Wednesday, July 20, 2005


Fox News Channel (Where's the Pepto?)

Fox News Channel has become the most popular cable news outlet in the nation. I used to think that was a good thing. Recently (over the last several months) I've come to change my opinion.

While the political rhetoric was refreshing, at first, because of the void of aggressive conservative viewpoints in the media before, I find myself straying back to other outlets to get my daily bread. I guess, what I liked early on, was the fact that there were TWO viewpoints to follow, rather than ONE which was overwhelmingly leftist. That's why my mind is roaming, thesedays, as I attempt to watch the programs I enjoyed the first few years of the Fox News Channel programming.

Now, it makes me rather sick!

I'm sick of sensationalized sex-crime murders! (It's hard to watch with kids present)

I'm sick of watching the same crap about the same crap!

I'm sick of not hearing CREDIBLE views from the left! (Of course that may not be all FNC's fault)

I'm sick of the obviously pro- Republican party slant to EVERYTHING! (Even though I tend to vote for way more Republicans than sell-out Dems)

I'm sick of all the sex-drug peddling going on at all hours of the day! (There are such things as kids who watch)

And to top it off, I'm sick of the queer/sex-based content that permiates almost EVERY show they air on the cable entertainment channels, as well!

I find that MSNBC tends to have the best debate.

Fox News does not represent my family values. I'll spend most of my TV time, elsewhere!

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