Monday, October 26, 2009


Liberals: Bring Bush Back!


Too hilarious!

This morning, while watching Washington Journal on C-Span, I started seeing a humorous pattern. Caller after caller called in to express their wish to bring the troops home and send Bush and Cheney over to finish the job in Iraq and Afghanistan.


Do they even realize they are channeling the obvious?

Obama is a failure as Commander in Chief!

They know it...can't bear to come right out and say it...but because they are liberals...their words reveal the truth of the matter despite themselves!

They'd prefer Bush as CinC!

Too funny by half!

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Friday, October 09, 2009


What's Worse than Selling One's Soul to the Devil?

Selling one's soul to MSNBC, of course!

Joe Scarborough...what a chump!

Cheers, H-A!

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Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Up-Up and Glenn Beck's Baloon

Anymore, when I picture Glenn Beck, I visualize an imaginary YouTube clip of the popular propagandizing populist on some dark city-park corner motioning to playground patrons calling out, "Hey little kids, wanna go for a ride in my big pretty baloon?"

A modern-day pied-piper of sorts.

There is such a tremendous following of this guy, Beck, and it boggles the mind to see how so many people are getting on his bandwagon. Good people. Genuinely concerned Americans who love their country and want to make sure it stays free! They're all getting on-board the beck balloon, piling on in great numbers but...they're not riding in the basket with the current King of Cable News...they are the balloon!

As Beck continues to promote himself...because any reasonable person can see that is exactly what is going on...and as good-intentioned people continue to view him as the leader of the resurgent conservative movement, the whole weight of the movement itself could very easily fall on the shoulders of Fox News Channel's most recent golden-boy.

And that's not good for the movement.

Beck is not in this to be the leader of any movement. He's in it because he's riding the wave of popularity as far as he can ride it before it breaks over him and crushes him to bits...if he dares to even ride the wave out (more likely, he'll bail-out on the movement before braving the tide).

And where will that leave the obviously resurgent conservative movement as it blissfully drifts upwards like a pitiful political balloon filled with Beck's hot-air?

Crashing to earth in a terrible, deadly, confused heap!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Exterminator At Work!

Sorry to those who stop in. I've enabled my comment moderation due to a brainless pest bent on cluttering up this space.

Effectiveness has its price.

I'll add this as another badge of honor among the many I have been awarded with during my time in the blogosphere!

Pardon the progress, please!

Saturday, June 17, 2006


A Walk in the Wilderness

For the past couple of months I've been posting at my new blog, Daddio's Dark Side. I've learned a few facts about liberals and will share them.

1) Liberals tend to work in dogs. Of course, if you've read this blog, you'll know that I've made other accurate comparisons between liberals and dogs.

2) Liberals are cowards (probably a reason they run in packs). When they are away from their circle-jerks, they like to stop in and leave generalized statements using profanity anonynously. (Yeah, those are the folks we want to agree with politically, right?)

3) Liberals want people to believe they are compassionate while they entice others into sin which can only bring heart-ache and ultimately death (Very compassionate, don't you think?).

4) Liberals will delete your posts and lie about what you post to make themselves feel better after being faced with cold, hard truth.

5) Liberals are adamant about the '06 mid-terms and the '08 presidential election. They crave defeat for America in its noble war on islamofascist terrorism.

6) The so-called "Christian" Left is in reality only a segment of society steeped in piousness, dishonesty, and worst of all--deception. (But hey, we already knew that, didn't we?)

Tuesday, May 23, 2006


LL is Back!

Deleted. Restored. Nuff said!

Sunday, April 16, 2006


In Bono We Trust!

First, the Methodists are appealing for "worshippers" by abandoning the Gospel of Jesus , rplacing it with a philosophy of multiculturalism. Now the Episcopalians are rejecting the Word of God as a draw for searchers of truth and offering U-2 as an alternative in order to attract younger new-comers. The minister actually passes ear-plugs out to those who request them!

Please, if you are rolling on the floor laughing at this foolishness, let me know!


A Day at the Ozark Folk Festival!

What a day! Music, games, onion-blossoms, and lemonade! Fiddles, and fiddlers. Two-steps and jigs. Go-carts and hoops and paddles. Hillbillies and city-folk all joined together in a celebration of Ozark culture this weekend in Mountain View, Arkansas, home of the Ozark Folk Center.

My family enjoyed the festivities, greatly, as did everyone else who converged on this small mountain village over Easter weekend. I got to sign a petition for an independent hopeful for the Arkansas governor's race. My kids happily did the rock-climbing thingy. Our family took our frustrations out on each other on the go-cart track in a brutal battle of driving skills, complete with broadside t-bones and spin-outs. We listened to old-timers playing folk tunes, whippersnappers skillfully playing bluegrass, and a lot of contented folks , old and young, applauding the efforts of those playing the instruments and singing the old songs of the hills.

If you ever get the chance, plan a weekend trip to the Folk Festival one year, You won't be dissapointed. Music is being played in every nook and cranny on the vintage court-square as well as in the multitude of RV prks in and around town. There are various theaters who have organized shows with regular casts that never cease to thrill those hungry for old-style entertainment. There is truly something for everyone at the weelend event.

Come visit our part of the world! We'll leave the light on for you!

I have tried three times to post some photos, but Blogger is fighting me, tooth and nail! Gotta get ready for Curch, so I'll try to get them up later.

Saturday, April 15, 2006


Goin' To One O' Dem-Der Hootinannies!

My family and I are about to embark on our short journey across White River and up the hill to Mountain View, Arkansas for their annual Ozark Folk Festival.

I'll have some photos and write a little about the event tonight.


Heads Bowed, Weapons Charged

If our war efforts are defeated by the incessant magnification of speculation on the part of Bush-haters in our own country, while the left celebrates in their victory over reason, the islamofacists of the world will join them in that celebration.

As they celebrate, we few, we proud, we Americans will ready ourselves for battle.

Ruby-Ridge and Waco will pale in comparison to what reasonable, moral Americans will face in that hour.


Free-Speech and Feminists


Have you seen this latest feminist form of free-speech expression? I was amazed to read this at Michelle Malkin's blog, but I was not in the least surprised.

Liberals tend to believe they own a monopoly on free-speech. The professor should be sued for civil-rights violations along with the zombies who followed her.

The photos are priceless!


Maureen Dowd--Attempting to Catch Her Tail

Dowdy-girl is at it again. She has written "The Rummy Mutiny", which praises the recent accusations from six of the thousands of active and retired generals from the US military.

Mutiny: open revolt, esp. by soldiers or sailors gainst their officers.
rebellion, revolution, insurgency,rebel, rise up, disobey, subvert, agitate.

What a legacy for those "noble" few who have differences with the Bush-administration.

Most mutineers were hung back in the days of the HMS Bounty. Let's build a scaffold on the mall!

These leftovers from the Clinton administration are in open revolt against our truly noble war-effort. They are involved in an open insurgency against our leadership. They are aiding and abbeting our enemies with their whining. Let's hold them accountable!


Remember The 9/11 Celebrity Fundraising Special?

I can remember watching the 9/11 fundraiser on the tube a few days after 9/11. Remember Cheryl Crow? The Boss? How about Neil Young?

Niel Young is my focus. My memory of Neil Young on that night is of a man so blown out of his mind--probably heroin--that he could barely stand much less perform. Do you remember that? Didn't he almost fall down or something? I can remember the other performers around him during the finale of the show purposefully standing apart from him. Do you remember that?

He's in the studio producing a self-described "anti-Bush" protest song using a 100 member choir. The song is entitled, "Impeach The President". One of the choir members said that her recording session was like a "12-hour peace rally".

Read about it here.

A good video would be to have 100 members of the unhinged Hollywood crowd dress up in choir robes and pantomime to the choral parts.

Anyway, I guess "Let's Roll" doesn't apply anymore. Oh, well!

Friday, April 14, 2006


Lessons From Dr. Sanity

I just found this site and wanted to share it with you. I've linked it on the side-bar as well.

The post linked would be a good bookmark to use as a quick reference. He lists commonly used fallacies and how they are employed. I felt kind of (cough, cough)er...umm.. guilty as I read the piece. Though I try to refrain from ad-hominems, sometimesI just can't help myself. Especially if I have already become a victim (happens ALL the time) of my opponent's ad-hominem attacks.

I do use fallacies as I visit around--sometimes even on this blog, of course. Most of the time I do so because I'm just too darn lazy to write ten paragraphs to explain myself. Most of the time my fallacies hit home and someone attacks my character of which they know nothing but that I am diligent in my sworn duty--making leftists look in the mirror.

Thanks for the post, Dr. Sanity!


Rummy vs The Capitulating Comrades-In-Arms

General Batiste, one of the recent dissenting generals who are calling for Rumsfeld's firing or resignation, was quoted as saying that there is no coordinated effort to oust the formidable US Secretary of Defense.

The capitulating comrades-in-arms statements over the recent weeks were "absolutely coincidental", he said. "I have not talked to the other generals".

I believe him! Not that this "sudden clamor" is "happening for a reason", as Batiste stated. The "sudden clamor" for Rummy's demise has been on-going since Rumsfeld took his place as SecDef! They can't stand him because he is honest, straightforward, and brutal to an ignorant main-stream media. The "reason" it is happening is obvious!

Batiste hasn't been talking to the other generals because the Democratic strategists have gone to each of them a compiled a plan of attack.

I believe him!! LL believes Major General Batiste! Whoodathunkit?

He hasn't talked to the others. He's executing the orders given by a Democratic party which puts it's political ambitions above America's need for victory in the war against Islamofacism.

There are two fronts to this war. The physical battlefield, itself, and the political battlefield back home. Dissent is one thing. Whistle-blowing is one thing. Following orders from a Democratic hierarchy that puts its own immoral and irresponsible agenda before the safety and morale of our troops fighting a war they unshakeably believe in is quite another thing. It's very questionable--VERY questionable!

There should be an ARMY of inestigative reporters checking on any connections these generals have to Democratic strategists! But there won't be. WE all know there won't be......(sigh!)


Rummy is Still Game!

st had to re-post this early entry from my blog. Again, it is still valid. The left hates Rummy. Rummy doesn't care and is NOT intimidated by any means. Thank God we have him!

Rummy is Game

Rumsfeld is game! I LOVE to watch him field the questions of liberals! I LOVE to hear him when he gives precise, articulate and accurate answers! I LOVE to see how the left HATES his guts, because he is so VERY professional!

He is Game! This VERY smart (and sly) patriot is NEVER flustered unless you count his obvious disdain at the questions from an idiotic media! He is well prepared to meet the harassment of an enemy that is both in awe and in bitter battle with him!

In my lifetime, there have been few who impress me the way that Donald Rumsfeld has. Ronald Reagan was, indeed, a great man.....(who amazingly was picked as the greatest American by the Discovery Channel's audience). I believe that history will one day put our present Defense Secretary on that lofty pedistal, as well!

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Thursday, April 13, 2006


Wagging the Camel--Chasing Her Tail

I love it when Maureen Dowd has an op-ed column published! I really enjoy reading what she has to say. When she writes using her superficial knowledege on a subject, I enjoy it even more. Mind you, whenever she writes about "Bushies" or the war in Iraq, she uses nothing but superficial knowledge.

Think about her most recent article's title: Wag the Camel. What does that actually mean? I figure it must be her attempt to utilize the hair-brained "wag-the-dog" attribute that most liberals assign to Republican administrations. It's funny she didn't use the "dog" analogy. Especially since her columns about Bush and the war tend to display the fact that she is chasing her own tail. Wag the Dog? Dogs chasing their tails? Did she use the "camel" thing because your humble LL has brought attention to the fact that the left is doing just that (chasing its tail) when it uses hindsight and speculation to undermine the war effort?

Probably not, but it is amusing that after I made my post about tail-chasing last week, Dowd changed "wag the dog" to "wag the camel"

They can run, but they can't hide. (Because they're not running anywhere--just going around, frantically, in circles)

Maureen Dowd has great writing ability. Her problem is that every negative thing she writes about the Bush administration is based on pure speculation and liberal hopefulness.

It encourages me to know that so many people flock to read her columns. It reaffirms my belief that the left is treading water--better yet, chasing its tail. They have nothing concrete against the "Bushies".

It's also amusing to know that Dowd and those who worship her every word think that they are really on the hunt when, in fact, they are doing what dogs do when there's nothing else to do!

If you like the sculpture in the photo, go see the rest of Paul Jenkins Sculptures and view his other cool works of art! This one is Chasing Tail. Personally I think it should be renamed, Dowdy Chasing Tail!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006


LL's Filesharing Apology (Revisited)

This entry was originally posted on 6/28/05. As I have just downloaded the complete album "Animal Magnetism" by the Scorpions, I felt I should revisit this post.

Yesterday's ruling against filesharing got me to thinking! At one time, I had a collection of vinyl LPs over 500 strong! Over the years I have lost many of them to moving, scratches, theft, etc.. I spent a lot of money, as a young man, on my collection! Much of my lost archives are either no longer available, or impossible to find. I have longed for years to hear some of it again!

A few days ago I downloaded software that allows me to find some of those lost "treasures"! I made a commitment to myself that I would only download and keep items which I have purchased in the past. In this way, the software would enable me to get back that which I have lost, while allowing me to explore music and artists that I might never encounter. Already I have found music that I intend to find and buy!

What rights do I have? If I have paid for a studio LP in the past, shouldn't that give me the right to have and listen to that music for the rest of my life? If I continue going to concerts and financially support the real owners of "intellectual property", shouldn't I be forgiven for downloading a file which contains samples of their work?

I have replaced many of my old albums by finding versions on Compact Disc. I intend to restore a small portion of my lost collection by downloading it from others who are willing to share it with me!

Prosecute me if you MUST!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Ahmadinejad--Vision of Splendor

Michelle Malkin asks the question: "What is Ahmadinejad up to Now?"

What do I think? I think he is like a dirty little nerd sitting at his computer console chatting with some phone-sex provider and lying about how well he is hung!

Ladies, when some freak brags about his adequate member, be skeptical--be very skeptical!

Likewise with an Islamic nut-case claiming to have a powerful military!


Illegal Immigration-Foreign Invasion

Conservative Cajun has a wonderful post on the illegal--ILLEGAL immigration issue. Thought I'd share it with that flocks over here every day!

Cheers, Nick! Great work!


Isn't It Ironic?

Remember how the Democrats blasted the Bush Administration over America's jobs being out-sourced during the last election cycle? Remember that America's jobs were being shipped over-seas and all that? Remember how they debated the Administration's job-creation recored?

Why is it that today the left is using America's abundance of jobs to justify illegal immigration?

Isn't it ironic?

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