Saturday, April 15, 2006


Remember The 9/11 Celebrity Fundraising Special?

I can remember watching the 9/11 fundraiser on the tube a few days after 9/11. Remember Cheryl Crow? The Boss? How about Neil Young?

Niel Young is my focus. My memory of Neil Young on that night is of a man so blown out of his mind--probably heroin--that he could barely stand much less perform. Do you remember that? Didn't he almost fall down or something? I can remember the other performers around him during the finale of the show purposefully standing apart from him. Do you remember that?

He's in the studio producing a self-described "anti-Bush" protest song using a 100 member choir. The song is entitled, "Impeach The President". One of the choir members said that her recording session was like a "12-hour peace rally".

Read about it here.

A good video would be to have 100 members of the unhinged Hollywood crowd dress up in choir robes and pantomime to the choral parts.

Anyway, I guess "Let's Roll" doesn't apply anymore. Oh, well!

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