay Cave". Generations of Izard County youth have explored the depths of this cave which extends several hundred yards underground and is loaded with visual delights. The cave is less than a quarter mile down the highway from one of the scenic overlooks and-believe it or not-only a few yards from the highway! Untold numbers of sight-seers, I'm sure, have driven past this geological delight without knowing it was there.
A friend and I will be starting a site, soon, so we can let anyone who's interested know where some of the unique locations are in our county.


Katrina Aftermath (Explained?)

I watched a segement of WJ, this morning, when Ron Waters of the University of Maryland was the featured guest. Dr. Waters has started the African American Leadership Institute on campus.
The last statement he made on the show indicated to me why any "leaders" his program graduates will not be armed with the truth as they go out into the community to lead.

He said (paraphrased): "The state of our inner-cities is due to a situation that is two-fold. First, the whites began moving out. Second the "prominent" blacks moved out. This has left the inner-cities to those who were "left behind" resulting in situatuions like the one after Katrina." (This is a liberal paraphrase but the meaning is absolutely clear)

If his instruction to potential "African American leaders" is based on an understanding like this, he is destined to either fail or at worst create more racial divide. The people in the inner-cities were not left behind-they STAYED behind!
When an individual wakes up to the fact that they are in a place with little opportuniy and decides to do something about it, are we supposed to believe that person is responsible for bringing the rest of the community along with them? Come on, America-people are poor who don't have the motivation to be anything else but poor.

In this "humble" hillbilly's opinion, our governmnet gives the poor incentive to remain poor by providing them with a free meal-ticket and housing. Okay, so many of the poor can't help being poor because of age, health etc. Many more remain poor because they have made TERRIBLE decisions in their past or just want to "mooch" off the rest of us. I think that it would be interesting if the world could know the percentage of those who turly need government assistance as compared to those who are taking advantage og=f the system.
As for Ron Waters and his new Institute, they need to check their map-the road they're following is taking them in the wrong direction.

Saturday, October 29, 2005


More Fall Colors-Cedarberries And Persimmons

From a Giant Persimmon tree behind my house.


Ahem! See What I mean? (Miers Withdrawal)

A few days ago I wrote a piece about my view of the Republican "revolution" that took place over the Miers nomination. If you'll recall, every media source (including FoxNews)was reporting that it was the conservative wing of Bush base that was baying like hounds with a coon treed about the SCOTUS pick. Since the de-nomination, however,
polls are telling a different story
I know CNN is a liberal propaganda source with about as much credibility as "Democracy Now", but I also saw similiar poll results on a poll by FoxNews. I couldn't find the results of the Fox poll but I remember their numbers being even more indicitave of the failure of the media to recognize that the opposition to Miers was from the LIBERAL side of the Republican party. Gary Bauerites and a few others were the exception-not the rule. The "revolution" was a few socially liberal Republicans posing as conservatives and being helped along Most, of course, who happen to be liberal as well. Even Fox bought into the charade!

Friday, October 28, 2005


De-nominations And The Democrats (Making Sure They Know Their Place)

The President asks: "Will this one do?"

The left says: "Yes!"

The right says: "I don't think so!"

The President says: "Okey-dokey. How 'bout this one?"

The right says: "Yes!"

The left says: "No, no, no, no ,nOOOoo!"

The right says:

Thursday, October 27, 2005


Revelations, Manifestations....Things That Make You Go..."Eh?"

I remember following a story out of the northeast about ten years ago that covered an image of Christ which had began to grow on a masonry wall outside of a church. After the faint image was discovered it continued to sharpen into a miraculous likeness of the Saviour. People flocked to see the heavenly phenomenon. News outlets took pictures and video-tape footage. Crowds came to ooh and ahh at the revelation! If I remember correctly (and yes, it is a true story carried for days by the MSM)it rained heavily one day during the period while all this was going on and the whitewash covering the miracle wall washed off in many places. One of those places happened to be where a poster advertising a Willie Nelson concert had been attached to the wall.
You guessed it-the MSM covered miraculous manifestation of Jesus Christ. Only a lonesome stranger.
What brought that little memory to the forefront of my thinker was this!


Harriet Miers-Where Bush Went Wrong

I keep hearing the talking heads say that it was the "extreme right wing" of the Republican party that brought down the Miers nomination. But I also heard Dr. James Dobson tell his listeners that she was a good choice. I watched Ralph Reed defending her nomination on one of the Cable networks a few days ago. Just what IS the "extreme right wing" of the party?
I visit a few blogs on my daily adventures. Lately I've been reading those hosted by Republicans or at least vote Republican in almost every case. The way I observed things among the blogs is that it was socially LIBERAL Republicans who were most opposed to this nomination. I also got the sense-from the very beginning of the "rebellion"-that many of the loudest whiners were either known bloggers looking for more notoriety or Drudge wannabes.
I've stated this before, but I must again-there are many things that I think President Bush has done wrong. I supported his re-election because of his stand on the war. I could never have voted for the euro-American, John Kerry and could not have lived with myself if my vote was wasted on the independent/otherworld candidates and the jerk won!
I hate what is happening on our borders-especially our southern one. I don't LIKE the measures that are being explored as solutions by the Bush administration. They don't make sense to average Americans who want to preserve our way of life. But I DO understand that this world has changed over the last few years-changed rapidly, unpredictably. Today that change is only increasing in velocity-speeding off into! A New World Order-it's unmistakeable and unstoppable. The proverbial Genie has been let out of the bottle. The Internet and global free-trade is re-arranging the world as we all breathe. So, as a reasonable thinking citizen who is NOT a Republican but only a man who tends to vote Rebublican, nationally, I can kinda understand what the administration is trying to do with their proposed immigration policies.
I am appalled at the way the President and congress are spending money. How will Republicans ever be able to say they are good stewards of the country's coffers, again? It's for this reason that I'm glad that he's in his last term of office.
However, although I was floored when he named Harriet Miers a few weeks ago and couldn't understand why he did it, I trusted his judgement on the pick-still do as a matter of fact. She wasn't given the chance to face the Senate, so we'll never know whether she was qualified or not. We'll never know what kind of Judge she'll be. We'll never know whether she was a "Scalia" or a "Souter". Which brings me to the point of this rambling post. Where did her nomination go wrong?
Personally, after thinking a while after the announcement, knowing his previous judicual nominations, I thought Bush had made a brilliant political move! I still believe if the loudmouths of the blogosphere had held their fingers back from the keyboard for a few minutes they may have realized this, as well. But those itching for a Senate-chamber brawl did not get their way. So they started screaming, stomping and holding their breath. But this is not what killed the nomination.
What killed the nomination is the President's reaction to the quasi-republican rebellion. HE should have taken a few breaths before promoting his nominee's evangelicalism. Up until the moment he began defending her by revealing her religious beliefs she was sure to be affirmed by the Senate. When he went in that direction it woke up the starry-eyed Democratic Senators who had been charmed by the President's pick-not fatal in itself because the Republicans still had the vote. The most crucial thing that his actions caused was to stiffen socially liberal Republicans' resolve to oppose the nomination. If you'll recall, the abortion issue was never a real issue in this internal quarrel. The opponents cloaked their social concerns with claims of her lack of qualification. They questioned her obvious intelligence. This is what I believe sealed Ms. Miers' fate.

Mr. President, don't blame conservatives for this. Blame the freaking liberals....whatever clothing they may sport!


The Left's "Superbowl" Weekend and X-mas Eve, Too

I've not eritten much about the CIA/Plame/Wilson/Rove story much at all. It's mainly because I wanted to wait and see how things developed. Though I realize that the left has taken this thing and blown it WAY out of proportion, I believe that whoever was involved, IF a crime was committed deserves discipline-even outright punishment.

What has kept me really entertained in the past couple of weeks, however, is the looney left's effervescent approach to a much anticipated and hoped-for indictment to come down eaither today or tomorrow. Political jerks like Chris Matthews cannot hide their glee at the very thought of indictments against Karl Rove or Lewis "Scooter" Libby. Every liberal Democrat in the nation, I'm sure, are watching with eyes glued to the set to catch the breaking news as it comes down.
This may be a week for partying on the left. Two-days ago they partied when announcement came of the 2000th death in the war in Iraq. Today is their X-mas eve. I would guess that there are "Superbowl Sunday" style parties planned among liberaldom if news of an indictment comes down today or tomorrow. Like watching a cage-match in wrestling, they will cheer as the blood flows and the folding chairs are swung.

If Flame/Plame/Wilson was TRULY a covert agent unknown in any circles outside the "Company", and Rove/Libby knew that to be true, and they purposely outed her in order to punish or discredit her husband-they should be prosecuted.
Rove is a very smart guy-I imagine Libby is, as well. I doubt that two brilliant political strategists would purposely out a covert intelligence operative under the intense scrutiny of an adverarial press and a vicious political smear machine!

While the wackos are speculating, I'll be waiting to hear the facts.


Miers Withdrawal-One Step Forward, Two Steps Back?

Harriet Miers has withdrawn her nomination to the SCOTUS. The White Huse claims it is due to their unwillingness to release executive branch documents to the Senate for review. This is a good excuse but probably not what the real reasons for the withdrawal are.
The real reasons might be:

She decided she'd rather open an adorable little dress-shop in the shadow of the Reunion tower in Dallas.

She couldn't stand the thought of meeting with one more freaking Senator leading up to the confirmation hearings.

She knew she would have trouble under the scrutiny of both conservatives and liberals.

Because ideologues bullied her and the president into making her decision.

Personally, I think that the documents were an excuse and ideologues bullied her and the president into it. It may come back to haunt the ideological "conservatives", thus it may haunt reasonable conservatives, as well. If we have been robbed of a good logical-thinking conservative on the bench and end up placing a turn-coat there instead-I will be extremely annoyed at those pundits and conservative charade-masters who brought it about by their unreasonable opposition to Ms. Miers!
On the other hand, If the new justice turns out to be a common-sense legal genius who understands the real role of conservatism, I will shower loads of praise upon their efforts which will have resulted in that scenario, also!

All that said, I can now say....Wheeeeeew!


Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Razorback Alert! (And This Little Piggy Went Wee, Wee, Wee...)

"Political correctness gone mad" does not EVEN describe this growing phenomenon! I lived in the UK for three years in the early eighties. I find that American society, today, is much like British society was back then. This makes me wonder if my state's most recognized and adored mascot has its days numbered.
Britain, us'n hillbillies are jest down-raht a-SHAMED of you! What's that thar ole english-type saying-stiff upper lip?

Get a Grip, mates!


The Syrian Challenge-Is There Anybody Out There?

I'm waiting!

Monday, October 24, 2005

Taking On The Syrian Challenge

Yesterday, on C-SPAN, the Syrian Ambassador to the U.S., Imad Mustapha, appeared on "Washington Journal". He gave a challenge to America-request an e-mail from a Syrian citizen and see if they are impeded in conversing freely on the internet. I'm accepting that challenge.
Please, if you are a Syrian citizen, living within that country's borders, send me an e-mail or comment on this site. I would very much like to hear from you and discuss your government's role in assassinations of Lebanese officials.

I dare you to e-mail me!

Tuesday, October 25, 2005


Reality Of Evolution #1

The dilemma of the evolutionist as I've come to understand is thus:

They are unable to prove evolution. No matter where they go (billions spent in space)or what experiments and studies they perform they cannot duplicate what they claim to be fact. They fail to demonstrate the object of their faith.

Neither can they disprove God. No matter where they go (billions spent in space) or what experiments and studies they perform they cannot dispel what they claim is false. They fail to eliminate the object of my faith.

So they will continue. Unhappilly-even resentful of the fact that those of us who have faith in the creator don't have to go day in and day out in pursuit of proof. They will not stop their meaningless search for the missing link. They will continue to seek but they will not find because that "link" for which they long is just that-missing. They will continue in the attempt to remove God from public view. Yet they will fail to prevent Him from being known to anyone who seeks Him.

They will continue in their quest for the answer until they finally realize that Christ is the answer. If they never come to that point they will die never having known the answer.

Our "friend", British MP George Galloway, is back in the news! He has been accused by Senator Norm Coleman's committee for a variety of crimes regarding the UN oil-for-food scandal. He denies the charges, of course, in his usual blow-hard style.
I wrote a little about his debate with Christopher Hitchens a few weeks ago. His attitude and rhetoric are much like those of his arab business buddies. It makes me wonder if he doesn't get his marching orders from radical islam. He seems to be trying to draw attention away from his own treachery and harmful language by accusing the United States of rediculously trivial unsubstantiated crap-just as his terrorist-minded pals do in the mid-east.
How can any patriotic American give creedence to such an obvious agent of an enemy that is anything but credible?
From what I've heard, people like Don Imus can't wait to see Karl Rove marched across the whitehouse lawn in cuffs-I can't wait to see the treacherous Galloway done likewise. Maybe we'll get footage of a US soldier pulling him out of an 18 inch hole where he was hiding from justice his confidant, Sadaam Hussein!


Maureen Dowd-Killing The Competition....At Home!

Judith Miller has made a mistake. She has gone back to the womb which spawned her (The New York Times). It could mean the end of her life as a least at the "Times", anyway.

I was reminded, as I read the harsh criticism and accusations by her colleagues-especially Ms. Dowd-about a segment I viewed a few days ago on the "National Geographic" cable channel. The show featured "amazing" "extreme" videos and a warning was given preceding the mentioned segment that said: "If you have a weak stomach you may want to turn away from the TV set!" They showed endoscope footage of a juvenile in the womb of its mother eliminating its competition! The lone sharkling ruled its mother's womb and fed on the carcasses of it's siblings.

A feeding frenzy in the womb-a fitting comparison for what's happening at the "Times"!

Monday, October 24, 2005


Taking On The Syrian Challenge

Yesterday, on C-SPAN, the Syrian Ambassador to the U.S., Imad Mustapha, appeared on "Washington Journal". He gave a challenge to America-request an e-mail from a Syrian citizen and see if they are impeded in conversing freely on the internet. I'm accepting that challenge.
Please, if you are a Syrian citizen, living within that country's borders, send me an e-mail or comment on this site. I would very much like to hear from you and discuss your government's role in assassinations of Lebanese officials.

I dare you to e-mail me!

As for Mustapha-how can any red-blooded American trust a guy with eyebrows like that?


Bernanke, Bush's Pick For Fed Chair (Another Reason To Like The Miers Nomination)

President George W. Bush has just named Ben Bernanke as his pick to succeed Alan Greenspan as Chairman of the Federal Reserve. Bernanke is a graduate of Harvard-more reason for an ole hillbilly like me to admire the Harriet Miers nomination.

I relish the thought of an SMU academic perspective. Texas-style!

Leave the sciences to the Ivy-Leaguers, let the rest of America rely on good ole common-sense! The stuff we use every day of our lives.


"Evolution" VS "Intelligent Design"

Here's some good conversation about the ID/Natural Selection debate. It's funny how the "brains" of the world-"scientists"-seem to have a mental block when it comes to accurately describing their approach to the subject of "evolution". It is obvious to antone with any intellect at all, that those who accept "evolution" as the explanation of human origins is relying on therie own FAITH.

"Evolution"-there's no proof for it.

"Evolution"-takes a greater act of faith in its acceptance.

"Creation"-observable through nature and a PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP with the creator (something "accepted science" rejects out of unfamiliarity).

Saturday, October 22, 2005


Fall Colors-It Won't Be Long!

With the small amount of rain our area recieved a few days ago and the cool tenperatures we've had the last few days, by next weekend our hills should be awash in brilliant colors! The Sumac is just past its peaks and the leaves are drooping, but the deep reds they display are fantasic-especially against the dark hues of the evergreens and species that have not yet begun to show their transformation and the few that have turned a yellow.

I love these hills!


Patriotism Quiz-Question #2

Does news of further U.S. Military deaths in Iraq and elswhere in the world give you a warm, fuzzy feeling inside?

Apparently there are many who would answer YES!

Thanks for the tip, Alday!

Friday, October 21, 2005


Is Ann Coulter Reading LL?

Wow! I wonder if the Princess of Pundits is happening on to this blog every now and then. A few days ago I made this post.

Ann, if your reading, common-sense can be applied to making conclusions about constitutional law. If we threw common-sense out of the window the left would have a field day in our justice system. The very nature of the English language requires common-sense in it's comprehension.

I know we'll kiss and make up later, Babe, but heck! You're involved in making some kinda scene about this nomination. Just wait, Sweetie, and see what the hearings bring.

(Heh, heh!)


"The Real Cuba"

I just found this site, today, courtesy the Babalu Blog. Instapundit steered me there.

I must say, this site moved me. The images that the MSM bring to us don't tell the whole story of the plight of Cubans. How can American citizens stand by and allow a people with whom we've shared liberty and who live only miles from our shores suffer so severely.

I, for one, intend to be more aware of their sufferings.

There are some revealing images of the Cuban preparation for Hurricane Wilma. They are enough to silence much of the criticism concerning our preparation and response to Katrina!


Feeling Patriotic? A Question For Pundits And Posers

This question is aimed at every American who gives a shit. I particularly would like to know how the following political pundits would answer this question:

Ann Coulter
Maureen Dowd
Thomas Freedman
Thomas Sowell
Bill Press
Rush Limbaugh
Michael Reagan
Randy Rhodes
James Carville
Michelle Malkin
Chris Matthews
Joe Scarborough
The two Als-Sharpton and Franken
The Buchanan siblings-especially Pat!

You can make your own list. Add to mine in the comments if you like!

The one essential thing about this pop-quiz on patriotism is that the participant MUST answer sincerely! Without this crucial element, the test is useless.

Feel free to fantasize about how your favorite pundit or politician might answer.

Here goes:


Do you secretly hope for a future terrorist attack against the United States of America?

Thursday, October 20, 2005


Friedman-Scott Ott You're Not

A few weeks ago I did a little piece about Maureen Dowd and her lame attemp at being Coulteresque. This week the copy-cat award must go to Thomas Friedman of the same publication-The New York Times.

He offered this as a satire on the Bush administration's influence on the Iraqi/Arab/world view of our country's leadership. It's neither funny or accurate!

The reason that leftist Democrats will never gain power is that they continue to equate minor infractions by Americans to those of murdering terrorists.

If you want hilarious satire on various political issues of the day, visit Scott Ott over at his place!

Friedman-You are NOT OTT!


Goodbye, Old Friend! (Busch Stadium)

After the St. Louis Cardinals defeat in game 6 of the NLCS, I'm saddened. Not so much by the loss of the game, but because the loss of a good friend-Busch Stadium!

I'll never understand why such a great stadium has to be destroyed to make way for a new one. The Last time I was there (two years ago) it was just as perfect a place to watch the greatest game on earth as it was the time previous. Whenever I had the pleasure of sitting in the stands of this great venue, I felt as if I were home.

The Cardinal fans are great! This is evidenced by the post-game chant from the stands encouraging the NLCS champions, the Houston Astros, as they continue on to the World Championship! I have confidence that the new stadium will offer the same sort of comfort, but it will take some getting used to! At least the awesome fandom will be unchanged.

Thanks,Busch, for the decades of satisfaction you have brought to the fans of the game and the team you have served so very well!

Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Rush-30 Years Later

A Farewell To Kings

Lyrics by Neil Peart, Music by Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson and Neil Peart

When they turn the pages of history
When these days have passed long ago
Will they read of us with sadness
For the seeds that we let grow
We turned our gaze
From the castles in the distance
Eyes cast down
On the path of least resistance

Cities full of hatred
Fear and lies
Withered hearts
And cruel, tormented eyes
Scheming demons
Dressed in kingly guise
Beating down the multitude
And scoffing at the wise

The hypocrites are slandering
The sacred halls of Truth
Ancient nobles showering
Their bitterness on youth
Can't we find
The minds that made us strong
Can't we learn
To feel what's right and wrong

Cities full of hatred
Fear and lies
Withered hearts
And cruel, tormented eyes
Scheming demons
Dressed in kingly guise
Beating down the multitude
And scoffing at the wise
Can't we raise our eyes
And make a start
Can't we find the minds
To lead us closer to the heart

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

Wow! This band was revolutionary! I have been listening to them for most of the day. I do that with certain bands from time to time. These had to be the three best rock musicians to play together as a trio-probably to play together-period!
The lyrics really hit home when you think it's been over three decades since they came onto the scene.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Rebekah Gould-Er....umm....Update?

Here's a recent article on the Rebekah Gould murder case. I say update, but in truth there is no more information than before. The caes is awaithing results from the "back-logged" Arkansas Crime Lab.

This young lady was brutally murdered and flung out of a vehicle onto the side of the highway-shouldn't some priority be put on the case? It seems that a stark increase in meth-labs are largely responsible for the backlog. I know that "crank" is a huge problem in Arkansas as well as the rest of the country but with the constant barrage we have from the MSM about "dead blonde girls", I wonder why a brutal murder doesn't take proirity.
Recently, at our local high-school, a white powdery substance was found in a small amount on a student and the local sheriff stated that it may be a year or more before the true identity of the substance was known due to a "back-log" at the state's crime-lab. He also stated that it is unlikely to be an illegal drug but is most likely a BC powder!
No wonder the crime-lab is backed up!
There are many people who want to know what happened to this young woman. They wonder if they or their own children are at risk. This case should be made a priority.
Where is the MSM on this story-I guess they don't care about us hillbillies!

Monday, October 17, 2005


Karl Rove, Judith Miller and "Scooter" Libby

Quite the hear a hopeful liberal speak about the trio of Rove, Miller and Libby. Watching "Hardball", earlier, I couldn't help but get the feeling that the leftist media have been getting this wrong-except for the foolishly esteemed New York Times, anyway. They (NYT)seem to be behind a plan to set the administration officials up for these "Valerie 'Flame'" accusations.

Miller did not go to jail in order to stand up for the rights of journalists-she went to jail in order to create an appearance of guilt concerning Libby....and therefore Rove....and therefore Cheney....and therefore Bush!

I must say-I believe that if found to be guilty of these accusations by the left (there have been no accusations by the the justice sytem), both of these men should step down. Not for "outing a covert CIA agent" because Plame was as much as an undercover agent as I am, but because it at least created a sense of indescretion-at most improper use of the power they wield. The more I learn, the less likely I think they will even be indicted.

I may be wrong, but I have the feeling the NYT dreamed this whole scenario up with the Wilsons and Miller to create this investigation. Maybe for the scoop on a good political story-more likely to manipulate the nation's political system. If I am wrong, you know where I stand. If I am not wrong, well...drinks all around!

Chris Matthews, it may not be Republicans that get indicted. It may be the NYT attack squad that spawned all this bullshit! Hell, it may even include one ore more of your media cronies or even FOBs!

(FOB=Friends of Bill)


Charles Rocket-Suicide?

I saw this on the Yahoo News page. The first couple of paragraphs were enough to make me go...huh?!?!
FARMINGTON, Conn. - Actor and comedian Charles Rocket, who had roles in a variety of movies and TV series and briefly gained notoriety for uttering an obscenity on "Saturday Night Live," committed suicide, the state medical examiner ruled.

Rocket, 56, whose real name was Charles Claverie, was found dead in a field near his home in Canterbury on Oct 7. His throat had been cut, the medical examiner said.

"An investigation determined there was no criminal aspect to this case," State Police Sgt. J. Paul Vance said Monday.


Does anyone else find it hard to believe that someone would commit suicide by cutting his own throat? Sounds kinda fishy to me!


Japan-Should We Be Worried?

China and South Korea are both pissed and concerned. Should we have similar feelings?

Wait to answer that last question until you read this little item I came across!

Sunday, October 16, 2005


Stem-Cell Problem....Solved?

Wow! If this proves to be true and actually works without harming an embryo, it could mean an end to the stem-cell research funding debate as we know it.

I'm a little skeptical!


Fall Flowers-Jumbo Style

An afternoon's drive through one of my favorite backroads resulted in a few more images of colorful wildflowers of our region. Cheap digital cameras and abundant afternoon sunlight don't make for great pictures. I'm sharing them, anyway. Our ride, today, was down old Jumbo Road.

A friend and I have been discussing starting a blog about our area of the Ozarks. We plan to focus on Izard County and feature notable sights in the counties around us. This part of the Ozarks is still somewhat open country-but changing rapidly. Our plan is to feature known sights as well as amazing gifts of nature God has provided us with up here in our beloved hills.

In the past five years or so, the scenic highways in our county have attracted a species of tourist that uses two-wheeled vehicles for transportation. It is not uncommon to have groups of twenty bikers thunder their way over the hills and through the hollows, here in Izard county. We hope to offer an isider's guide to our wonderful homeland.

Until then, I intend to post some of the images I capture on my little Vivitar!



A Thousand Here, A Few Thousand There, Millions More....Everywhere?

Saturday, The 15th of October, 2005 in Washington DC.

Saturday, The 15th of October, 2005 in Toledo Ohio.

Isn't there a federal law against incitement to riot? Or conspiracy to overthrow government? I saw a "troop" of military clad "Black Panthers" basically calling for the release of terrorists.

The people speaking in DC never offered a word of thanks to the multitude of white citizens who made great sacrifices to provide shelter and relief to the "poor black victims" of Katrina. What kind of message is this sending to "their people"?

This kind of "free-speech" is harmful to race relations in our nation. How can we allow these angry black manipulators to take advantage of those who are unfortunate or ignorant of the opportunities they have as American citizens.

How can reasonable Blacks follow a kook like Louis Farrakhan? "Honorable"? I think not! This man is dangerous to America-regardless of race. His followers are beginning to resemble the radical brand of Islam encouraged by its hateful leaders.

Saturday, October 15, 2005


Fall Flowers-A Walk in the Woods

Here's a few more colorful blurred images from the woods behind my home. The foliage is beginning to turn. If we're lucky, we'll get a little rain in the next week or so and have a really colorful display, this year.

Friday, October 14, 2005


Anne Coulter and Elitist Worship

I don't know about you, but if I were picking someone to be a SCOTUS Justice, I would stay as far away from the elitist, Ivy-League schools as possible. It doesn't take excessive book knowledge to make common-sense decisions. Often, when individuals who are considered intellectual scholars, they tend to have their common-sense skewed by elitist ideology.

I prefer hillbilly justice to Ivy-league justice.

Ann Coulter is wrong!


Presidential Corruption

I watch C-SPAN's "Washington Journal" regularly. I'm sickened by the constant ranting of the left about George W. Bush as being "the most corrupt" president in history. This morning, I finally decided to revisit the record of the left's most esteemed president in history, Bill (Slick Willy) Clinton.

On Bush's "scripted" chat with U.S. troops in Iraq, yesterday, I was reminded of a clip of Clinton walking away from the memorial service for one of his cabinet members, Ron Brown. Do you remember Ron Brown? As Clinton was walking away, he was laughing and joking with another official until he noticed a reporter's camera trained on him. His face immediately went from a countenance of mirth to mourning. There are real questions about the plane crash that resulted in the deaths of Ron Brown and others who may have been targeted for death by the Clinton administration.

I was reminded of the lies concerning his irresponsible behaviour in the Oval Office with Monica Lewinsky.

I was reminded of Vince Foster's "suicide".

I was reminded of document shredding by Hillary's aides.

I was reminded of the "Whitewater" scandal.

I was reminded of rumours of drug use and abuse among the Whitehouse staff and administration officials.

I was reminded of Goerge Stephonopolis' arrest for DWI.

I was reminded of the questions surrounding the Murrah Federal Building bombing.

I was reminded of the swirl of death affecting many in Arkansas who had knowledge of Clinton's questionable activities while the governor of Arkansas.

I was reminded about the "accidental" bombing of the Chinese Embassy in Yugoslavia.

I was reminded that Saddam Hussein was allowed to go about his business of terror and saber-rattling during the Clinton administration.

I was reminded that Louis Freeh, Clinton's FBI head, has just released a book which is very critical of Clinton and his policies.

I could go on and on. It amuses me to hear these uninformed, biased ideologues bashing Bush while they revere an immoral, corrupt president like Clinton.

Here's a link to get the feel of what I'm saying.

Here's another.

Thursday, October 13, 2005


Farrakhan and the "Millions More"

As I tuned into my treasured C-SPAN, this morning, whose face did I see but Mo' is...Louis Farrakhan's. He was appearing on "The Washington Journal" to promote his organized march in DC, this weekend, which is to be called the "Millions More" march-the name giving reference and reverence to the "Million Man" march his organization helped to bring about some ten tears ago. Personally, I think it should be the "Million Smore" march-then maybe I would participate, myself...probably even include my wife and kids in the fun! Yum, Yum!

As the segment began, a comment was read from a concerned black relocatee from the New Orleans area. It read: "What's the point? Couldn't time, energy and money be spent better, elsewhere?" This was in reference to the up-coming march. Farrakhan would label this individual as someone who should remove the mote from his own eye before trying to remove the one in other's eyes. In other words, Louis-Baby's philosophy says that if you don't agree with my position, you are wrong and should change your own position to my position. The problem is that this racist jerk wears his own hypocrisy on his sleeve, proudly.

These are some quotes and comments from the minister of "The Nation of Islam":

Favorite phrase: "We must mobilize and organize!"-This phrase was used at least 5 times during the 30 minute segment. It almost sounds like he's calling men to arms-that's scary when you know that he is an important leader of "The Nation of Islam".

"Education is anti-black and pro-white supremacy". Gawd!

"The demands of the poor will finally be met!"-Gosh, I hope not! It would create a mad-dash by the rest of Americans to become poor, as well!

"Farrakhan did not divide the people, Farrakhan did not pass black people up on the roofs as they were suffering, Farrakhan did not......." ad-nauseum. He repeated the references to himself in the third-person 5-6 times in his rant at this point. hasn't it always been accepted heat people who refer to themselves in this way are not all there?

"Our friends in the Army"-oh....excuse me while....I.....choke off a...laugh. This was in response to a caller calling him out on the "exploded Levy" conspiracy theory he and is..Ray Nagin, mayor of New Orleans, dreamed up

"Nothing will stop us from putting our focus on the specific needs of black people".-"The specific needs of black people" he refers to seems to mean the domination of all other races.

While saying: "We come together as black-leaders in a room and try to address the problems of 'our people' from within", he blames the problems of "his people" on "systemic racism" in America. One caller, after this statement, said "You're talking out of both sides of your mouth, Mr. Farrakhan". I wonder if Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are included in his room-full of black-leaders? I seriously doubt these black guys are!

I must tell you what I brought away from Farrakhan's appearance, this morning. I was reminded of the exchange between Eve and the serpent in the Garden of Eden. He has a smooth toungue and the ability to soften his voice to decieve some into thinking that he is compassionate and trying to help, while his real motive is to divide, destroy and conquer. He mixes truth and lies, Koran and Bible. When confronted by a caller on the latter, he said: "We are mixing Christianity, Judaism and Islam...". This is so much like what Satan did in the Garden with Eve that I must question whether or not this man is just ignorant or a demon from Hell, itself!

Farrakhan doesn't want to "address the problems of our people". He wants to blame the probelms of "his people" on everyone else.

I wonder if Mo Howard ever got this much coverage on things political?

Several years ago, I had the pleasure of composing and writing a book with my father-in-law, Charles P. Jones. It is titled "Jew and Gentile" and references his belief that in the "end times", the world's major religions would come together and worship as one. Farrakhan's quote about "mixing" the major religions' scripture lends credit to his belief-a process that is foretold in the Bible, actually. My name only appears on the "Dedication" page of the book because of reservations I had about some dated predictions my late beloved father-in-law insisted we include. I'ts worth the read, however and if you would like a copy of the book you can e-mail me.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Angela Merkel, Chuck Schumer and Air America

Seems a little strange to see these three names grouped together, doesn't it? It begs the question: "What do these three have in common?".

The answer? Angela Merkel, the new German Chancellor who won her seat in large part due to her pro-America stance, has barely been mentioned in the MSM. Chuck Schumer, the New York Senator who has staff members under investigation for illegally obtaining a credit report and using it to glean information to attack one of their boss's political opponents, has not been taken to task by the MSM. Air America, the anti-American leftist radio network that cannot support itself and has started begging for money PBS-style and has been caught in a scheme which diverted federal money from a city program for kids to lend to the struggling station has not been covered in the MSM.

And the leftist jerks want the American people to believe that the MSM isn't biased-what a freaking joke!

Monday, October 10, 2005


The Twilight Years-Mark Martin Can Still "Get It Up"!

I missed the Nextel Race, yesterday. I was thrilled to learn that a fellow hillbilly, Mark Martin-truly a Hall of Famer in Nascar, broke his 51 race winless streak. Mark Martin is from Batesville, Arkansas-just a few miles from my hometown. He's currently in seventh place for the coveted Nextel Cup Championship. This is his final season of competition in the sport he has excelled at for many years.
Arkansas-especially the folks from the Batesville area-are proud of his achievements this year and we are all rooting for him to miraculously win it all!
Viagra is his main sponsor. Pretty good PR to have a representative in the twilight years of his sport to show he can still get it up and boogedy,boogedy, boogedy! Not only that, but give his adoring fans so much satisfaction in the process.
Go Mark, win this thing!

Sunday, October 09, 2005


Harriet Miers-Musings From A Voice Of Reason

I found this blog courtesy Sons of the Republic. It's a calm, reasonable place to glean information about the SCOTUS nominee.


More Fall Flowers

Here's some more shots from our backroad adventure, this afternoon. My twelve year-old son got the deer. I had to strip my 4 year-old down to his birthday suit for the ride back home after he "accidentally" waded into the creek!
The old church building is the Knob Creek Church.
Arkansas- The Natural State! I love it!


Fall Flowers

These images were captured on my cheap-o camera on an afternoon ride through Knob Creek Road, here in the beautiful Ozarks. Oh, how I long for more megapixels!

Saturday, October 08, 2005


Autumn In The Ozarks

I love my home. I feel very lucky to be from a place like the Ozark foothills. It's a special blessing to be able to step out the back door for a little stroll in the woods.
A buddy and I like to get out in the fall and check out the fall flowers in our county. This year I have a cheap digital camera and will be capturing images which I will share with anyone stopping by the site.

This was taken just beyond my back yard boundary.


Ray Nagin's Plan For The Poor

Ray Nagin has suggested building up to seven new casinos in the Canal Street area of the city he manages....well, manages for now, any way. What a wonderful way to raise irresponsible citizens out of poverty-build a casino where they can spend their Fema bucks and monthly entitlement checks.

Why isn't anyone calling for a recall vote on Nagin's political seat?

Friday, October 07, 2005


Harriet Miers-Playing a Bad Hand Texas-Style

Here is an awesome article by Thomas Sowell!


France And Chicken

I can have a laugh at the expense of the French-it doesn't make me a "French-basher". I can despise their election of an evil manipulator like Jacques Chirac-it doesn't mean I hate the French. I can loathe their cowardly and self-serving decision to oppose the U.S. concerning the war on terror-I have good reason.
I'll save my bashing for the cowardly manipulative liberal anti-American "Americans" who have continually betrayed our nation and it's troops!

That's why I can have a good laugh over this "French-bashing" story!


Christianity-Disenfranchised (Update)

David Limbaugh understands Christianity's plight in a country built on Christian values.


Evolution Is Not Science

Have a read!

Have another!


Harriet Miers And The Extremists

I keep hearing people say that it is the "extreme right" that is in opposition of the Harriet Miers nomination to the SC. I've not seen it. Who I see in oppositon are people who despise Christianity. They are those who love the opportunities that capitalism brings but hate the thought of someone with moral Christian values having any say in governance. Liberal Capitalists who call themselves Libertarian are removing their clothes for the rest of America to see.
I've stated, before, that I'm alarmed at how many who call themselves libertarians seem to have coddled up next to those who are immoral liberals. As in most cases, I was right.
Liberals are loving this apparent fracture in Republican ranks, but what they don't understand is that those who are truly reasonable conservatives don't vote according to party affiliations-they vote for candidates, regardless of party, who agree with their moral standards. Conservatives have never depended on the "big tent" philosophy which welcomes anyone from child-molesters to homosexual perverts to those who refuse to recognize the rights of our most vulnerable citizens-the unborn. The truth, as I see it, shows that liberals and "capitalist liberals" (immoral, God-despising "libertarians") both oppose Harriet Miers-not because she isn't qualified, as they claim, but because they fear the moral wisdom she is most likely to bring to the highest court in the land!
I see what the media has termed the "extreme right"-James Dobson, etc.-supporting this nomination. Any moral American should be very wary of those who oppose the president's choice-they are most likely working hard to remove Christian values from our great nation's moral fabric-a dangerous game, indeed!
What the liberal circus wants is for people who have Christian morals to be silent-even censored. That makes this old hillbilly red-in-the-face!

Thursday, October 06, 2005


Fighting Islamic Terrorists-Razorback Style

In the flavor of my original post on this theme, I have to offer another piggy of an idea.
For the last year or so, I have been catching "Off to War", a reality series following the Arkansas Guard troops mobilized and put into action in Iraq. I have a great Idea that will boost their morale and their stature in sight of the enemy!

First, a perimeter should be set up around their bivouac and double-fenced. This would provide an area which could double as a pig-pen. This would provide real "hillbilly armor" to protect the troops while not on duty.

Secondly, the armorer from each unit should be required to apply the grease from pork-chops to the tip of each round of ammunition in his inventory. Signs should be posted in mission areas that read: "Terrorists Beware-U.S. Forces armed with swine-tipped Ammo. Fight at the risk of having promises revoked!"

Lastly, each Arkansas Guard unit's uniform must include the much-loved Razorback in the form of a subdued red patch. This would give a mighty advantage to the boys (and gals) of the Natural State!



Porkbusters And The Blogosphere

This is a Fight I'll gladly join!


Nude Disintegrating Parachutist....Pundits!

Have Mercy!

When things like this are coming from the extreme left, the Republicans ought to take a breather!

This knee-jerk quasi-Republican back-lash is embarassing to reasonable conservatives. These ideological glory-seekers of the blogosphere may live to regret this. I already do.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005


Jacques Chirac, Meet Ray and Kathleen!

From Anne Coulter's site:

THE NUMBERS ARE IN! - Final New Orleans death count: 964 French summer heatwave death count: 14,802.


Even Louisiana's Democratic leadership, as negligent as they were, couldn't put up numbers anywhere close to those of the "great" Chirac!

Democrats, you need to spend some time in gay Pa-ree! Not only will you feel comfortable in a city so-named, you may get educated in how to be as negligent as your socialist cronies.

Ha! Did you get that? "Cronies"-you have to laugh at that one!


Donald Sutherland, Dixie Chicks And Disengagement

I remember looking forward to watching a new movie starring Donald Sutherland. I've already mentioned his role in the 1978 re-make of "Invasion of the Body Snatchers". "M*A*S*H", though a liberal charade, was entertaining and I enjoyed his part in that film. I'll never forget the determined, happy-go-lucky, stoned tank commander in "Kelly's Heroes". When I think about it, those movies were from my childhood-a time when I didn't know much about politics and didn't much care. For the past 15-20 years, however, Mr. Sutherland has tended to accept only second or third-rate roles in films. His career has been somewhat stagnant.
Just 18 months ago, one of my favorite bands to listen to was "The Dixie Chicks". Their bluegrass inspired style of country was both artful and refreshing. Natalie Maine's unique voice and the skilled playing ability of her two band-mates were inspiring-I looked forward to their songs on the radio and often had one of their great CDs in my player. Then Natalie began bashing Bush and the war on terror in other countries around the world. I don't even know where my copies of their music are, anymore-don't really care.
I haven't purposely listened to any Dixie Chicks tune since. Yes, I do still think that their music is very much worth listening to-and no, it wasn't a conscious choice on my part to stop craving their music. My core, in some mysterious way, just weaned my desire-most likely because of the anti-American flavor of the girls' statements before the '04 presidential election.
Donald Sutherland, now a "star" of the new series "Commander in Chief", also starring Gina Davis, has gone to London-the same country where Natalie Maine spouted her uninformed ignorance-and blasted our president and dishonored our great American heritage. If this is his attempt to regain his star-power enjoyed in the 70s, he may want to pause and look at the direction other celebrities' careers have taken in the wake of voicing anti-American sentiment-down the tubes.
Last night, I was searching for a movie to watch on one of the Premium Movie Channels when I came across one I had never seen-"Fallen". As I consulted the "Info" feature and read Donald Sutherland's name in the billing something just automatically prompted me to move along and find something else to watch.
Don't get me wrong-I still think he's a great character actor. Just as I also think that "The Dixie Chicks" are great artists. It's just that my soul won't allow me to support them in any way.
Oh well, the price of patriotism, I guess!


The Clinton Legacy and Northern Ireland

It's a good thing Slick-Willy cleaned up this mess!

The world is so much safer from terrorism after his presidency!



I'm a Christian. Not only am I a Christian, but I'm a Baptist. To top those two apprently "bad" qualities, I'm an Independent Baptist-probably the most "evil" type of Christian there is according to god-hating atheists who want to have a monopoly on American ideals and morality.
Watching "Washington Journal" on C-SPAN, this morning, I've come to the conclusion that soon my religious beliefs may exclude me from participating in government or even expressing my views toward government. Heck, one day I may not even be able to vote because I don't adhere to humanistic thought. Instead, I may one day live in a country where the rule of law is determined by man's wisdom and whim rather than God's morality and justice. Hell, I already DO live in a country where that is true! It's scary. When Christian morality is determined "un-American-I hope it isn't-America will cease to be.
The thing is-I'll still be an American. Those who disenfranchise me will transform themselves into citizens of new nation-one which places its faith in the wisdom of man as opposed to the perfect wisdom of God. That's the most un-American position possible.
To listen to these intolerant haters-of-anything-moral, I don't have a right to allow my convictions or beliefs determine my political views. However, to them, it is quite appropriate that all policies of our government should be determined by the flawed, selfish wisdom of man.
What standards do they have? Where does their morality come from? It comes from selfish motivations driven by greed, a need to be determiners of their own fate (sorry-that's impossible, atheist!), and hatred for any central authority over morality.
Our country is in trouble when amoral individuals who champion personal rights over moral responsibility are actively trying to disenfranchise the heart and soul of our great nation-those who revere the wisdom of God's moral compass.

But maybe there is still hope!

Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Ronnie Earl-This Guy Is....Good?

He tees it up. Walking around to a point behind the ball, he stares at his target down the fairway and lines up the shot. He returns to the teed ball and takes a set-up stance-waving the club before him in his pre-shot routine. Then he backs off....looking back down the fairway as if to make sure his target is still there.

He repeats this routine, not once, but twice-for a total of three before he swings his political driver and smacks the indictment down the manicured fairway towards the green. The marshall, who was moving toward the savvy player to tell him he would drop a shot for DELAYing play, stops his forward progress and steps back into the crowd.

The ball (indictment) soars through the crisp afternoon air and slices off into the trees-probably out-of-bounds. Ronnie Earl, a veteran of the game, watches the ball out of sight, turns red in the face and says: "I'm taking a Mulligan, dammit!"


The ball, from it's contact with the club-head, begins slicing towards the trees, yet again. The clubsman watches in disgust and hopes that it hits a tree before going out-of-bounds and kicks towards the fairway. His caddie hasn't told him that there is a pond just beyond the oaks, however.


LL's Position-Back Harriet Miers....For Now

I'm "disappointed, depressed and demoralized"! That's the phrase Bill Kristol used in describing his reaction to Harriet Miers' nomination to be the next SC Justice, yesterday. It's the way I feel about the "knee-jerk" reaction my fellow conservatives are foolishly displaying. Conservative pundits are beside themselves in bewilderment and outright anger over Bush's choice. The Democrats are wringing their hands with joy at seeing their charges of cronyism affecting the "base" of the Republican Party with such effectiveness.

Get a grip, conservatives! Look at the circle of gawking, gleeful rubberneckers that are gathering around you as you self-destruct! Like Bob Shrum's ugly mug, twisted in evil rapport, laughing at you-encouraging you as your tantrum mounts.
I'm not only "disappointed, depressed, and demoralized", I'm ashamed! You are falling for the same tactics the left used during the election regarding the war in Iraq. Let's not let this nomination be the "Abu Ghraib" of an important presidency! George Bush has his faults, but you people are caught in a whirlwind of assumption, here. Chill, get more facts-later I might join you.

Monday, October 03, 2005


Harriet Miers-Target Of The Opposistion?

Is Ronnie Earl ringing his hands in eager anticipation? She's from Texas. She has been nominated by a political opponent of his, also a Texan. She is sure to at least have some Texas-style conservative values to take to the supreme court. Will she be the next "victim" of the over-zealous Texas prosecutor who has become famous for his political indictments.

We'll have to wait and see.

In the mean-time, Harriet, watch your back! Not from the idiots from the opposing side of the isle who will soon be questioning you, but from a fellow Texan who-judging from his record-will surely be trying to add a notch to his six-shooter's grip by finding some way to get you indicted!


Donald Sutherland-Invasion Of the Brain-Snatcher

I remember Donald Sutherland in the movie "Invasion of the Body-Snatchers". In my mind, I can see his eyes widen, his head tilt back, mouth opening, hand rising in an accusatory gesture and his mouth parting to emit the body-snatcher screech.
In an interview in England, the aging "star" of the new television series "Commander in Chief" broke down in tears saying-"What are we doing to the world?" This was said after he accused the Bush administration of not caring for Iraqis, Katrina Victims and just about any other group of people he could think of off the top of his head. A head which may have had its brain "snatched" by aliens-aliens like MIchael Moore and Cindy Sheehan.
I know this pathetic idiot, who actually broke down in tears (acting ability, I wonder?) during the inteview has always been a liberal. but this guy is isn't even American-he's Canadian.

Donald Sutherland doesn't speak for me-he speaks for the clueless anti-American crowd who have benefitted in all ways because of the great nation they detest.


Wooooo-PIG-SooOOOOie!-A Hillbilly Battle-Cry In The War Against Terror

Political Correctness at its worst, anything having to do with pigs, in merry old England, are to be removed or covered so as not to offend Muslims. Even Piglet, the little pink character of "Winnie the Pooh" fame has been given notice that he may not be welcome, anymore, in British society. We welcome the little swine here in my home state.

Maybe....just maybe....hillbillies like me and mine have a aura of protection around our state. It is difficult to drive very far without seeing a determined member of the order of swine portrayed somewhere. There may be flags bearing the image of the "dreaded" evil boar-or , most likely, a dozen license plate tags one might see in a mile of travel. No visitor to the great state of Arkansas can enter any residence without the risk of being confronted with a steam breathing red hog on someone's wall, carpet or bean-bag chair.

I feel safe from terror as a hillbilly citizen of the state whose residents share a deep admiration and reverence for the image of a hog.

Woooo-PIG SoooOOOOie! Razorbacks. We may not be winning anything in sports but the image of "Big Red" we hold dear is keeping our Islamic fundamentalist enemies at bay!

Saturday, October 01, 2005


Nagin and Farrakhan-All We Need Is Al Sharpton (The New Stooges)

I'm laughing as I write. Ray Nagin, the clueless mayor of New Orleans, apparently has had a meeting with Nation of Islam leader, Louis (I-hate-anyone-not-black-and-any-black-who-likes-anyone-who's-not-black) Farrakhan. What a laugh-these are two of the biggest fools in the country and they're going to try to solve the gargantuan problems caused by Katrina. Farrakhan, the biggest dipshit I've ever heard speak, has accused the U.S. government of a conspiracy to flood the "black part" of New Orleans by blowing up the levee. His "evidence" is apparently from Nagin's description of a "crater" under one of the levee breaks. A "crater"-that cracks this old hillbilly up!
If I had an "above ground" swimming pool which was breached at some point along its perimeter, I can guarantee that after the resulting deluge in my yard, there would be a "crater" left beneath the point of the breach. This idiot, who many follow as some sort of prophet, has decided it was the result of a bomb set, deliberately, to flood a part of the city mainly occupied by blacks. What a dweeb!
All we need is a taped three way meeting between this pair and the "Reverend" Al Sharpton and we'd have a ready pilot for a new "Three Stooges" show.
Hell-if we can pull this meeting off, maybe we can get the networks to donate advertising proceeds for the new sitcom to a charity set up to help the poor black victims of the U.S. Government's act of attempted genocide!

My pick for parts assignments:

Mo-Farrakhan (After all, he is the "leader" of the gang)

Larry-Sharpton (It was the hair that decided me on this one)

Curly-Nagin (Of Course-he's probably the biggest fool of the three...and the lack of hair thingy, too)

Heck, the "Reverend" Jesse Jackson could make regular guest appearances as "Shemp" on the show that is sure to be a smash hit!


William Bennett Pulls a "Howard Cosell"

So, during Bill Bennett's radio Broadcast, Morning in America", he said that he knew "for a fact" the crime rate in this country would go down if......every black baby in america was aborted.
Kinda reminiscent of Howard Cosell's famous "Look at that little monkey run" comment that branded him a racist. I don't know if Bill Bennett is a racist or not, but I do know he's a freaking idiot for saying what he said on a national radio broadcast. Some things you just can't say-however true you may think your statement is or even how true it actually is.
It's amusing to think he could actually have let a stupid comment like that slip out when his party is already on the ropes from questionable legal charges against its leadership.
Many may think that the Republican party is self-destructing, and in a way, I believe that, as well. However, I don't think the Democrats will be able to capitalize on the Republicans goofs because their party is living on a diet of Bush-hatred-it's their only sustenance. Like manna from heaven, they are collecting the daily bread handed down to them by their Republican foes on high.
I think that the Republicans are experiencing some level of revelation. People are realizing, finally, that there is not much difference in the policies of both political parties. I think that's good for the Republican party. It means that the left-leaning big spenders who hide behind their Republican label are having a light shone on their deceptive motives.
The American people are seeing the worst of both parties. That's good for America and Americans. When the vote is cast in the '06 mid-terms, I'm looking forward to the biggest overturn, ever!
There may even be room for another party or two when the dust settles leading up to the "08 presidential elections.
That is GOOD for America! So.......a good "morning in America" is on the horizon.

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