Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Katrina-Reality TV , Most Real

I feel like a zombie. For the past 2 1/2 days, I've been glued to the set watching the Katrina events unfold. When I'm finished here, I'll probably go back to watching these amazing scenes unfolding along the Gulf-coast and in the city of New Orleans.
I watched a season of "Big Brother". I was a regular viewer for one season (the last) of "American Idol." A few years ago, I saw most of the "So You Want to be a Nashville Star", or whatever it was called. They have nothing on the "Katrina Show"!
From the beginning to the bitter end, the story of this unexpected hurricane is proving to yield the most fascinating look into attitudes of modern Americans. The orderly (at least what I saw) evacuation along the divided highways was truly a sight which I will remember for a long time. The discussions between the meteorologists, anchors/reporters, and emergency personel on the top three cable news networks was absolutely riveting. The lines of "refugees" lined up to seek shelter at the Superdome-that was sobering. Then, of course, theres the decisions that were made concerning evacuation or riding the storm out.
Sunday night, I left the tube on and slept on the sofa. Every hour or so I would wake up and get the latest. Hell, I MISSED the downgrade to category 4! Got up, got the kids off to teacher, and watched as Steve Harrigan of FOX NEWS did his usual "Geraldo wannabe" routine (my wife's description) next to his hotel in Gulfport, Mississippi. What a laugh!
You just knew....as it was going on....and as the reporters and anchors were saying things like-"It looks like it is not as bad as we feared"-...you just KNEW that there would be more to the story when the clouds blew on by.
Talk about "sobering"-today dawn broke upon a broken land. And the story grew throughout the day. The fears about the Big Easy were realized-though not quite in the predicted volume, and tonight virtually all of the city is under several feet of water.
The destruction! It makes "Andrew" look like a dust-devil, in a way. Shrimp-boats, high and dry, are strewn all along the coast between New Orleans and Biloxi. Neighborhoods.....TOWNS completely wiped off the face of the map!
Then, of course, the people. The stories of horror and tragedy will be filling our media for months-maybe even years to come. Men, women and children having to make unimaginable decisions concerning life or death. Fathers, Mothers, and kids looting anything useful.....and anything valuable-reality TV will never touch this type of programming!
I'm hooked!

Friday, August 26, 2005


Sign Reading 101

Liberal >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Liberal Loather>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


Asa On the Run

I got a special treat, tonight. At the community college where I work, Asa Hutchinson spoke to a group of about 100 people who were attending a fund-raising dinner to support his run for the Arkansas governor's seat. It appears that he will be running against Mike Beebe, our current State Attorney General. The seat they will be competing for is one which will be vacated by a probable 2008 presidential contender, Mike Huckabee, who has held it for the past 9 years.

This is going to be a state race watched by the national media, I believe. Already, there are allegations being made concerning Hutchinson's possibly taking advantage of his insider knowledge within the growing Homeland Security industry. On the other side of the coin, Mike Beebe is a leader of a state Democratic party which is in the throes of a scandal concerning candidate's filing fee abuses.

Here are some quotes from his speech:

"What is critical to industry in our state.......the need to create non-manufacturing jobs" This is his way of addressing the loss of jobs in the manufacturing sector of Arkansas employers. Sounds reasonable to me.

"Technology is the key to homeland security." Big Brother will be watching me.

"DEA, Arkansas-get rid of methamphetamines. Technology, Arkansas-that's where we need to be heading". I agree with that!

"You can get a great education at home in the state of Arkansas." This is true.

"The property rights issue...I think that decision was wrong". Of cousre. This is already an issue that some liberals who claim to be "progressive" are screaming about.

"Right now we have men and women serving in Iraq and Afghanistan....we need to be stalwart-we need to perservere." There SHOULD be no question about that.

"How in the world do you go to sleep at night knowing it is your responsibility to protect the country from a terrorist attack?" He seems to have done a pretty good job in that area. Arkansas-a police state?

It was a good speech-about what I expected. He talked for a few minutes about his experience in Washington before focusing on what he intends to do in Arkansas.

There's still a chance that some other Republican may file to oppose him in the primary. I'm looking forward to a good old Arkansas political dogfight over the next 14 months.


Sheehan Chronicles-Cindy, Meet Orwell.......

This guy needs to get a job, or something. He's got way too much time on his hands!

Thanks for the laugh, Greg!

Thursday, August 25, 2005


Chicken-hawks VS Chicken-shits

There has been an inane leftist argument going around focusing on the phrase "chicken-hawks". This term is used by the zombies of the dark-side to paint conservatives-ecpecially conservative college and university students-as cowardly psuedo-patriots. Their argument-"If you're so keen on the war, why haven't YOU joined up and gone to fight in Iraq? Nanny-nanny-boo-boo!" It's really a decietful way to try and score points, politically.
Young America's Foundation, An organization dedicated to the promotion of conservative ideas on campus, released a short guide to give students a kind of "cheat-sheet" in order to give them ideas on how to argue with the "chicken-hawk" accusation.
This item was posted on YAF's Club 100 community forum, yesterday afternoon. I'm grateful they have allowed me to show it on this site.

Talking Points Against the "Chickenhawk" argument:

So, the big argument from the Left in regards to the Iraq war is essentially: If you support the war, but do not sign up to serve yourself, you are a hypocrite and a "chickenhawk."

I am sure many of you may come across this on campus. To help counter this, we have put together the following talking points:

1. We are engaged in a war of ideas on college campuses that is essential to winning the war on terror. This is also very important since hateful professors are spewing anti-American rhetoric at the students every day and students rarely hear all sides of the argument.

2. The Vietnam war was lost because there weren't enough people on the homefront telling the truth and supporting the war...

3. Where were these leftists when Clinton was sending our troops to Kosovo, Somalia, and Haiti? They weren't signing up then. Also, why aren't they serving in various UN peacekeeping missions worldwide, according to their logic?

4. The troops in our programs tell us it is so important to continue the battle of ideas on campuses and to support the men overseas through programs like what we did with Freedom Alliance to send needed supplies and thank you notes over there during the conference.

5. We are the ones fighting for the right to serve in ROTC on campuses. The same leftists who criticize us for not joining the military are stripping willing and able college students at Yale, Harvard, Emory, Stanford, etc from their rights to serve their country.

6. The majority of Americans do not serve in the military, so the Left is essentially disenfranchising them from contributing their voice to the debate.

7. The logic is flawed that only people who are involved in something can voice an opinion about it. For example – the public voices its opinion about a wide range of government programs even though most people are not in the government, and people speak about welfare but not many are actually on it or administering it.

This was originally posted by Patrick Coyle. Patrick is a co-author of "The Conservative Guide to Campus Activism", an book designed to give young college conservatives help in setting up organizations, hosting conservative speakers and event, preparing patriotic memorials and challenging the rampant liberal philosophy being pushed on campus.

Thanks Pat, and thanks YAF!

Wednesday, August 24, 2005


Superhero Squads-Champions of the Blogosphere

I had a humorous image pop into my head while contemplating my contact with others on the web. As I visit sites which have a reader following, I find that there seems to be a group of "champions of the cause"-whatever that cause may be-patting one another on the back, stroking each other's egos and waiting for a villain to vanquish.

You know,like "The Fantastic Four" or "Justice league". The image that entered my mind while pondering this, however, was that of the action heros on the Nick show-"Kablaam".

So, off to Club 100 I go. (To get patted on the back, have my ego stroked and wait for a villain to vanquish!)

Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Cindy Sheehan-An Interesting View

I like this guy. He's thoughtful and entertaining.


Just an Old Hillbilly

I'm a hillbilly- I admit it! Heck, to be completely honest, I'm quite proud of it. I'm fat, bald and over forty-so it's been a while since I've had much "Schoolin'". I'm not always as articulate as I wish to be. So, here's a site that is operated by someone who can articulate many of the views I have on evolution in a much more effective way. It's linked on the side-bar, as well, if you'd like to check in on it, now and then.

Monday, August 22, 2005


Judicial Hypocrisy-The Dueling Fetus

This is something I don't understand about our judicial system. How is it that a man can be charged with the murder of an unborn child-even have the term "fetus" used in the description of that child, when a "doctor" can brutally mutilate a baby in its mother's womb, legally.
If you think this man is rightfully being charged with the murder of La'toyia Figuero's baby-and I believe he is-then you MUST believe that abortion is also murder!

The law allowing abortion is hypocritical.

Those who think it is okay to charge this man for murder of a fetus, yet also believe abortion is not murder, are hypocrites.

Those who believe this man is wrongfully charged with the murder of his own child, are hopelessly decieved.

Sunday, August 21, 2005


What's in a Name?

Look at the top of this page. See it? It reads: "LiberalLoather".

Now, I don't know about you, but that name, to me, doesn't compel conservatives to comment.

It does, however, seem to be effective in attracting the comments of raving, left-wing wackos-which was, I admit, my aim.

Pretty satisfying to this old hillbilly!


Sheehan Chronicles-View from a Left-Caoster

The following comments were originally posted on the "Cindy Sheehan" thread over at Club 100's forum.
The author's name is Darin. I like the way he expresses things.

I think Cindy Sheehan is disrespecting the legacy that her son's sacrifices made possible. By using the specific word "vain," she personally believes her son died for his own profit, or to "die for Israel." It comes as no surprise that she has been outside Bush's Crawford Ranch, associating herself with the rent-a-friends that actually support her son's killers.

Here are a few of her gems that will back up my assertion that this is not about honoring the legacy and heroic actions of Casey Sheehan, but everything to do with pushing the cut-and-run caucus in Congress into action:

"The U.S. government is a morally repugnant system"
"This country is not worth dying for"
"There has always been excuses for wars, but NONE of them have been good or valid"
"I DEFINITELY think that we should support war resisters in the military"
"Am I emotional? Yes, my first born was murdered. Am I angry? Yes, he was killed for lies and for a PNAC Neo-Con agenda to benefit Israel"
"You get America out of Iraq and Israel out of Palestine and you'll stop the terrorism"
"The U.S. government is now ruled by murderous hypocrites... criminals who should be arrested, charged appropriately, confined behind bars"


She used her son Casey's insurance money to buy a house (when separated too) and pay off years of tax liens, while currently threatening to stop paying taxes. She's used his grave as a podium to spew her anti-war, anti-Israel and anti-American sentiments while aligning herself with Michael Moore, MoveOn.org, Lynne Stewart, David Duke, Communist front groups, George Soros funded groups and then again, the list goes on and on!

The media has been less than disingenuous; Cindy Sheehan had a moment with the President last year (and tells two different accounts of it). There is a photograph of President Bush actually embracing Mrs. Sheehan, and he has met with many family members of the fallen heroes. Instead, they hail her as the "Rosa Parks" of the anti-war movement, and fawningly call her Mother Sheehan.

This is nothing but a story about a non-story. The lamestream press knows that it is mid-August and Congress and the President are on a month-long hiatus. With a wacky mother camping outside of President Bush's ranch, with unprecedented demands, attitude and rhetoric, this will surely accomplish the selling of news and continuing to bring down the President. To the rest of Americans, it has shown that the President is the only one in this whole story to act his age.

Thanks Darin!

Saturday, August 20, 2005


Twin Creek "Specimen"

Today, LiberalLoatherLabs released the long-awaited information on their new world-changing discovery. Never again can those who refute the theory of evolution use the excuse that it can't be shown in action.
On January 22nd of this year, our research department recieved a call from an individual claiming to have found a very unusual "rock" on his farm. Fred Hamms, the sheep-rancher from the Sylamore Hills area of the Arkansas Ozarks, had never noticed the rock formation perched on a rise above his chicken yard, before.
"It was just kinda settin' there eyeballin' me", he said after Joseph Lowenbrau, our field researcher for this area, came to his farm to investigate.
"It gave me goosebumps-even when I had my back to it", he continued. "I hain't never seen nothin' like it"
Upon Examination, Dr. Lowenbrau quickly realized the significance of the find.
"This is clearly a momentous find! This may be the answer to all the questions science has been unable to answer about the process of evolution up to this point."

For the past several months, our researchers have been examining the Twin Creek "specimen" at our facility in the Ozarks. We can now announce that we have been able to confirm-lichens, with their ability to form beneficial symbiotic bonds with other forms of life, have been at work changing themselves into chickens.
"This is evolution in action", said Dr. James Schlitz, our head of research. "We have determined that genetic coding from chicken-droppings have somehow contaminated that of the lichens, resulting in a beneficial mutation."
Though it is obvious that the process is recent, the only area of the object which seems to be active in this process is the eye on the left side of the head. "The study of this ongoing evolutionary event has yielded a realm of new science",Dr. Schlitz announced.

LiberalLoatherLabs is in the process of putting up a web-page which will go into detail about the studies associated with this find.
"We expect the site to be up and running by Monday morning", said Dr. Schlitz, "in conjuction with the formal announcement at LLL Research Institute. It will thrill and amaze you to see the information we have already gleaned from this specimen", he stated.

In South Dakota, Our field research team has found no connection between the find in the Ozarks and the boulders which had been thought to be evolving into chipmunks.


(Homo) Revision

Let's get something straight around here. I'm sick of the words: "homosexual" and "heterosexual". It gives perverted behavior way to much legitimacy. From now on, I'll try to remember and not use these words anymore in conversation of any type.
From now on it will be: "Normal sexually-oriented humans" and "abnormal sexually-oriented humans"! I'll retain my uses of : "poofta", "fag", and "queer", however. Not because I hate the abnormal freaks, but because I hate their devious agenda.

Thursday, August 18, 2005


Gaza and Geronimo

I had a fellow tell me today -"Those people over there in Israel are stupid. They shouldn't be acting that way. They should take their 200-400,000 dollars and move along!" Sounds logical, but I wonder......

I wonder-if different radical Native American tribal groups joined together and began a campaign of terror on our citizens in an attempt to force the government to give them back land they deem stolen from them, and were successful, how would citizens who would be torn from their homes in this country react? I believe-in comparison-the events in Israel the last couple of days would look like a peace-gathering.

The way this world is heading, my hypothetical is not only possible, but likely at some point in this nation's future. Hell, if means getting a chance at this ass-hole, I'm all for it!


LLL Delays Anouncement

Today, The Head of Research at LiberalLoatherLab's Research Institute, Dr Schlitz, informed me that the anticipated announcement concerning the "Twin Creek Specimen" will be delayed until Saturday. The announcement's delay was prompted, according to Dr. Schlitz, by a related research expedition in the Black Hills of South Dakota.
"Our field researchers have been working hard for the last several days, in South Dakota, examining a a phenomenon that we believe may be related to the "Twin Creek Specimen" Said Dr. Schlitz. "We don't want to reveal the findings we've made on the original specimen until we have either confirmed or eliminated the new phenomenon as related."
Dr. Shlitz went on to say that the faculty and students-as well as visitors to our Research Institute "have been astonished" at the "Twin Creek Specimen" which has been on display in the new lecture hall for the past several days.
"People are amazed and delighted at the specimen on display." remarked the department's head. "Folks are asking some very interesting questions about it-we'll be happy when we can reveal this object's secrets on Saturday!

Wednesday, August 17, 2005


LL-Banned From ZacAttack! (LOL)

Hillarious! They couldn't stand the heat so they kicked me out of the kitchen! These intolerant jerks refused to answer my questions, had no credible argument for any of my comments on their lame posts, made fun of my writing ability and debate style, then banned me from commenting. It makes me laugh.
I'll keep them linked. I want others to go to their site and see what a liberal, self gratifying circle-jerk looks like. I'll even let them continue to comment on this site-I have nothing to fear from these little men.
Duck and run, boys!

Tuesday, August 16, 2005


Sheehan Chronicles

Thanks, Alday, for sniffing this one out. It's a jewel!


Move On, Cindy Sheehan!

George Bush is a "murderer". She's not going to "pay her 2004 federal taxes". The administration is sacrificing American lives to "protect Israel". She's not being motivated and encouraged by left-wing activists. Sounds like an all-out rebellion to me.
I can imagine Casey, her heroic son, for the last few days. Nestled in the bosom of his maker-he must be shouting "Oh Mom! Pleeeease! MOVE ON!
It is revealing-how the left disregards Casey in this campaign in Crawford.
It is sickening to know-they will forget her when they've finished using her.

It is amazing that any American would donate to the traitors at moveon.org.

Hope you are proud of yourselves, liberals!

Monday, August 15, 2005


"Twin Creek Specimen" Open to Public Viewing

The geological "specimen" which has been the source of so much excitement in the world of LLL, has finally been placed in the LLL Research Institute's lecture hall. It will be available for viewing during hours of operation until the end of the week.


That's the Spirit!

This weekend I noticed something in my little town of which I had to comment. For the last several weeks, there has been a young man taking the initiative and putting out admirable effort in the quest to make an extra buck. I can imagine this kid, sitting at home in front of the tube, like my own kids, watching "Spongebob Squarepants" and saying repeatedly during each commercial break : "I"m bored-there ain't nothin' to do!"
This young man decided to to do something about it!
It's been HOT in this part of the country-very hot! The parking lot of our local shopping center is not the place to go cool down. Yet, day after day, this little guy is out there, sitting patiently in the scorching sun, waiting for a thirsty shopper to stop and give him custom! Others have noticed, as well, even the local newspaper, which did a little story on him a week or two ago.
I had already decided to write a little piece about this valiant effort to turn idleness into profitability, but on Saturday noticed something that prompted me to get out my camera and get the goods. Down the road from where this young man is set up for business, I saw a small group of kids toting a sign that read: "Lemonade 25 cents". I noticed this after having my attention drawn to it by the shrill yells of the little entrepreneurs whose aim was to attract potential customers. It worked. Though I had just finished one Lemonade, I was compelled to get another...so I did!
These little guys and gals had formed somewhat of a "corporation". They had set up in the midst of a two or three family yardsale, hoping to take advantage of the traffic generated. When I went to their table, all of them lined up-one little girls said: "Tommy has got more money than me." I paid my hard-earned cash and got my cup of cool refreshement-well not as cool as the other kid's product (it actually had ice), but somewhat refreshing, nonetheless!
Later that day, I stopped by the first young man's place of business and asked him what he was working for. He sat there with a blank look on his face, and gave a quick shake of the head, "Nothing in particular?" I asked. "Just wanted to make a little spending money huh?". To that, he responded with a rapid nodding of his head and said "Cool car!" I laughed and told him I thought his effort was pretty cool, as well.
Funny, the other kids had about the same response to my similiar question to them. They had toys and candy on their minds!
When I asked the first young man how he felt about his new-found competition, he replied: "They ain't gonna do very good where they're at," he said-"I've got the better spot!"
I told him I thought he was absolutely right! The other little corporation had folded by early-afternoon.
I admire this young man for his effort.

Sunday, August 14, 2005


Thanks Slant Point!


Mission to Mars

I get a kick out of these scientists speaking about ongoing, up-coming, or hoped for missions to the red planet! On the set, this morning, I caught a sound-bite from one of these overly-excited yahoos-didn't catch his name: "I can't wait to see the science from this mission.", this guy said, "It's gonna knock your socks off!"
I don't know, folks-"knock our socks off?" So far we have poured billions of tax-dollars into these Mars missions. What useful information have we gained to this point?
I admit, some great innovations may have occurred in the research and developement stage of the missions-even good technical information from the flights and subsequent surface operations. The economical impact on the air and space industry might even be considered beneficial. But scientific information?
Basically-after all the money has been blown, we are left with "science" telling us that Mars is made of rock and has had water or some other liquid on its surface at some point during its existence. Is it really worth it?
How about figuring a way to utilize space for the benefit of mankind? Wouldn't our money be better spent with this as our ultimate goal?
It makes you question "scientists" (notice the quotes) motives-well it does me, anyway!

Saturday, August 13, 2005


"Specimen" Revealed!

Today, Dr. Harold M Pabst informed me that I could release the first image of the "specimen" which they have been studying.
"There was some objection among the board members as to whether or not we should release these photos." said Dr. Pabst! "After much discussion and some argument, though, we reached a civil consensus."
Dr Pabst, the Vice-President of our Research Institute, has scheduled the specimen to be placed on the platform in our new 700 seat lecture-hall on Monday. Students, faculty, and staff will be permitted to view the souce of our new discovery during the day and evening hours. It will be placed on display in our growing "Science" Gallery after the announcement-sometime next week.
This is sure to be an exciting week!

Friday, August 12, 2005


LiberalLoatherLabs "Scientific" Break-through Update

Our "scientists" have been working around the clock-putting the final touches on their analysis.The head of our research department, Dr. James Schlitz, has assured us that the world-changing discovery may be announced by the end of the coming week!
" There is another angle or two we want to look at and confirm before we make our formal announcement", Dr. Schlitz reported earlier today from the LLL in the Arkansas Ozarks. "Our team is chomping at the bits to tell the world about this great discovery!"

Thursday, August 11, 2005


Grieving Mother? Regretful!

I've caught bits and pieces of the "grieving mother" story. Read some crap about it over on a liberal site. What prompted me to post, however, was the interview I just saw on Olberman with Cindy Sheehan, the "grieving mother" herself.
Now, I know that people sometimes do irrational things when they are grieving, but this is getting out of hand. This woman needs real help!
I felt sorry for her before, but after this interview- I feel sad about the burden of grief she is putting upon herself. She is obviously suppressing her grief by what she is doing!
How could a mother dishonor her heroic son in this way? This young man joined the military with full-knowlege he could be sent into battle and killed. Yet, he went! He died doing his duty. This tirade by his mother is dishonoring that sacrifice!
One day, when the big liberal activists have stopped using her, she will realize what she has done. She will weep bitterly every time she thinks about her betrayal.
Betrayal to her country, to her president, to her son! When the people who are encouraging her, now, no longer knows she exists.
I feel so very sorry for this lady! Her grief will be greatly prolonged because she has been taken advantage of!
I have heard nothing about how her son felt about the war-it really doesn't matter, though, does it?

I Loathe liberal tactics. And I shall expose them every chance I get!


The "Compassionate" Left

I had a guy recently tell me he didn't see anything selfish about preventing a child from living a life of poverty....and so on and so forth. This was in response to something I had said about abortionists...okay, I'll say it...they're selfish! They like to use this as an excuse. Doesn't make much sense in light of the fact that the life they destroy could have been the peacemaker they hope for.
How many great persons of liberty, science, the arts, and philosophy-like Lincoln, Einstein, Mozart and......Michael Moore (heh,heh)-have they killed?
So much compassion! I don't think so! If truth was told-most have selfish motives for their acts!

LiberalLoather is my name-exposing liberals is my game!


Liberty-Drop back and Punt!

As I've weaved my way through the very small portion of the blogosphere I've thus encountered, I'm struck at how a large group of folks are crying about the direction of "homeland security". By that, I mean the Patriot Act and all. They are out there now-screaming, whining, spitting, hollering, biting, clawing, weeping. I understand their plight-even sympathize with it deeply!
Where the problem lies, however-in my way of thinking-is with the fact that over the past century or so, we have allowed our world to slip down such a slippery slope(especially in the past two decades!) as to make any recovery impossible without a complete rearrangement of everything taken for granted! In esscence-the proverbial "runaway train"!
My area of concern is this-in order to reverse this "trend", are people ready to have a complete rearrangement of everything they hold dear? Are they prepared for war in our streets-against ourselves? Or is it time to face facts, lower our fists, and figure out a way to navigate throught rapid changes that are happening, now, before our eyes?
This "fugitive couple from Tennessee" story-along with other crime stories featured on television-are examples of situations we want to praise, yet wouldn't have been possible a few years ago without changes we don't like.
The snowball is rolling down hill. It has been for a long, long time! It's building speed and growing bigger!
Do Americans have the guts to stop it? Or will we let it roll by, send another couple down the hill, and build a great-big snowman at the bottom?

Wednesday, August 10, 2005


Coming Soon-New Breakthrough in "Science"!

Keep watching this space! LiberalLoatherLab "scientists" are on the verge of a breakthrough which may shock the world. Keep an eye here-we expect the results from all testing to be made available within the next couple of days!


Nickel Creek-Why Should the Fire Die (Day Two)

I listened to the album about 10 times, yesterday. As I write, I am listening to it for the first time, today. I found myself craving the smooth sounds when I awoke, this morning!
There is a couple of songs, which I believe, express feelings (in an obscure artistic way) about some of the very issues being discussed on this site. Here's the Lyrics of a tune called "Jealous of the Moon".

You're trying on a brand new dress
But you haven't worn the old one yet
You've come too far to turn around now

You're giving up the good fight when you're as strong as anyone
You're back where you started from

You're staring down the stars-jealous of the moon
You wish you could fly
But you're staying where you are-there's nothing you can do
If you're too scared to try

You drag your pretty head around swearing you're gonna drown
With a beautiful sigh in a river of lies

Why don't you call me I could save you
Together we'll find a god we can pray to that will take you by the hand

I hate to see a friend of mine
Laughing out loud when she's crying inside
But you've got your pride

How could I connect this tune to discussions in this blog? How could I not!


Dueling "Science"-Evolution's Monopoly on Ideas

I've decided on the best way to approach a rabid evolutionist! When confronting someone who has such high regards for their own intelligence that they will not consider any other view, one must understand-that person only accepts "scientific views" approved by others who think about their own intellect in the same manner!
It seems that there are two "sciences" out there. One, the broadest, which is considered by all who is interested in the subject-then one, much narrower, which is accepted by a group of people who do not want others to consider other perceptions of the subject. So-which side should a reasonable, logical thinker come down on?
Those who want to suppress any ideas opposed to their own vain perceptions-and do it viciously and deceptively-want the world to believe that theirs is the only ones accepted by careful observation/testing/prediction. They will tell us that their view is "accepted science". They deny the fact that many scientist around the world DO accept "Intelligent Design" as a viable area to look at in relation to life's origins. Not "pseudo-scientist", mind you, but scientist educated by the same institutions that pump the illogical theory of evolution into each student,including staunch believers in evolution, vehemently! Yet, they have rejected the "accepted science" these monopolizers have spewed!
Don't let the self percieved "super-intellects" hold this monopoly! Like the telephone companies in the 80's, we need to break up this monopoly of ideas so that free-thought can reign supreme!
It's amusing to me how-as confident as they claim to be-evolutionist can't stand the thought of any other idea being discussed. It's as if fear precipitates from their very pores each time someone voices an altervative view to their flawed "science"!
It is revealing how the very same people who are the strongest advocates of the evolution lie are also the most intolerant!

Tuesday, August 09, 2005


Head Runt Hunt!

Al Franken, the little man with a big fat mouth, is on the run! When I picture his situation, along with his comrades at Air America, I see a cat trapped in a pit trap....trying desperately to claw its way out!


Nickel Creek-Why Should the Fire Die (Early Review)

Nickel Creek's new album was released today! Here's my running review! (7th time thru the CD as I write)

I'm on my third time through this album. It's just as I expected it to be, so far-AWESOME TIMES TEN!

I must admit, I was expecting MORE of a "rock" flavor to the new release. There are two or three very good acoustc rockers-the rest is more "traditional"! What I'm hearing that I really think is quite wonderful, is the very cool vocal-styles they have incorporated into their music!

There is a cover of a DYLAN tune!

From past experience with this amazing trio, I can be sure that as I continue to explore this new project, I won't be in the least disappointed!

The more I listen to this, the more I realize-It ROCKS-A-MILLION!!

The vocals are causing chills up my spine...wooooooooOOOOOooooooooo! Wow!

Correction: Not only two or three tunes are "rockers". As I continue to digest these tunes, I'm realizing that even the ones seemingly subdued, rock like crazy!

Boys and girls and all you who consider yourselves in between, I've heard a lot of music in my days. All different genres. Some (like any rap, save "rapture" by Blondie) I've rejected immediatly, others I tolerate, many I consider good, not quite as many I think as really good! But this band.....I don't think I have ever enjoyed one group as much as I do them!
Gawd! I feel like a gushing teenager talking about my favorite pop-star of-the-moment!

I must say it, again-Nickel Creek ROCKS!

Taken from my review at Club 100's Forum.

Check out this review!


New Science Confirmed! (Perpetual Motion is Possible!

Folks, I believe a great breakthrough in science has occured, right here, at this site! It has been duly documented and recorded, that observations of the comments sections on the evolution posts confirm that "perpetual motion" actually can be accomplished!
A momentous breakthrough for the scientific world-and I can claim to be a part of it!
As the debate rages on in these comments, it is clear to see there is no end to it-thus-"perpetual motion" is not only feasable, but progressing as I write!
It doesn't seem as if either Kyle or myself will allow the other to have the last word in this debate. Notice the title to this blog? See whose name is in the "About" section? LiberalLoather and D. Elrod, respectively!
I vow NOT to allow any prophet of evolution have the last word on my site!

Of course, I could drop dead! That would blow the "perpetual motion" thingy, though, wouldn't it? Just a minute....let me see...uh, maybe....if I try a little bit...I can come up with some other angle that provides that "perpetual motion" can and does exist!


Evolution: LL has the Answer!

Evolutionists, as you continue searching for the answers to all of the questions your theory creates, keep this in mind. Liberal Loather has the answer!
The holes in your theory that you can't quite put a finger on? Fill them with God-the common designer of ALL things! You'll find that your theory falls apart and all the evidence points to creation!
You won't do that, though...I'm sure of that! No, you'll continue trying to find the answers which you will never find...because you look at the problem wrongly!

God (that's a capital "G") is the answer you seek!


"The Vehicle Is Not Safe!"

This morning, Discovery returned home-to Edwards AFB, finally, after an extra day in space and two passed attempts at landing at the primary site of Kennedy Space Center. The re-entry and descent were uneventful-the landing, perfect. As I write, the crew is performing the final shutdown and "safe" procedures before departing the aging spacecraft.
After watching the events on NASA TV, I decided to check the talking heads out to see what was being said about the mission. Tom Jones, one of NASA's shuttle designers was on FOX News (yes-I was watching FOX), and told the Fox and Friends panel that this "test-flight" (this is what NASA is calling the mission, as well) should never have included the four astronauts on board besides the flight crew. He emphatically implied that both the flight crew of STS114, and the Expedition 11 crew aboard the ISS were uneccesarily put at risk by a "shoddy" mission planning phase!
A spokesman (Didn't catch his name) for NASA, in a scripted manner, "assured" the world that the shuttle was safe and that every precaution was taken to make it so for the mission.
As the segment ended with the image of the NASA spokesman- who had a concerned look on his face- on screen, Mr. Jones' voice could be heard saying: "The vehicle is NOT safe!"
I dunno-but wouldn't the billions the government is wasting on the rediculous attempts to figure out what the origins of the universe are be better spent developing-better yet-encouraging civilian developers to find an economical and safe replacement (or replacements) for the shuttle program?
The future of space exploration lies with civilians. Why can't NASA see this and do a split-up like the technology monopolies of the past?

Monday, August 08, 2005


Farewell Peter Jennings!

I doubt if Peter Jennings and I would agree on a whole lot, politically, but I had to mention his death. I can remember times when I've cursed at him. Other times I can remember laughing with him. I've told him (by speaking to the tube) he was an idiot. I've said "right on, Peter" There were times, when cable was not available, he was my soul source of the day's news.
I recognize him for the great professional he was! He will be "sorely missed", as Dubya said, this morning, in Texas!
Thanks, Peter, for your service to me! Farewell, and rest in peace!

Sunday, August 07, 2005


Here We Go Again!

750 million more bucks about to go up in smoke! You know, I wouldn't mind if Wednesday's launch of the "Mars Reconnaisance Orbiter" was going out there to prepare a possible way to utilize the natural resources of it's target, but I do mind that the primary mission is to find out if life MIGHT have existed there at one point or another!


Return to Earth

STS 114 Flight Patch


An American Hero

Yesterday, I caught part of Adm. James Stockdale's funeral on C-SPAN. I"m sure most kids, if asked, would not even know who this brave man was. It would be good for all Americans to know who this great American patriot was.
In the '92 General Election, he was Ross Perot's vice presidential running mate. I'll never forget the statement at his first vice presidential debate: "Who Am I and what am I doing here?" The world should know who this brilliant man was!
During the Vietnam war, he was a high-ranking naval officer who flew a mission into 'nam and was shot down. While in the well-described P.O.W. camps, including the "Hanoi Hilton", he organized and ran the system that kept many U.S. servicemen alive and hopeful over years of abuse and torture-even collecting intelligence about NVA activities! To go into all that he was able to accomplish within that system would take pages.
This man was probably one of the great heroes in our nation's history!

Thanks, Admiral-and farewell!

Friday, August 05, 2005


"Evolution-A Brutal Ideology" Results In Brutal "Attacks"

A few days ago, I decided to let a portion of my loathing of modern "science" come out in this blog. Personally (I could be biased), I think I did it in a most comical way. My thought at the time was: "If anyone out there is going to comment on this post, it will most certainly be a raving liberal." Well, I was right! A raving liberal DID respond! But so did some others (on another site)-actually using space to "attack" my post as "not representing evolution, fairly" (paraphrased).
How am I supposed to represent such a deceptive belief? Am I to place my trust in a bunch of self-serving idiots whose motive it is to disprove a higher intelligence? (well-I admit, they might actually believe in a "higher intelligence"-one yet to be discovered in the vast void of space!) Am I supposed to accept this deception, which is built on nothing but speculation?
Yes-they will say that their belief is born of centuries of observation-yet there are so many holes in their belief that (I believe) can never be explained! They absolutely refuse to give creedence to any other view! I wonder what they are so afraid of?
Are they afraid that given a choice between the "evolution" view and the "creation" view that some folks might reject their deceptive ploy to recruit others into their way of thinking in order to bolster their false confidence that there is no higher power over them? Or are they afraid that the rejection of evolution by those who are given the view of both sides of the dispute might result in a re-examination of morality-therefore depriving them of the comfy feeling they get by seeing a world becoming ever more immoral?
I dare say-with the growth of the evolution myth came the rise of immorality in the world! My opinion on this is supported by the fact that not one of my "attackers" have answered a simple question-On what do you base your morality?
Oh-I get the standard "Evolution doesn't neccessarily exclude God" by the "religious evolutionists". (Kinda comical when you think about it, huh?) They say: "the word of god (sic) is only poetry", or some crap like that! I'm sure they came to that conclusion by placing their "faith" in some yahoo/intellectual/theoligist-or maybe from some idiotic "church" edict. The atheists wouldn't touch the question with a ten foot pole-how could they?
I don't care if they call me foolish-I believe that much more "faith" is required to accept the evolution deception than it does to accept the existence of an intelligent creator! But get this-even though they have placed their faith in this rediculous idea-they refuse to admit that it is their "religion"!
I thought that one of the "touts" of both liberals and libertatians was their high regards for tolerance-guess not!


Warrior Breed

This week, I was thrilled to get to watch some of the coverage of the YAF National Conservative Student Conference on C-SPAN! What impressed me most about it-above the excellent lectures and awesome panel discussions-were the questions by the student participants! What was so noticeable about their questions, was the thoughtfulness behind each of them. These young men and women are just that-young. Yet in their desire to further the spread of conservative ideas, they didn't resort to whining or ranting (Which is what a leftist group doing this would be), but rather asked well thought out questions-ones that you expect your elected officials to ask, but never do.
When I imagine a political gathering of left-wing nutcases, I see a group of tattooed, pierced dikes, fags, sign waving abortionist and juvenile thinkers who think they have (but don't) a clue.
I'm happy to know that the people who I count as on my side in political matters of the day, are reasonable, thoughtful, and-unlike the leftist crowd-tolerant!
Thanks, YAFers! You are the cream of the crop!

Thursday, August 04, 2005


Remember Rebekah Gould

A year ago this coming September 20th, a beautiful young girl was brutally beaten to death just outside my small hometown of Melbourne, Arkansas. Rebekah Gould had gone to a "friends" house in a very rural area, took him to work, and was seen in town for the last time around 9 that same morning. When the "friend" returned home, that evening of the 20th, he discovered Rebekah's car still in the driveway and her personal items still present.
Police said that there was a "substantial" amount of blood throughout the house and initiated a search for her that continued a week. That is when this vibrant young college student's partially nude brutalized body was found where it had been dumped like so much garbage off the road about 35 feet at a popular local scenic pull-off. (A friend and I had been at that lookout enjoying the view 3 days before they found her body-I was shocked when I learned of the discovery and where she was found.)
There was rumors that an "ex" had followed her to her "friend's house.
The investigation into the vicious murder stalled, early on, due to our state's crime lab being overburdened with cases. The last story I could find told of the attempts by state police to find a rumored "murder weapon" that might have been thrown from a bridge across White River at a little place called Sylamore.
Not much news between December of '04 til then-May 27th. Nothing since!
What got me at the time of the murder and ensuing search, was that there was NO mention of this beyond state media. Fox News didn't descend on our little county and demand to know what was happening. Neither did CNN or MSNBC! Gretta Van Susteren has never, to my knowledge, been to Izard County! Neither has Joe Scarborough!
I've tried to do some research on the "net" about this case, but there seems to be a media vacuum. Maybe I'm just not skilled enough to get good results. If this interests some of you amateur blogger-type sleuths, please, do some research and let me know what you find!
The murder happened about 13 miles from my home. Her body was found only five miles away. When my buddy and I had stopped there a few days before the grisley discovery, we had talked about the murder. Believe it or not- I had actually mentioned smelling something dead-which, now I know, was probably Rebekah Gould.
This story stays in my thoughts because it literally hit close to home!

Tuesday, August 02, 2005


I Just Cant Help It! (Flowerpot Babies)

Here I go again-talking about the abortion issue! You know, at its heart, the decision to abort a child is selfish. The climate that the pro-death crowd has produced-along with the attitudes that the inhumane laws regarding abortions around the globe have brought upon us, results in stories like this shocking one from Germany!
The bottom-line to those who choose or support abortions....anywhere....comes down to "What do I want". The question of "What's right?" is either never considered or is rejected....both symptoms of extreme selfishness!
I'm sure this woman felt like she was doing the right thing-after all, why should she pay for an MD to do it when she could wait a few months and do it ,herself? It's sad, but there will be many folks around the world who will feel sorry for this animal-I doubt there will be many who value life to do so!

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