Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Dowd and Gregory

I get so much feedback from left-wing apologists whenever I type the name , that I am making it a weekly requirement. Here's this week's entry:

is nothing but a NY socialite attention slut.

Here's a little something extra:

is nothing but a DC-based attention stalker.

Tell me how I'm wrong.

I would have refrained from using "slut" and "stalker" but I can't argue against your supposition. Whatever else they are, they are certainly ignorant... As defined thusly:

Ignorance-- A lack of awareness

They [Liberals] cannot see beyond their own value/belief system... their philosophical bent. They are so blinded by disdain, and hatred for the opposition that, as a result, Liberalism will one day be the death of Liberalism... it's Ideological Suicide.

Did I just coin a term?
Nope... Current count for "Ideological Suicide" within the known Googleverse is 461.
I was careful to narrow the intent of the term "slut", anyway.

What is the definition of "stalker"?

My understanding of the word is that it defines someone who hangs out and terrorizes someone else-seeking to get from them what they clearly refuse to give.
So, "stalker" is appropriate.

I do understand your reluctance to use those words. I don't usually do so unless it is called for-in this case, I think it is.

I wonder why there hasn't been any Dowdites comment on this post? Usually, to blaspheme the name of Dowdy brings swift and brutal rebuff!
Dude. You've been AWOL for quite a while. Perhaps they don't yet know you're back on the air.
Technorati usually sends them this way like flys on...uh...well, you know what I mean.
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