Sunday, February 19, 2006


Winter Arrives in the Ozarks

It's not the first snow of the season; it's the first significant snow of the season. After three days of record temperatures in our area, winter came to rip the hint of spring from the air. Us'n heelbeelies cain't rightly belly-ache none, though-we've barely had any weather resembling winter so far this year.
The snow is good for the earth. The cold is important for us natives of Ozarka to anticipate our wonderful, colorful spring-time.
Here are some poor-quality shots taken on a wintry ride yesterday:

The First is a shot of Piney Creek from one side of the tall bridge near the original county seat-Athens. The second is a view of Pilot Knob through the trees on Jumbo Road. The third is an image of the White River Valley at the little settlement at Boswell. The fourth is a shot of Piney from the opposite side of the bridge mentioned in the first shot.
These hills are beautiful all-year round. There's something special about them during each phase of every season. I hope you enjoy these images.

Last time I saw honest to goodness snow was way back in 1977... Montgomery, AL. I was a sophomore in high school. I'd like to see snow again, but that's the kid in me talkin'. As an adult, I know better.

Nice pics.
Better apparatus is in the works. (Camera)

I'm longing to feel the gulf-breeze on my face, El. We're hoping to get down that way in the late-spring.
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