Sunday, April 16, 2006


In Bono We Trust!

First, the Methodists are appealing for "worshippers" by abandoning the Gospel of Jesus , rplacing it with a philosophy of multiculturalism. Now the Episcopalians are rejecting the Word of God as a draw for searchers of truth and offering U-2 as an alternative in order to attract younger new-comers. The minister actually passes ear-plugs out to those who request them!

Please, if you are rolling on the floor laughing at this foolishness, let me know!

I'm rolling on the floor laughing at your foolishness. You are a guaranteed idiot. Have you spent time under psychiatric care? If not, you should consider it
Boy, don't you have a lot to say that is brainless!

At least you admit being a coward!
And you admit to being brainless. Coinkidink.
And you are a perfect example of a liberal.
Ain't you a hoot. Born, bred, b'lieved conservative, with strong beliefs towards such. One of the standards in my conservative nature is tolerance, and I've shown very little of it with you.

I apologize, D.Daddio, because I allowed your intolerance to affect me. But I hope I made some sort of point, because you've written foolish things and ignorant items. You should beware of how your intolerance and ignorance is received since you consider yourself Christian. You do not, in any way, act as God would have you act.
And I'm supposed to take this "constructive" criticism from the likes of you?

You've made no point. Every "attack" I make is based on the words of those I attack.

Tell me one post I've made anywhere that is unfair. And I'll explain to you why it is not.

You, despite your accusations about me, are a perfect example of an immature, un-informed, unfair liberal.

I'm glad you've left the crap you have on these two blogs. Others will stop by and see you for what you are--an ignorant coward.

But thanks for the apology. It was justly given.
And you're just ignorant, you fool. But that's OK. Live your foolish live. Hate all you want. Just don't pretend to be Christian.
Hate. That's a serious accusation, pal. Care to document your accusation?

I reckon NOT> Impossible for you to do so.

I don't hate anyone, deciever. I despise attitudes like yours. I put truth in your face and stand back and witness your rebellion against that truth.

Hate--you DO seem to have the franchise, coward!
Blow smoke up your own ass if you wish, but don't blow it up the rest of the world's. Live in your own fantasy, because it seems you have a doosy.
Where's the evidence to back your claims?

Tell me which part of anything I've EVER written that qualifies as fantasy.

Come on! Just to say, "you're a moron", and "you live in a fantasy world" doesn't prove anything.

Where's your evidence?

Do you want to debate or play child's games?

Just how young are you, anyway?
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