Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Up-Up and Away...in Glenn Beck's Baloon

Anymore, when I picture Glenn Beck, I visualize an imaginary YouTube clip of the popular propagandizing populist on some dark city-park corner motioning to playground patrons calling out, "Hey little kids, wanna go for a ride in my big pretty baloon?"

A modern-day pied-piper of sorts.

There is such a tremendous following of this guy, Beck, and it boggles the mind to see how so many people are getting on his bandwagon. Good people. Genuinely concerned Americans who love their country and want to make sure it stays free! They're all getting on-board the beck balloon, piling on in great numbers but...they're not riding in the basket with the current King of Cable News...they are the balloon!

As Beck continues to promote himself...because any reasonable person can see that is exactly what is going on...and as good-intentioned people continue to view him as the leader of the resurgent conservative movement, the whole weight of the movement itself could very easily fall on the shoulders of Fox News Channel's most recent golden-boy.

And that's not good for the movement.

Beck is not in this to be the leader of any movement. He's in it because he's riding the wave of popularity as far as he can ride it before it breaks over him and crushes him to bits...if he dares to even ride the wave out (more likely, he'll bail-out on the movement before braving the tide).

And where will that leave the obviously resurgent conservative movement as it blissfully drifts upwards like a pitiful political balloon filled with Beck's hot-air?

Crashing to earth in a terrible, deadly, confused heap!

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