Friday, April 14, 2006


Lessons From Dr. Sanity

I just found this site and wanted to share it with you. I've linked it on the side-bar as well.

The post linked would be a good bookmark to use as a quick reference. He lists commonly used fallacies and how they are employed. I felt kind of (cough, cough)er...umm.. guilty as I read the piece. Though I try to refrain from ad-hominems, sometimesI just can't help myself. Especially if I have already become a victim (happens ALL the time) of my opponent's ad-hominem attacks.

I do use fallacies as I visit around--sometimes even on this blog, of course. Most of the time I do so because I'm just too darn lazy to write ten paragraphs to explain myself. Most of the time my fallacies hit home and someone attacks my character of which they know nothing but that I am diligent in my sworn duty--making leftists look in the mirror.

Thanks for the post, Dr. Sanity!

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