Monday, July 04, 2005


Blue and Yellow Make Green

Menfolk, we are reminded of this law of nature each time we do our business in a toilet which contains TIDY BOWL or any of those other blue disinfectants (ladies you are, I'm sure, familiar with the process but are not able to witness it like us men)! You take these two colors and mix them together and....PRESTO!....another color is born! What then can be said about the colors blue and red?

Democrats, today, want us to believe that in order to make our country strong we must make it into a purple nation! They say that because the country is split so closely down the middle on important political issues, that there should be a blend that satisfies all. I like it better when we look at a political map of the U.S. and see an overwhelming contrast between red and blue areas. It shows that this nation is still a republic, ruled by the people.

My desired view of the red/blue thingy is supported by another of my Ozark backwoods philosophies. We are not really red or blue! We are oil and water.......they don't mix! They separate!

I see the two views pretty simply-red oil paints vs blue watercolors!

Red (conservative) oil paints (America first)

Blue (liberal) water colors (what the rest of the world thinks)

Red and Blue DO mix! Oil and water do NOT!

Our forefathers fought for our independence from Europe and the rest of the world! They intended for the American way of life to be a better way of life. I believe the collective efforts of those who followed have seen that intention lived out! I Don't care what France, Germany, China or even England thinks of America! I KNOW America and I know that it is the very BEST way of life for humanity on the globe!

When the liberals and Democrats of this nation begin to show that they are for America first, then the "purple" factor becomes a little more tolerable, and rightly so. As long as they remain "water colors" as opposed to "oils", our country teeters on the brink of destruction!

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