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Wagging the Camel--Chasing Her Tail

I love it when Maureen Dowd has an op-ed column published! I really enjoy reading what she has to say. When she writes using her superficial knowledege on a subject, I enjoy it even more. Mind you, whenever she writes about "Bushies" or the war in Iraq, she uses nothing but superficial knowledge.

Think about her most recent article's title: Wag the Camel. What does that actually mean? I figure it must be her attempt to utilize the hair-brained "wag-the-dog" attribute that most liberals assign to Republican administrations. It's funny she didn't use the "dog" analogy. Especially since her columns about Bush and the war tend to display the fact that she is chasing her own tail. Wag the Dog? Dogs chasing their tails? Did she use the "camel" thing because your humble LL has brought attention to the fact that the left is doing just that (chasing its tail) when it uses hindsight and speculation to undermine the war effort?

Probably not, but it is amusing that after I made my post about tail-chasing last week, Dowd changed "wag the dog" to "wag the camel"

They can run, but they can't hide. (Because they're not running anywhere--just going around, frantically, in circles)

Maureen Dowd has great writing ability. Her problem is that every negative thing she writes about the Bush administration is based on pure speculation and liberal hopefulness.

It encourages me to know that so many people flock to read her columns. It reaffirms my belief that the left is treading water--better yet, chasing its tail. They have nothing concrete against the "Bushies".

It's also amusing to know that Dowd and those who worship her every word think that they are really on the hunt when, in fact, they are doing what dogs do when there's nothing else to do!

If you like the sculpture in the photo, go see the rest of Paul Jenkins Sculptures and view his other cool works of art! This one is Chasing Tail. Personally I think it should be renamed, Dowdy Chasing Tail!

um... you have noticed the latest polls on Bush's approval rating right?

The generals calling for Rummy to quit?

How poorly Iraq is going?

I know from skimming your posts you're vaguely delusional but this seems a bit extreme.
Keep chasing your tail. It amuses me.
So, that be a no? You haven't?

Okay well let me help you out best I can:

Bush's poll numbers keep falling, they're now skirting Nixon country:

The latest poll numbers from AP/Ipsos don't bode well for President Bush. In a poll released Friday, only 36 percent of Americans said they approved of the job Mr. Bush was doing in the White House.

This was the lowest level the president's numbers had reached in an AP/Ipsos poll. Just prior to the 2004 election, Mr. Bush has a 47 percent approval rating. Back in October 2002, his ratings were as high as 64 percent.

The war in Iraq seems to be a major problem for the president. Only 35 percent of those polled approved of President Bush's handling of the war while only 40 percent approved of his handling of foreign policy including the war on terror.

See it's not just columnist who think Bush sucks, it's the majority of the American people. So really it's not "tail chasing" it's a fact.

Now the article mentions that it's because the war is going so poorly, you could say, and you'd be right, that what does the public know about war? Well it's not just the public:

Donald Rumsfeld was under mounting pressure to resign today as he faced a sustained and growing chorus of criticism from America's military establishment over the Iraq war.

Now I'm not an expert of such things but I think it's safe to say that this sort of thing has never happened before, at least not on this scale. Many military minds not only hate Rumsfled and blame him for the debacle but they're stating it PUBLICLY. That is extraordinary.

Now why do you think they’d do that?

a) They hate America
b) The love Saddam, bin Landen
c) They’re really liberals (I guess in your mind that’s a) & b))
c) Rumsfeld has been as big a disaster as his boss

The point your missing (amongst many) is that it’s not longer the left that doesn’t like Bush.

I know you’re not going to change your mind, you’ve tied so much of your ego to Bush that to detach would probably snap whatever tenuous grasp you have on reality. You can still be a mindless Bush Zombie and recognize that he isn’t popular. We actually need folks like you to stick around as cautionary tales.
Majoritiies, if you must believe the polls, have been wrong before!

Remember LYNCHING?

Mob-rule is not what America is about, dude! Mobs are led by shallow-thinking thugs with a clear agenda.

Come to think of it, that reminds me of a certain political faction I know!

Wise up, Liberals. Get a brain. Look at the crap you have fallen for. Look at the people who perpetuate the thuggery and immorality you have embraced.

Stand up and be counted with those of us who are reasonable and responsible!

Your DAMN right, I am a PROUD "30 percenter"!

Polls... are... lynching?

The generals who are calling for Rummy to resign are mobs?

You got my point. On both counts!

Mobs are notoriously led by evil individuals. In my book, the left is nothing but a mob.

You're hopeful fantasies that the conservatives are abandoning our war -effort give those of us who can think beyond self-gratification much amusement.
Ah, I'm thinking your "book" is very thin with lots of bright pictures and one syllable words.

“our war –effort”

Now that’s interesting, who makes up the “our” in this case and what have you contributed to the effort?
I contribute my support. I don't work hard, as you seem to be doing, trying to undermine the effort.

I am a Air Force Vet. I contributed to the cold-war effort, bodily, when the GREAT Ronald Reagan forced the USSR into submission.

What's your contribution to America? MMakijng our enemies comfortable knowing if your side has a victory in our political arena it means a victory for them?

Great effort, dude.

You're some kinda Amaerican.
Do you know how many generals there are in our armed forces? Considerably more than 1000. So 6, maybe 7 generals have voiced their displeasure of Secretary Rumsfeld... that amounts to what? 6 percent? Less in fact.

The Media creates the polls. They create the questions. They interpret the results... In short, the Media only reports the truth they want to tell, and sadly, too many people are buying.

People should learn to think for themselves. Taking everything the Media offers without question is foolish at best... Deliberately irresponsible at worst.
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