Sunday, July 31, 2005


Gathering Of Warriors

Today, hundreds of college students from around the country are gathering in Washington DC. Not for a rag-tag demonstration against the war. They are, however, gathering for battle!

Combat savvy troops who have led the battle before them, and political leaders who share their goals will brief the eager soldiers on tactics and strategies in their common struggle! Although this growing army keeps a low profile, make no mistake-this "gathering of warriors" will not go un-noticed by their enemy!

This event, "The 27th Annual National Conservative Student Conference" hosted by "Young America's Foundation" goes through Friday, and will feature such notable speakers as: Ben Stein, Newt Gingrich, Anne Coulter, Bay Buchanan and David Horowitz. As you may have noticed-this is no unorganized liberal rant-fest! This is a well co-ordinated effort by determined and gifted people to snatch the monopoly of ideas on America's campuses from the greedy grasp of the liberal left.

Over the past year (I happened to catch some of last year's conference on C-SPAN and sought them out) I have had the extreme good fortune to have gotten to know a few of the participants in YAF. These are brilliant, thoughtful, well-informed young people who are willing to face intolerant left-wing college administrators and professors to get the conservative views they hold dear heard on campus.

Personally, I think of them all as heroes! The College and University system in this nation have long been the breeding ground of harmful leftist Ideas. I applaud the efforts of these valiant young patriots who will go away from the conference in Washinton, next week, and begin or resume their crusade against the cancer of leftism!

Catch some of it this week on C-SPAN! You'll be impressed!

Go, YAF!

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