Monday, February 27, 2006


Whaddayaknow? (Something's Still Working)

When "Portgate" burst upon the media scene, I was at first appalled as everyone else in the country MUST have been. Oftentimes, in the past, I have been starled with new information such as this and as in most of those cases, this time I refrained from jumping to any conclusions until I had a bit more information. This seems to be a wise course of action.
The Democrats, in their brainless attack on the plan, came very close to letting the world know what opportunity-seeking hypocrites they really are. It was the bad-old conservatives who rescued the Democratic leftists from being percieved as racists by letting the rest of mankind know that it is not Arabs we are wary of, but Islamic terrorist enemies of freedom.
What is truly awesome about the way this story has unfolded is that the rest of the world sees that our form of government here in the good-ole USA still works from time to time. SOMETIMES the people and the politicians actually agree on things--our nation is doing the right thing by taking a deep breath before signing off the operations of our major ports.
Recently, the folks at Arkansas Times wrote a piece in their Arkansas Blog criticizing Arkansas Gubenatorial candidate and ex-Homeland Security Department big-wig Asa Huthchinson for staing that it is wise not to make hasty conclusions about the port deal. Sounds like the next governor of Arkansas has a lot of wisdom. Looks like the liberal loonies at Arkansas Times don't.

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