Saturday, December 03, 2005


Keep Watching This Space!

Things are looking up as far as my blogging goes. Though my personal window to the world is still inoperable, It looks as if I will be starting the spring semester here at Ozarka. I plan to gain as much knowledge about computers here as possible before going on to another couple years of instruction at a four-year school. My "major" will be in Geographic Information Systems. Wish this tired old hillbilly luck....please!

To those of you who are still stopping by , now and then-thanks!

I have an old unit at the house that enables me to at least write thoughts down and copy them to a disk, but it seems every time I get a chance to get aboard the net I leave the disk at the house. This week sometime I'm going to put some of it up on the site. I have a good piece written by an "old fogey" student friend who has graciously given me permission to publish. I'll also show the remarks his college instructor added while grading it-very interesting stuff!

Till next time-so long!

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