Tuesday, July 12, 2005


Dust Off the Old Standby!

So many movies have thrown the harsh reality of America's judicial past into our faces. The have forced us to see how cruel the lynchmobs of the past could be. They have caused us to think in our hearts: 'That's just soooooo wrong!" And rightly so!

But this is a different day. While people like this monster, Duncan, are going around brutalizing, destroying and murdering, with little restraint by the powers that be (we wouldn't want to be too harsh with a child-molester, now would we?) there should be a rowdy group out there keeping a coil of rope oiled up for use!

String a couple of these bastards up before the world, maybe others will think twice before they do what they do!

When the judiciary and law enforcement fail in the area of child brutalization, a good healthy lynching may be the answer!

If one in authority who has the means of changing things acts in a way that seems soft on these criminals, we should perform another punishment from the past upon THEM! Tar and feather the gutless wimps!

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