Sunday, April 16, 2006


A Day at the Ozark Folk Festival!

What a day! Music, games, onion-blossoms, and lemonade! Fiddles, and fiddlers. Two-steps and jigs. Go-carts and hoops and paddles. Hillbillies and city-folk all joined together in a celebration of Ozark culture this weekend in Mountain View, Arkansas, home of the Ozark Folk Center.

My family enjoyed the festivities, greatly, as did everyone else who converged on this small mountain village over Easter weekend. I got to sign a petition for an independent hopeful for the Arkansas governor's race. My kids happily did the rock-climbing thingy. Our family took our frustrations out on each other on the go-cart track in a brutal battle of driving skills, complete with broadside t-bones and spin-outs. We listened to old-timers playing folk tunes, whippersnappers skillfully playing bluegrass, and a lot of contented folks , old and young, applauding the efforts of those playing the instruments and singing the old songs of the hills.

If you ever get the chance, plan a weekend trip to the Folk Festival one year, You won't be dissapointed. Music is being played in every nook and cranny on the vintage court-square as well as in the multitude of RV prks in and around town. There are various theaters who have organized shows with regular casts that never cease to thrill those hungry for old-style entertainment. There is truly something for everyone at the weelend event.

Come visit our part of the world! We'll leave the light on for you!

I have tried three times to post some photos, but Blogger is fighting me, tooth and nail! Gotta get ready for Curch, so I'll try to get them up later.

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