Sunday, August 14, 2005


Mission to Mars

I get a kick out of these scientists speaking about ongoing, up-coming, or hoped for missions to the red planet! On the set, this morning, I caught a sound-bite from one of these overly-excited yahoos-didn't catch his name: "I can't wait to see the science from this mission.", this guy said, "It's gonna knock your socks off!"
I don't know, folks-"knock our socks off?" So far we have poured billions of tax-dollars into these Mars missions. What useful information have we gained to this point?
I admit, some great innovations may have occurred in the research and developement stage of the missions-even good technical information from the flights and subsequent surface operations. The economical impact on the air and space industry might even be considered beneficial. But scientific information?
Basically-after all the money has been blown, we are left with "science" telling us that Mars is made of rock and has had water or some other liquid on its surface at some point during its existence. Is it really worth it?
How about figuring a way to utilize space for the benefit of mankind? Wouldn't our money be better spent with this as our ultimate goal?
It makes you question "scientists" (notice the quotes) motives-well it does me, anyway!

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