Saturday, June 17, 2006


A Walk in the Wilderness

For the past couple of months I've been posting at my new blog, Daddio's Dark Side. I've learned a few facts about liberals and will share them.

1) Liberals tend to work in dogs. Of course, if you've read this blog, you'll know that I've made other accurate comparisons between liberals and dogs.

2) Liberals are cowards (probably a reason they run in packs). When they are away from their circle-jerks, they like to stop in and leave generalized statements using profanity anonynously. (Yeah, those are the folks we want to agree with politically, right?)

3) Liberals want people to believe they are compassionate while they entice others into sin which can only bring heart-ache and ultimately death (Very compassionate, don't you think?).

4) Liberals will delete your posts and lie about what you post to make themselves feel better after being faced with cold, hard truth.

5) Liberals are adamant about the '06 mid-terms and the '08 presidential election. They crave defeat for America in its noble war on islamofascist terrorism.

6) The so-called "Christian" Left is in reality only a segment of society steeped in piousness, dishonesty, and worst of all--deception. (But hey, we already knew that, didn't we?)

I'd like to add one more point if I may...

Liberals attack people instead of ideaology. I've seldom been in a discussion with a liberal that didn't end up with them getting personal and attacking individuals and resorting to name-calling instead of defending their position. They are masters at redirection and evasion.

Good list. Accurate list.
I think it may stem from the nature of liberals to feel they have to "care" more than anybody because it is a culture based on "martyrship of the mind". They suffer vicariously through the pain of others. Not that I am criticizing that mantra per se, but in my many conversations and banter with some of the left leaning bloggers I noticed you have to ease your way into an argument and paint the logic in their own "we are the world" language. It just works like that for me instead of the full metal jacket approach.
Again, this is coming from an independent conservative libertarian. But as to the accuracy of your list?... I think stylistically it may be jarring to the core of liberal thinkers, but I think you've captured the "mood" of most of what I think is true.
Thanks for coming by to my site today.
Kudos on keeping the flag of freedom of expression at full mast.
I just deleted a tiresome spammer post.
I consider myself a liberal and I help the poor by volunteering in my community for those less fortunate.

How does that make me bad?

I help animals by volunteering for various orginizations that spay and neuter them.

OK, I understand how that would make me evil in your eyes.


You should just be honest. Isn't that the best policy?
I don't think I said that liberals were "bad", did I?

I'm conservative. I do volunteer work at our local community-college. I have a dog. I feed him and water him--even scratch inside his big-floppy ears now and then.

Does that make me a bad person?
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