Sunday, July 31, 2005


Gathering Of Warriors

Today, hundreds of college students from around the country are gathering in Washington DC. Not for a rag-tag demonstration against the war. They are, however, gathering for battle!

Combat savvy troops who have led the battle before them, and political leaders who share their goals will brief the eager soldiers on tactics and strategies in their common struggle! Although this growing army keeps a low profile, make no mistake-this "gathering of warriors" will not go un-noticed by their enemy!

This event, "The 27th Annual National Conservative Student Conference" hosted by "Young America's Foundation" goes through Friday, and will feature such notable speakers as: Ben Stein, Newt Gingrich, Anne Coulter, Bay Buchanan and David Horowitz. As you may have noticed-this is no unorganized liberal rant-fest! This is a well co-ordinated effort by determined and gifted people to snatch the monopoly of ideas on America's campuses from the greedy grasp of the liberal left.

Over the past year (I happened to catch some of last year's conference on C-SPAN and sought them out) I have had the extreme good fortune to have gotten to know a few of the participants in YAF. These are brilliant, thoughtful, well-informed young people who are willing to face intolerant left-wing college administrators and professors to get the conservative views they hold dear heard on campus.

Personally, I think of them all as heroes! The College and University system in this nation have long been the breeding ground of harmful leftist Ideas. I applaud the efforts of these valiant young patriots who will go away from the conference in Washinton, next week, and begin or resume their crusade against the cancer of leftism!

Catch some of it this week on C-SPAN! You'll be impressed!

Go, YAF!

Saturday, July 30, 2005


Frist's Gist

I don't want anyone to think that my primary goal, with this site, is to deal with pro-life/pro-choice matters. When those issues are news-or if something comes to mind, I'll let you know what I'm thinking.
Bill Frist caved, this week, in the right's bid to limit or ban stem cell research. But, as I thought about this, and marvelled at why this good man (I lived in TN when he gained his seat and was happy to support him) who seems to be headed for a run at the whitehouse, would take this stance. He has a point, though!
If you paid attention to any debate on the Senate floor, yesterday, you'll understand why he did it. The Democrats are hammering home a fact (yes, it is a fact) that unused embryos developed by the process of invitro fertilization are, at some point, discarded. As far as I can tell, this is true and it is also legal!
I don't think the Republicans have offered a valid argument against that important issue. It would be pretty hard to do so-how do you justify CREATING human embryos that you KNOW will end up being destroyed (there are always some-in every single case, as I understand it) while maintaining a stance against the use of those to be destroyed for research which could possibly bring great medical benefit?
With the abortion issue-and the stem-cell issue, we seem to have a consensus developing!
Three solutions, as I see it!

1) Rescind any and all legislation allowing the developement of embryos.

2) Do exactly as Frist intends to do.

3) Make a legal determination that "human life" begins at the point when the embryo attaches itself to the uteran wall.

I say we continue down the slippery slope !

Friday, July 29, 2005


What Is It With Pro-Choice Christians?

Another thing I don't understand about the "pro-choice" crowd concerns "Christians" who go along with them. Can they really hold such contrasting beliefs?

How will their co-operation with pro-choicers be judged at the Judgement seat they profess to believe in.

Religion, aside-how can someone who claims to cherish the reasonable rights of all individuals allow the rights of one who is alive, yet unborn, be put completely aside?

How will their actions and beliefs be judged by future generations?

WWII era Germans thought they were doing the right thing-it didn't take history long to expose their error!

If you are a pro-choice freedom-loving or a pro-choice Christian individual, please, offer your logical reasoning! It would be great to be able to understand where you are coming from. To date, however, I have NEVER heard a logical response to either of these issues.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005


Rant Radio (Hereforth Known as Runt Radio)

I know we shouldn't "glory" when our enemy stumbles, but this is too much!


Evolution: A Brutal Ideology

I don't get it- when people I know, who are not only intellegent, but logical, as well, cling to this unreasonable belief in evolution! It is, at its heart, a brutal belief!

This is a belief that says: "Crush the weak-continue the strong"

While you're sending in your money to groups trying to save certain species, you are working against your own belief! You should be out there KILLING the endangered species, so that "evolutuion" may advance!

Be consistent!

Tuesday, July 26, 2005


Exhale, Breath Slowly For a While....

Congratulations to the NASA Shuttle Program! What a great flight! There may be life in the old jalopy, yet!


Monday, July 25, 2005


Return to Flight T+1 Week

I Love NASA!

I just like to have a little fun at their expense, now and then!

The future of space exploration, in my opinion, lies with civilians!

It pisses me off to think of how much money is being spent in an attempt to prove the Bible wrong!

Space exploration should be persued with useful results in mind!

Saturday, July 23, 2005


What is it with Pro-Choicers?

Is it that you are a woman, who can't face the FACT that you sought out another to get rid of your "problem" in such a vicious, inhumane fashion?
Are you a male (I won't say "man" because it in no way applies) who has paid the "blood money" to have the "hit" performed on your responsibility and refuse to face the fact of what you have actually done?
Are you a mother who has encouraged your daughter to have the deed done to avoid embarassment and can't face the fact that you have contributed to a brutal act on your own flesh and blood?
Are you a father who has looked the other way so you would not be "bothered", and don't want to admit that by doing so you destroyed that which should have been so precious to you in your golden years?

The fact is........what you contributed to was not the elimination of the "problem" by removing or destroying the "fetal mass", it was , as every one of you who call yourself pro-choice know in your hearts, MURDER!

You call yourself pro-choice when the only "choice" that matters to you is your own. That choice which matters most is completely disregarded! Hypocrites!

What is really scary about all of this is the fact that faced with obvious truth, you people just don't care! How commendable of you!

Friday, July 22, 2005


Rant Radio

Just had to say something about Al Franken and the other idiots who started "Air America"!

Neither conservatives OR your little liberal footsoldiers give a crap about your programming.

It's time you people grew up! Al, you're a little man who ought to quit opening your big-fat-mouth! Nobody is listening! Go home! Shut up!

Wednesday, July 20, 2005


Fox News Channel (Where's the Pepto?)

Fox News Channel has become the most popular cable news outlet in the nation. I used to think that was a good thing. Recently (over the last several months) I've come to change my opinion.

While the political rhetoric was refreshing, at first, because of the void of aggressive conservative viewpoints in the media before, I find myself straying back to other outlets to get my daily bread. I guess, what I liked early on, was the fact that there were TWO viewpoints to follow, rather than ONE which was overwhelmingly leftist. That's why my mind is roaming, thesedays, as I attempt to watch the programs I enjoyed the first few years of the Fox News Channel programming.

Now, it makes me rather sick!

I'm sick of sensationalized sex-crime murders! (It's hard to watch with kids present)

I'm sick of watching the same crap about the same crap!

I'm sick of not hearing CREDIBLE views from the left! (Of course that may not be all FNC's fault)

I'm sick of the obviously pro- Republican party slant to EVERYTHING! (Even though I tend to vote for way more Republicans than sell-out Dems)

I'm sick of all the sex-drug peddling going on at all hours of the day! (There are such things as kids who watch)

And to top it off, I'm sick of the queer/sex-based content that permiates almost EVERY show they air on the cable entertainment channels, as well!

I find that MSNBC tends to have the best debate.

Fox News does not represent my family values. I'll spend most of my TV time, elsewhere!

Thursday, July 14, 2005


A Rove-ing Dustdevil

The libs have their doppler radars and tracking devices out to get the most mileage out of their percieved "tornado"-you know, the Karl Rove situation!

After reading different views, accouts, etc. though at first I wasn't so sure, I now believe this "tornado" that the Democrats are so eager for us to fear, is only a meager dustdevil!

Karl Rove will stay.....and probably be MORE powerful that ever!


"Stand By" Addendum

It should be understood, when a hillbilly like me makes a suggestion like the ones about lynching and tar&feathering, he in no way supports or encourages anyone to do such a thing! This state we are in concerning perverted child-killers, however, forces graphic judicial fantasies in many of us!

Wednesday, July 13, 2005


Return to Flight! (scrubbed)

A comical (I guess) view of it!

Tuesday, July 12, 2005


Dust Off the Old Standby!

So many movies have thrown the harsh reality of America's judicial past into our faces. The have forced us to see how cruel the lynchmobs of the past could be. They have caused us to think in our hearts: 'That's just soooooo wrong!" And rightly so!

But this is a different day. While people like this monster, Duncan, are going around brutalizing, destroying and murdering, with little restraint by the powers that be (we wouldn't want to be too harsh with a child-molester, now would we?) there should be a rowdy group out there keeping a coil of rope oiled up for use!

String a couple of these bastards up before the world, maybe others will think twice before they do what they do!

When the judiciary and law enforcement fail in the area of child brutalization, a good healthy lynching may be the answer!

If one in authority who has the means of changing things acts in a way that seems soft on these criminals, we should perform another punishment from the past upon THEM! Tar and feather the gutless wimps!

Sunday, July 10, 2005


Lame Blame Game!

As I navigate through the tiny portion of blogosphere I have encountered thus far, a predictable pattern is emerging! Idiots who claim to be illuminated with great wisdom have expressed sympathy for terrorists, while blaming Bush for terrorism!

The comedy (if any can be found) in the whole situation lies with the fact that they offer no valid argument!

I was reminded this morning (as if I needed reminding): Guns don't kill people-people kill people!

Saturday, July 09, 2005


Dream Homes?

The hurricane season is blowing in early this year-barely 10 months since Ivan devastated the Gulf coast! People are fearing the loss of property, strongly, after suffering heartbreaking losses last year! I actually heard Joe Scarborough say , last night, that he knows people that literally break out in tears at any mention of Dennis!

Break out in TEARS????!!!!!

I'm sorry, but I don't feel much compassion towards those who spend their life-savings to buy a "dream home" on the beach, then cry and complain when a giant storm, which is common to those locations, blows in and washes it away with all their belongings!

Last year people were calling for rescue after ignoring the order to evacuate! Then they complained that the authorities refused to attempt a rescue!

Guess family will suffer because some idiot decides to ask the government to "help" them rebuild!

Move inland, why don't you!

Friday, July 08, 2005


Shocked, Angry, Saddened!

Yesterday, my family woke up in our rented cabin-on-the-creek, to see the coverage of the London bombings. I was shocked, at first, then I became very Angry!

I've walked those same streets, used the tube many times while jetting around the city. I will always cherish the time I spent in that wondrous place. I've drank with the locals in pubs, cheered with them at concerts (Royal Albert Hall, Hammersmith Odeon and Earls Court) and eaten with them at restaurants around the town!

I've experienced the good and the bad of the U.K.-from regular IRA bombings, to Riots in the Streets, to the Irish hunger strike!

NOTHING affected me then, the way that this bombing has!

An internet "friend" made a great observation in a well phrased statement this morning. She said that though most Muslims are good people, most terrorists are Muslims!

It is time to come off this "politically correct" rubbish and demand that those "good" Muslims start giving up those who are terrorists!

England has looked the other way while their country has become infested with the "vermin"-much like when one sees a mouse in the house, does nothing, and soon there are hundreds gnawing, crapping, and stinking up everything! It is time to exterminate the pests! Heck, one bomb was exploded in an Islamic section of London!

I feel for those families affected by the events of yesterday! I can not even imagine what it would be like to be minding my own business and having my family murdered before my eyes...or my friends! I can't even face that thought!

It is my hope, that the British who have been influenced by the war opposition "wimps" will stiffen their upper lips and jump into the game!

Britannia, You are in my thoughts....and prayers!

Monday, July 04, 2005


Blue and Yellow Make Green

Menfolk, we are reminded of this law of nature each time we do our business in a toilet which contains TIDY BOWL or any of those other blue disinfectants (ladies you are, I'm sure, familiar with the process but are not able to witness it like us men)! You take these two colors and mix them together and....PRESTO!....another color is born! What then can be said about the colors blue and red?

Democrats, today, want us to believe that in order to make our country strong we must make it into a purple nation! They say that because the country is split so closely down the middle on important political issues, that there should be a blend that satisfies all. I like it better when we look at a political map of the U.S. and see an overwhelming contrast between red and blue areas. It shows that this nation is still a republic, ruled by the people.

My desired view of the red/blue thingy is supported by another of my Ozark backwoods philosophies. We are not really red or blue! We are oil and water.......they don't mix! They separate!

I see the two views pretty simply-red oil paints vs blue watercolors!

Red (conservative) oil paints (America first)

Blue (liberal) water colors (what the rest of the world thinks)

Red and Blue DO mix! Oil and water do NOT!

Our forefathers fought for our independence from Europe and the rest of the world! They intended for the American way of life to be a better way of life. I believe the collective efforts of those who followed have seen that intention lived out! I Don't care what France, Germany, China or even England thinks of America! I KNOW America and I know that it is the very BEST way of life for humanity on the globe!

When the liberals and Democrats of this nation begin to show that they are for America first, then the "purple" factor becomes a little more tolerable, and rightly so. As long as they remain "water colors" as opposed to "oils", our country teeters on the brink of destruction!

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