Thursday, August 11, 2005


The "Compassionate" Left

I had a guy recently tell me he didn't see anything selfish about preventing a child from living a life of poverty....and so on and so forth. This was in response to something I had said about abortionists...okay, I'll say it...they're selfish! They like to use this as an excuse. Doesn't make much sense in light of the fact that the life they destroy could have been the peacemaker they hope for.
How many great persons of liberty, science, the arts, and philosophy-like Lincoln, Einstein, Mozart and......Michael Moore (heh,heh)-have they killed?
So much compassion! I don't think so! If truth was told-most have selfish motives for their acts!

LiberalLoather is my name-exposing liberals is my game!

I agree with you. I don't like abortion. But can it not be said that those who wish to only allow marriages between a man and a woman are equally selfish. What is inherently evil to society that allowing two loving men to marry each other? If you're going to allow quickie Las Vegas weddings, and multiple weddings, doesn't it reflect a certain amount of hypocrite behavior on your part. Homosexual marriages are, from what I hear, inherently evil, but the marriages of wife-beaters and cheaters are part of the sanctity of marriage.

Sounds like a sham excuse to me. That brings me back to my original point, any barring of marriage between two loving couples is a selfish attempt to increase the sad existence your marriage has turned into.

I bet you agree with me, being the rational guy you are.
You liberals...gawd!
Completely different issue, zac! Isn't that what your liberal friends accuse me of? Dodging the issue at hand?

I oppose gay-marriage for my own reasons-funny, I haven't mentioned anything about gay-marriage on this site that I can remember.

If you want to go fiddle around with each other's assholes, go for it! Don't ask me to accept or subsidize it! The reason you pooftas want gay-marriage is to force society to accept your perverted lifestyle.
Claim that "science" is behind you, but anyone who has an ounce of common sense can see that fagness goes against the very nature you revere! Tell me, now, that "science" has proven that your perversion has been accepted as common in nature. Go ahead-look the fool! The only people who believe that crap are one's who don't have the capacity to think for themselves. You liberals-you pride yourself in your "intelligence" (looks pretty good to the gullible followers of the world)while sensible people loathe you!
And you wonder how we knew that you were against gay marriage with your talk of fags...

You could easily substitute 'interracial marriage' for 'gay marriage' and suddenly your argument wouldn't look too least not anymore.
What idiocy. A male and a female of the species, regardlees of their physical characteristics does not go against the nature you misinterpret!
What a freaking stupid remark!

D giraffes poke each other in the assholes?
Do dolphins give bjs?
Do flies put glass bowls over their heads and urinate on each other? No!

Do liberals stick gerbils up their asses and claim it is normal behaviour? YES!

What a bunch of shmucks!
People just like you were claiming fifty years ago that interracial relations weren't natural. The only difference is in magnitude.
Not like me. Who was it who said "Yuo don't know anything about me!"?
I have absolutly no problem with intr-racial marriage. Solomon-I know, I know-"we don't even know if Solomon was real". Go ahead and re-write history if you feel it will help your cause-anyway, Solomon wrote expliciyly about his own inter-racial marriage.
If you keep going, Kyle, you might convince someone that inter-species marriage is okat.

Since you don't seem to have one at hand-go get a real argument to bring!

I'm really, really glad you brought up the "If we let the queers get married, people will marry their dogs!" argument, because it is REALLY STUPID. Dogs are not sentient beings. Gay people are. You can accuse "liberals" of attempts of semantic line-blurring, but consciousness is a perfectly reasonable bright-line distinction.

You bring up nature. You point to dolphins and giraffes and flies, yet you conviniently fail to mention the documented cases of homosexuality among primates, including chimpanzees, with whom we share 97% of our genes. Oops.

I have a question. What do you care about more: the life of the unborn, or making sure two dudes can't get married. Because as long as you outlaw homosexual marriage, you by definition make it very difficult for them to adopt and hold onto children. Research shows that homosexual couples are the most likely to adopt or foster highly at-risk children, most of whom come from the same demographics with the highest abortion rates. You can technically oppose both gay marriage and abortion, but that's neither realistic nor particularly fair to biological parents or children.

And to reply to the substantive nature of your actual post: I'll bet you money none of the famous people you mentioned were born into inhuman conditions to a mother who resented their very existence. While I'm not going tabula raza here, it's been proven that environment does make some differnece. Mozart wouldn't have been Mozart without exposure to a piano.

I have yet to see one valid reason for denying homosexuals the right to marry.

We allow the KKK to march on our courthouse steps, but the government isn't accepting it or subsidizing it. Where's your logic now?

It must suck to be as dumb as thou art.
You guys have such BRILLIANT arguments!

Why don't you all form a circle-jerk and admire each other's intellect!

When it's over-you'll still just be a bunch of self-serving, unthinkers!

Funny how you prased that one point, Sammy! "to a mother who resented their very existence"-kinda supports my point about the "selfishness" thingy, huh?

Go argue with someone you can take-you're beating your biased brains against the wall around here!

I LOVE the way that zach felt the need to presume he knows anyhting about my marriage-what a pathetic, little liberal!
You didn't counter a single one of my points. Is that how you "expose" the liberals? Skirting the issue like your friend Alday?
We allow the infamous "Vagina Monologues" to be pumped into our young people on campuses provided by tax-pater money. We allow college professors who are being paid with our tax-dollars to say we deserved to be attacked on 9/11. Who call the victims of the attacks: "little Eichmans".

I don't want to acknowlege your perverted lifestyle, semen-breath! I don't want my kids brought up thinking your lifestyle is normal human behaviour. I don't want that,mainly, because I don't want them growing into insecure God-haters, like you!

You may not think these are "valid" reasons. I do! And there are a whole lot of people...just like me!
And you still haven't addressed a single point they have brought up. Incredible. This isn't even an argument, it's them bringing up arguements, you ranting about something tangentially related. Pathetic.
Kyle, you're last post shows your extreme lack of understanding. I have answered your attacks-you don't accept my view.
I don't have any problem with pooftas doing their perverted deeds on one another-I don't want to hear about it-I don't want my kids to hear about it.
You people want to force me to-you want to force my kids to.
Regardless of what your butt-buddy, Sam, says about the giraffe/dolphin/fruit-fly thingy, any logical human being knows that it is completely insane to think that homosexuality occurs in nature-it goes completely against nature.
I don't call my dog "homosexual" because he humps our next-door neighbor's male dog.
A giraffe or dolphin does not perform anal-sex and fellatio on each other and pretend that it is an expression of love. It is what it is-animalistic behaviour., They're animals, they act like animals. Your perverts-you act like perverts!

You didn't make any comments on the "gerbil" and "golden flow" thingys. I wonder why? Because it proves the perversion of homos!
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