Friday, July 08, 2005


Shocked, Angry, Saddened!

Yesterday, my family woke up in our rented cabin-on-the-creek, to see the coverage of the London bombings. I was shocked, at first, then I became very Angry!

I've walked those same streets, used the tube many times while jetting around the city. I will always cherish the time I spent in that wondrous place. I've drank with the locals in pubs, cheered with them at concerts (Royal Albert Hall, Hammersmith Odeon and Earls Court) and eaten with them at restaurants around the town!

I've experienced the good and the bad of the U.K.-from regular IRA bombings, to Riots in the Streets, to the Irish hunger strike!

NOTHING affected me then, the way that this bombing has!

An internet "friend" made a great observation in a well phrased statement this morning. She said that though most Muslims are good people, most terrorists are Muslims!

It is time to come off this "politically correct" rubbish and demand that those "good" Muslims start giving up those who are terrorists!

England has looked the other way while their country has become infested with the "vermin"-much like when one sees a mouse in the house, does nothing, and soon there are hundreds gnawing, crapping, and stinking up everything! It is time to exterminate the pests! Heck, one bomb was exploded in an Islamic section of London!

I feel for those families affected by the events of yesterday! I can not even imagine what it would be like to be minding my own business and having my family murdered before my eyes...or my friends! I can't even face that thought!

It is my hope, that the British who have been influenced by the war opposition "wimps" will stiffen their upper lips and jump into the game!

Britannia, You are in my thoughts....and prayers!

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