Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Dowd and Gregory

I get so much feedback from left-wing apologists whenever I type the name , that I am making it a weekly requirement. Here's this week's entry:

is nothing but a NY socialite attention slut.

Here's a little something extra:

is nothing but a DC-based attention stalker.

Tell me how I'm wrong.

Monday, February 27, 2006


My Apology to Commenters

Sorry, everyone. Somehow I had enabled my "moderate Comments" feature. I've published all the posts after realizing what was going on. Sorry, again. I look forward to hearing from anyone who wishes to give feedback or even spar a little. Spammers' ads will be banished at first chance.


Whaddayaknow? (Something's Still Working)

When "Portgate" burst upon the media scene, I was at first appalled as everyone else in the country MUST have been. Oftentimes, in the past, I have been starled with new information such as this and as in most of those cases, this time I refrained from jumping to any conclusions until I had a bit more information. This seems to be a wise course of action.
The Democrats, in their brainless attack on the plan, came very close to letting the world know what opportunity-seeking hypocrites they really are. It was the bad-old conservatives who rescued the Democratic leftists from being percieved as racists by letting the rest of mankind know that it is not Arabs we are wary of, but Islamic terrorist enemies of freedom.
What is truly awesome about the way this story has unfolded is that the rest of the world sees that our form of government here in the good-ole USA still works from time to time. SOMETIMES the people and the politicians actually agree on things--our nation is doing the right thing by taking a deep breath before signing off the operations of our major ports.
Recently, the folks at Arkansas Times wrote a piece in their Arkansas Blog criticizing Arkansas Gubenatorial candidate and ex-Homeland Security Department big-wig Asa Huthchinson for staing that it is wise not to make hasty conclusions about the port deal. Sounds like the next governor of Arkansas has a lot of wisdom. Looks like the liberal loonies at Arkansas Times don't.

Sunday, February 19, 2006


Mary and Maureen

As Mary Matalin appeared on NBC, today, to Meet the Press, the press (, David Gregory, Tim Russert) met Mary Matalin.

It was inspiring to see Mary Matalin, wife of Democtratic Commentator (Press), policy-designer (opposition party), and operator (political assasin), James Carville, carve up her rabid opponents on today's edition of Meet the Press concerning last week's vice-presidential non-crisis accidental shooting incident. She showed America and the world what ingnorant fools the left-wing press are.

Dowdy-Girl could not compete with Matalin's simple, truthful anwers and explanations as to why the hunting misfortune was really a non-story. She continued to attempt to paint as "secretive" (quite a laugh coming from an admirer of the Clinton administration-remember Vince Foster?). Her hatred for the truth and her desire to make something out of nothing was blaringly apparent as was her comrade-in-arms, David Gregory.

Russert showed a clip of Hillary Clinton's political rant adressing the non-story. Billary also accused the vice-president's office as being "secretive" and "non-disclosing". Shouldn't somebody call her on that? (Remember the shredded documents from "Whitewater"?)

Shows like Meet the Press and Harball with Chris Matthews encourage this old libertarian; they herald the left's unreasonable and unquestionable insanity.


Winter Arrives in the Ozarks

It's not the first snow of the season; it's the first significant snow of the season. After three days of record temperatures in our area, winter came to rip the hint of spring from the air. Us'n heelbeelies cain't rightly belly-ache none, though-we've barely had any weather resembling winter so far this year.
The snow is good for the earth. The cold is important for us natives of Ozarka to anticipate our wonderful, colorful spring-time.
Here are some poor-quality shots taken on a wintry ride yesterday:

The First is a shot of Piney Creek from one side of the tall bridge near the original county seat-Athens. The second is a view of Pilot Knob through the trees on Jumbo Road. The third is an image of the White River Valley at the little settlement at Boswell. The fourth is a shot of Piney from the opposite side of the bridge mentioned in the first shot.
These hills are beautiful all-year round. There's something special about them during each phase of every season. I hope you enjoy these images.

Thursday, February 16, 2006


New Surgeon General's Warning

WARNING! Quail hunting may be dangerous to your health.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Unparalleled Progressivism

Hear the shrill whistle blow. Notice the fantastic plume pouring from the heated stack, drifting slowly down to lie along the endless parallel ribbon of track. Listen to the steady rythym of the heavy steel wheels striking the joints in the rails. It's the train we know as "America" moving steadily forward, having left the confines of oppression a fur piece back down the line. There have been many twists, turns, and jolts along freedom's path in its march of progress, yet progress, indeed, has occured.
The progressive movement began in earnest during the latter part of the 19th century . It was a time when citizens started to fear big business and corrupt politicians. Powerful corporations were gaining power over individuals by monpolizing industry, commerce, and employment opportunities. Following the American Civil War, Americans were attempting to rebuild their hopes and dreams.
"Progressivism", a term that left-leaning champions of irresponsibility have borrowed (or would that be stolen?) from liberty's giants such as Theodore Roosevelt, is much like a disengaged parent who let's its children hang out the window of the carriage, run up and down the isle, and generally do their own thing.When some concerned travelling aquaintance comes to report the children's reckless behavior in the dining car, the doting mother or father may explain: "They'll be alright". The parent might even offer a rejoinder: "Oh, really?" or maybe, "Are you kidding?". Under their breath or in their self-centered psyche, they might really be saying, "I wish this bitch would mind her own business". Never mind the consequences of the children's actions concerning themselves or others. Lack of discipline and accountability passing from one generation to the next ending in poverty or despair.
The liberal brand of progressivism is not really progressive.
Progressivism, the real thing, understands that individuals have a duty to be responsible while traveling aboard freedom's express. This proper form of the movement, populated by reasonable conservatives, collectively agree that their country should be governed using foresight while using hindsight to avoid mistakes of the past. Faux "Progressivism", the perversion of the just movement, is much different. It uses hindsight to accuse its opponents and ignores foresight while concentrating intensely on the present.
Progressivism seeks liberty within the bounds of personal responsibility towards God and Neighbor. "Progressivism" hungers to justify every incident of instant self-gratification at the expense of the creator they long to deny and the fellow citizen whose own views are disregarded as unimportant.
America is the movement. The great experiment that is America is Progressivism. Having begun, it faces every obstacle with care, attempting to avoid any pitfalls in it path as it makes its way steadily and purposely forward.
"Progressivism" is hardly America. "Progressivism" is France. The mob who claims Progressivism's label is much akin to the murderous throngs of the French Revolution. Eliminating anyone who gets in their way and destroying the very things they need to become free, they end up terror-forming their own world into one led by an unhinged tyrant such as Napoleon Bonaparte.
Today's "Progressives" long to be like Europe when the continent itself is facing tyrannical rule by militant islamic fundamentalists who refuse to conform their adopted nation's rule of law and demand their fellow citizens bend to their own. Deluded Liberals like Chrissy Hyndes say things like: "I hope the Muslims win."

Every train is required to have at least two crewmen. Both are essential for safe operation. The first, important for obvious reasons, is the engineer who controls the locomotive that provides power to move any cars coupled to it. The second, equally as important, is the brakeman. The brakeman is tasked with slowing any excess momentum of the payload in order to keep it from running away or derailing. No train can legally be operated without these two critical components. In America's sojourn of justice, Liberalism leads the way while Conservatism attempts to keep it honest. Progressivism understands this simple fact. "Progressivism" ignores it.
Progressivism honors the will of the majority while respecting the rights of the minority. "Progressivism" demands the will of the minority and ignores the rights of the majority.
In humanity's hunt for liberty, "Progressivism" uses a sawed-off shotgun; Progressivism takes careful aim with it's match-grade sniper rifle.
In American politics, conservatism is not the totalitarian legalism its opponents characterize it as. It is the filter of the liberty all mankind strives to achieve. Neither is liberalism the luke-warm bio-hazardous cess-pool that "Progressives" want to make it. It is the driving force of individual freedom and justice. Regardless of the deep divisions that mainstream media wishes America to have, the vast majority of the nation's citizens fall into an ideological category that is both liberal and conservative. Using the red-blue color scale to describe the differences between yankee ideologies, the USA truly is a purple blend of ideas. Thoughtful, reasonable passengers aboard freedom's express dismiss the fringes of the two as harmful to progress. America, despite the recklessness it sometimes displays, is still a Progressive state as opposed to "Progressive".
While the battered old train of modern lore called "The City of New Orleans" sits humbly on the lay-by being repaired, the venerable old iron horse we know as "America" continues on its unparalelled journey. The fight is on, Like the brave patriots and deluded terrorists aboard Flight 77 on 9/11/01, the passengers are fighting over the controls. Do we really need to go down the path of tomorrow without a brakeman to keep us from plunging headlong into the night?

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