Sunday, November 06, 2005


Web Withdrawals-Damn Computer!

I've experienced my first problems with my PC! I've not been able to access my site in the last several days. I'll have to rely on any access I can get for a while.
I've grown used to having the world at my fingertips and now that it has rudely been swept away from me, I'm left wringing my hands in a deep state of depression.

Never fear-I shall be back in usual strength before long!

I wondered where you disappeared to. Hope you get things straigtened out soon, I know all too well the frustration you speak of.
The only thing that's worse: when the web is working but isn't. What was up with it last weekend?
very true!!!!!!
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"Frustration" is NOT the word-lost is a four-letter word that describes my position. Normally I waould have plenty of access on the job-not so for the past few weeks!
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