Friday, April 14, 2006


Rummy vs The Capitulating Comrades-In-Arms

General Batiste, one of the recent dissenting generals who are calling for Rumsfeld's firing or resignation, was quoted as saying that there is no coordinated effort to oust the formidable US Secretary of Defense.

The capitulating comrades-in-arms statements over the recent weeks were "absolutely coincidental", he said. "I have not talked to the other generals".

I believe him! Not that this "sudden clamor" is "happening for a reason", as Batiste stated. The "sudden clamor" for Rummy's demise has been on-going since Rumsfeld took his place as SecDef! They can't stand him because he is honest, straightforward, and brutal to an ignorant main-stream media. The "reason" it is happening is obvious!

Batiste hasn't been talking to the other generals because the Democratic strategists have gone to each of them a compiled a plan of attack.

I believe him!! LL believes Major General Batiste! Whoodathunkit?

He hasn't talked to the others. He's executing the orders given by a Democratic party which puts it's political ambitions above America's need for victory in the war against Islamofacism.

There are two fronts to this war. The physical battlefield, itself, and the political battlefield back home. Dissent is one thing. Whistle-blowing is one thing. Following orders from a Democratic hierarchy that puts its own immoral and irresponsible agenda before the safety and morale of our troops fighting a war they unshakeably believe in is quite another thing. It's very questionable--VERY questionable!

There should be an ARMY of inestigative reporters checking on any connections these generals have to Democratic strategists! But there won't be. WE all know there won't be......(sigh!)

So. The generals are coming out against Rumsfeld because they've been told so by their Democratic masters?

So it would be impossible for there to be another motive like Rummy isn't very good at his job? Wouldn't the disaster that the Iraq occupation has become be evidence of this?
Your perverted view, friend. It's all in the perception.

What I percieve is a VERY FEW spoiled generals who didn't get their way attempting to punish a leader they don't agree with.

Pretty perceptive, huh?
Guh? What "way" didn't they get?

When reality deviates from what you want to happen you just sort of fill in the blanks with delusion don't you?

But let's see if we can drag you to the light.

How is Iraq going?

a) Good to plan!

b) As good as could be expected.

c) Disaster
I guess it depends if you are a slave of the MSM or not. Your chains are rattling.

The question really is, "Why did Democrats encourage insurgent activity and put our troops and their efforts in mortal danger during the '04 election season until now?

1) Because they put party agenda before victory.

2) They put politics before patriotism.

3) They care more about the homosexual agenda and murdering innocent babies than they do about murderous thugs vocally intent on America's destruction.

4)All of the above.

How would you answer that one, canada-boy?
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