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Rummy is Still Game!

st had to re-post this early entry from my blog. Again, it is still valid. The left hates Rummy. Rummy doesn't care and is NOT intimidated by any means. Thank God we have him!

Rummy is Game

Rumsfeld is game! I LOVE to watch him field the questions of liberals! I LOVE to hear him when he gives precise, articulate and accurate answers! I LOVE to see how the left HATES his guts, because he is so VERY professional!

He is Game! This VERY smart (and sly) patriot is NEVER flustered unless you count his obvious disdain at the questions from an idiotic media! He is well prepared to meet the harassment of an enemy that is both in awe and in bitter battle with him!

In my lifetime, there have been few who impress me the way that Donald Rumsfeld has. Ronald Reagan was, indeed, a great man.....(who amazingly was picked as the greatest American by the Discovery Channel's audience). I believe that history will one day put our present Defense Secretary on that lofty pedistal, as well!

Originally Posted Club 100 Message Forum by (liberal loather)

Uh once again... generals... they hate him too... what does that mean?

Wait, this is a satire site right? You're just doing a Jesus General kind of thing yeah?

You got me!
4 capitulating comrades-in-arms. You call that a "clamor"?

You people can't stand Runny and Rove because they know their shit and are articulate in exposing the leftist media and other opponents of victory.

At least you admit your hate. Not fot the policies, but for the man.

That's quite revealing to those who read your statement, Jimbo!

Keep chasing your tail, dude, Along with all your other mutt-buddies.
Capitulating? To whom are they capitulating and why?

How are they exposing the leftist media and why are they opposed to victory?

I can't stand Rummy because he's a lying incompetent. Rove I have no strong opinion on but I find it interesting that you lump in a political operator with a government official. You do know that those two domains need to be kept separate for a healthy state right? But one of the many wrong things Bush has done is politicize foreign policy.

And once again the polls make it very clear that the American people do not have confidence in the Bush Administration how is that “tail chasing”?

I think you say a lot of stuff that you fully don’t understand. You should read more maybe that’ll help.
And you f"fully understand" everything?

I "fully understand" that those who seek to see America as a weak force in the world have been able to influence the weak. It's not the weak who win, though. It's the strong--keep that in mind while you chase your tail (keep believing your view will win).

Four generals. One of them a Clinton butt-buddy. One of them self-proclaimed member of the radical left during the sixties. Dig a little and I'm sure you'll find motivational backrounds for the generals who are crying because their little voices weren't heeded.

Waagh, waaagh, waaaagh!
As to the "Generals" argument, allow me to repost my comment from LL's previous post:

Do you know how many generals there are in our armed forces? Considerably more than 1000. So 6, maybe 7 generals have voiced their displeasure of Secretary Rumsfeld... that amounts to what? 6 percent? Less in fact.

The Media creates the polls. They create the questions. They interpret the results... In short, the Media only reports the truth they want to tell, and sadly, too many people are buying.

People should learn to think for themselves. Taking everything the Media offers without question is foolish at best... Deliberately irresponsible at worst.

>your view will win

Ah classic wingnut, rather “win” than be right. Sparky here’s the sad news I’m not on any “side” other than the truth and I’m not looking to “win” I’m looking to know the truth. I don’t like Bush because he’s a screw up, before he was a screw up I was indifferent to him. You liked Bush before the war and you’ve invested so much of your ego into him that no matter what he must be right. In other words you’d rather “win” than be right.

It’s not a football game you should try and look beyond the score.

Can you please source the Clinton and "Radical" connections and again to whom are the capitulating? Why is the leftist media opposed to victory?

See you toss out these accusations and yet you never actually provide any evidence much less proof.

>The Media creates the polls. They create the questions

And the public answers them, see that’s how polls work. In the case of an approval rating the question is “Do you approve of the job President Bush is doing? Yes or No?” Pretty hard to spin that answer and over 60% of Americans think Bush is doing a bad job, go tell them that they’re not thinking for themselves because they don’t share your delusions.
I feel SooooOOOOooo much better since a canadian named salvage came by and set me straight on who is right about Bush and the war!

Imagine that! A canadian who is anti-bush, anti-Iraq war.

Salvage, I was not "indifferent" because I believe in the cause. I have since the start. Arabs understand one thing-FORCE!

It's funny how your indifference has changed to loathing om evidence that is PURE speculation (the left has not had one concrete thing against Bush--Every bit of "evidence" you have fallen for, weakling, is unfounded accusations that can't be backed up.

List the accusations, pal, and then you give me proof of their validity. I say you cannot.

I have a lot of disagreement with George W. Bush, pal. The war against islamofascists is not one of them.

I think my "dog chasing tail" analogy is a good one. Don't you agree, salvage? I bet out enemies really enjoy viewing a large portion of our population running around in circles while accepting leftist lies.

I feel blessed to not be one of you, though. I feel priviliged to know that I am on the side of truth.
Your argument, salvage Canada, boils down to, "since the polls say it ti must be true".

I wonder what the polls looked like in Germany as Hitler manipulated his way into power?

You say you're on the side of truth, bit treuth has never gotten in the way of the leftist struggle to gasin control of America's government.

If a leftist Democrat gets elected as president with a leftist Democratic congreess, pal, I'm locking and loading. It will be my duty as a true American.
Okay, man from the land of capitulation, I'll answer your questions.

These generals' timing is very suspect, wouldn't you say?My rejoiunder is: How are they helping the war-effort? They know Bush has full confidence in his SecDef. What, possibly, could be theor agenda? Helping to perpetuate the Democratic Culture of Capitulation? That's my guess from observation of things.

Capitulating Comtades-in-Arms is a fitting description of the coordinated Democratic attack-squad. These disgruntled EX-generals are the present skirmishers.

Exposing the leftist media? That the media, itself, is pushing this "Rummy Mutiny" and magnifying the criticism of a handful of Bush Administration rejects--that tells the story, pal. Only Bush-haters are unable to see the truth about that.
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