Saturday, July 23, 2005


What is it with Pro-Choicers?

Is it that you are a woman, who can't face the FACT that you sought out another to get rid of your "problem" in such a vicious, inhumane fashion?
Are you a male (I won't say "man" because it in no way applies) who has paid the "blood money" to have the "hit" performed on your responsibility and refuse to face the fact of what you have actually done?
Are you a mother who has encouraged your daughter to have the deed done to avoid embarassment and can't face the fact that you have contributed to a brutal act on your own flesh and blood?
Are you a father who has looked the other way so you would not be "bothered", and don't want to admit that by doing so you destroyed that which should have been so precious to you in your golden years?

The fact is........what you contributed to was not the elimination of the "problem" by removing or destroying the "fetal mass", it was , as every one of you who call yourself pro-choice know in your hearts, MURDER!

You call yourself pro-choice when the only "choice" that matters to you is your own. That choice which matters most is completely disregarded! Hypocrites!

What is really scary about all of this is the fact that faced with obvious truth, you people just don't care! How commendable of you!

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