Thursday, November 17, 2005


Democrats are Traitors!

Doesn't it make you sick when you hear a Democrat speaking? It does me. I've graduated from despising the treacherous politicians who have done so much harm to our war-effort and our nation by placing political power on a pedestal far above the republic they claim to love.
During the 2004 presidential race I wrote often about the harm that the Democrats were visiting upon our troops and our nation's reputation. America is still the "shining city on a hill" that we have always been. America is still the greatest and "goodest" nation on the face of the earth-prove me wrong if you disagree. What the bastards of the left have done to this great country is sickening.
Two things comfort me and make it a little easier to bear liberals in my daily life-1) That history will prove that the Democratic Party has acted treacherously concerning the war on terror and 2) God will deal with the treacherous, yellow-bellied scum who continue to follow the leaders who run the anti-freedom, anti-American Democratic Party!

1. What have the Democrats said about the war that wasn't true?

2. If the 'vetchings of the minority party hurt Bush's credibility so much, perhaps he isn't credible.
Good to see you back! As to the traitor issue, I think the very fact that they are trying to paint themselves as "hapless flunkies" who were duped by the "dumbest President in U.S. history," goes a long way to establishing their treachery... but not all the way. I think they are teetering more and more pecariously on that ledge with each passing day.

Did you hear about John Daly, college professor in Viginia who thinks "Real freedom will come when soldiers in Iraq turn their guns on their superiors..."??? Now that's treason.
I'm agreeing with elashley. We were very foolish to trust the president. I hope that we don't make the same mistake again.

What has the Dems said about the war that is actually TRUTHFUL?

That's the real question.

Hell, when our military comes up with a way to get the truth out in Iraq the Dems (and the Treacherous media) raise a stink because they are paying to have their TRUE stories printed.

Whose side are you all on, anyway?

Answer-anyone but Bush!
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