Thursday, November 17, 2005


Democrats are Traitors!

Doesn't it make you sick when you hear a Democrat speaking? It does me. I've graduated from despising the treacherous politicians who have done so much harm to our war-effort and our nation by placing political power on a pedestal far above the republic they claim to love.
During the 2004 presidential race I wrote often about the harm that the Democrats were visiting upon our troops and our nation's reputation. America is still the "shining city on a hill" that we have always been. America is still the greatest and "goodest" nation on the face of the earth-prove me wrong if you disagree. What the bastards of the left have done to this great country is sickening.
Two things comfort me and make it a little easier to bear liberals in my daily life-1) That history will prove that the Democratic Party has acted treacherously concerning the war on terror and 2) God will deal with the treacherous, yellow-bellied scum who continue to follow the leaders who run the anti-freedom, anti-American Democratic Party!


Syria...oh Syyyyriaaaaa!

I'm still waiting!

Sunday, November 06, 2005


Web Withdrawals-Damn Computer!

I've experienced my first problems with my PC! I've not been able to access my site in the last several days. I'll have to rely on any access I can get for a while.
I've grown used to having the world at my fingertips and now that it has rudely been swept away from me, I'm left wringing my hands in a deep state of depression.

Never fear-I shall be back in usual strength before long!

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