Saturday, July 09, 2005


Dream Homes?

The hurricane season is blowing in early this year-barely 10 months since Ivan devastated the Gulf coast! People are fearing the loss of property, strongly, after suffering heartbreaking losses last year! I actually heard Joe Scarborough say , last night, that he knows people that literally break out in tears at any mention of Dennis!

Break out in TEARS????!!!!!

I'm sorry, but I don't feel much compassion towards those who spend their life-savings to buy a "dream home" on the beach, then cry and complain when a giant storm, which is common to those locations, blows in and washes it away with all their belongings!

Last year people were calling for rescue after ignoring the order to evacuate! Then they complained that the authorities refused to attempt a rescue!

Guess family will suffer because some idiot decides to ask the government to "help" them rebuild!

Move inland, why don't you!

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