Saturday, October 01, 2005


Nagin and Farrakhan-All We Need Is Al Sharpton (The New Stooges)

I'm laughing as I write. Ray Nagin, the clueless mayor of New Orleans, apparently has had a meeting with Nation of Islam leader, Louis (I-hate-anyone-not-black-and-any-black-who-likes-anyone-who's-not-black) Farrakhan. What a laugh-these are two of the biggest fools in the country and they're going to try to solve the gargantuan problems caused by Katrina. Farrakhan, the biggest dipshit I've ever heard speak, has accused the U.S. government of a conspiracy to flood the "black part" of New Orleans by blowing up the levee. His "evidence" is apparently from Nagin's description of a "crater" under one of the levee breaks. A "crater"-that cracks this old hillbilly up!
If I had an "above ground" swimming pool which was breached at some point along its perimeter, I can guarantee that after the resulting deluge in my yard, there would be a "crater" left beneath the point of the breach. This idiot, who many follow as some sort of prophet, has decided it was the result of a bomb set, deliberately, to flood a part of the city mainly occupied by blacks. What a dweeb!
All we need is a taped three way meeting between this pair and the "Reverend" Al Sharpton and we'd have a ready pilot for a new "Three Stooges" show.
Hell-if we can pull this meeting off, maybe we can get the networks to donate advertising proceeds for the new sitcom to a charity set up to help the poor black victims of the U.S. Government's act of attempted genocide!

My pick for parts assignments:

Mo-Farrakhan (After all, he is the "leader" of the gang)

Larry-Sharpton (It was the hair that decided me on this one)

Curly-Nagin (Of Course-he's probably the biggest fool of the three...and the lack of hair thingy, too)

Heck, the "Reverend" Jesse Jackson could make regular guest appearances as "Shemp" on the show that is sure to be a smash hit!

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