Saturday, April 08, 2006


Divine Right of Bushies--Maureen Dowd Chasing Her Tail

There are probably a lot of folks chasing Maureen Dowd's tail. But the thing that is so funny to watch during the left's present attempt to make something out of nothing, is how they are chasing their tails like dogs! Think about it!

Over the last couple of years, leftist morons who have no clue as to what is really going on have repeatedly jumped on the bandwagon when they think there has been a chink in the Bush administration's effective armor.

I remember Dubya saying that he would fire anyone who broke the law concerning the "leaks" surrounding the Valerie Plame situation. What a brilliant maneuver!

George Bush's administration has managed to out-do the left with his fantastic use of twist-speak! When he said that he KNEW that there was nothing illegal that took place! He KNEW he wouldn't have to fire anyone because he KNEW that he had declassified the information in question.

The next time we see a clip containing his promise to hold the law-breaker responsible we need to keep in mind that he is probably laughing inside.

When I offered this idea on another thread, a liberal pointed out that I sounded as if I were proud that he out-did the left using twist speak. My answer?

Since he did it for the right reasons and since it made the left chase its tail again so wonderfully, I said "YEP!"

Maureen Dowd has written a column entitled "Divine Right of Bushes". I admit I haven't read it. I can say without reading it, however, that it is full of shallow blame. I can say that Dowdy-girl was quirky, entertaining, and laughably wrong.

Maureen Dowd is chasing her tail again! Woof, woof!

Isn't it fun to watch?

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