Saturday, April 15, 2006


Maureen Dowd--Attempting to Catch Her Tail

Dowdy-girl is at it again. She has written "The Rummy Mutiny", which praises the recent accusations from six of the thousands of active and retired generals from the US military.

Mutiny: open revolt, esp. by soldiers or sailors gainst their officers.
rebellion, revolution, insurgency,rebel, rise up, disobey, subvert, agitate.

What a legacy for those "noble" few who have differences with the Bush-administration.

Most mutineers were hung back in the days of the HMS Bounty. Let's build a scaffold on the mall!

These leftovers from the Clinton administration are in open revolt against our truly noble war-effort. They are involved in an open insurgency against our leadership. They are aiding and abbeting our enemies with their whining. Let's hold them accountable!

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