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Dueling "Science"-Evolution's Monopoly on Ideas

I've decided on the best way to approach a rabid evolutionist! When confronting someone who has such high regards for their own intelligence that they will not consider any other view, one must understand-that person only accepts "scientific views" approved by others who think about their own intellect in the same manner!
It seems that there are two "sciences" out there. One, the broadest, which is considered by all who is interested in the subject-then one, much narrower, which is accepted by a group of people who do not want others to consider other perceptions of the subject. So-which side should a reasonable, logical thinker come down on?
Those who want to suppress any ideas opposed to their own vain perceptions-and do it viciously and deceptively-want the world to believe that theirs is the only ones accepted by careful observation/testing/prediction. They will tell us that their view is "accepted science". They deny the fact that many scientist around the world DO accept "Intelligent Design" as a viable area to look at in relation to life's origins. Not "pseudo-scientist", mind you, but scientist educated by the same institutions that pump the illogical theory of evolution into each student,including staunch believers in evolution, vehemently! Yet, they have rejected the "accepted science" these monopolizers have spewed!
Don't let the self percieved "super-intellects" hold this monopoly! Like the telephone companies in the 80's, we need to break up this monopoly of ideas so that free-thought can reign supreme!
It's amusing to me how-as confident as they claim to be-evolutionist can't stand the thought of any other idea being discussed. It's as if fear precipitates from their very pores each time someone voices an altervative view to their flawed "science"!
It is revealing how the very same people who are the strongest advocates of the evolution lie are also the most intolerant!

psst...Intelligent Design (ID) people still believe in evolution, just that God has guided it...
Errr....ummm....not he correct kind of (ID) "Intelligent Design". The kind you speak of is that of the weak!

My "intelligent design" can be stated more clearly as "Common Design".

There is clearly two views here. You want your interpretations of the natural world taugh as fact, we want our way done the same! You don't trust our interpretation of science, we don't trust yours.

There really is no problem, except that yours is the only one being taught in our public schools. We can examine both sides-probably take two teachers (one on each side of the view) to teach these classes-but hey, that fits right into the liberal educators agendas anyway!

But in my view-the best thing to do would be to teach biology-talk about the similiarities-but give absolutely no reference to either view. Let the student decide for themselves instead of requiring them to accept yours!

That is what you are really afraid of, isn't it? That someone might actually be crazy enough to believe my "bullshit" view? And be scarred for life?
Please, do articule your views on "Common Design".
Common design-what you misinterpret as evolution.
Look, man. If your version of ID is evolution "started" (or whatever) by god, we don't really have much of a problem. But it sure doesn't seem to me like it is.

You talk about "two 'sciences'": one that accepts all theories as equally valid for study, and one that "dogmatically" only accepts evolution. The thing is that they are actually one and the same. I know it's hard to believe, but evolution developed in a strongly christian environment. The theory of evolution came about because people thought about the christian view of the origin of life, studied it in light of emerging evidence, and rejected it. Why? Not because they hate god, or because they hate christianity, but because it didn't sync up with the evidence. Evolution is the only theory "accepted by careful observation/testing/prediction." Evolution wasn't cut out of whole cloth; unlike the bible, nobody made it up. People were very critical of evolution for a really long time. It was heresy. In fact, there was a famous trial near the beginning of the 20th century, the "Scopes monkey trial," where a schoolteacher was arrested for teaching evolution in his classroom. It's not like everyone woke up one day and decided that the beliefs western society held for thousands of years were wrong. The facts were considered, the evidence was assayed, and evolution was born.

The fact that "the strongest advocates of the evolution lie are also the most intolerant," as you put it, is because the people most invested in evolution are the people who have worked to develop it, who stand on the shoulders of the giants who were martyred for the truth.

An unrelated but wholly valid question: if you truly support teaching all creation theories, since you believe ardently that the biblical account of creation counts as a "theory," should we teach all religions' accounts of creation as "theories"? Would you advocate mentioning the "theory" that the world rests on the back of a giant turtle?

I've already said-and your explanation still doesn't admit that your side of the issue is powered by insinuations, assumptions and blatant blind leaps to fill the gaps-I think evolution should not be mentioned in the treaching of biology!
You cannot have that-it would mean the severing of your precious monopoly on young impressionable minds!
At the risk of becoming nauseated with the overconsumpton of this query-whre did the energy come from which you claim resulted in the big-bang you fantasize about?
Why haven't you admitted that evoulution is your faith?
You skirt the important questions you know you can't give answers to-won't give answers to because of your unwillingness to admit your "science" is merely fantasy!
I know electricity works-don't know how (neither do you or your "scientific" experts) but I see it work!
I know gravity exists-see it happening all around every day-don't know how or why it does (neither do you or your "science" proohets) but it is obvious!
You people want others to believe that this religion you are touting doesn't require that we see it working-doesn't even require that we know how it workjs-yet you teach it as the only "logical" explanations for the observations your "experts" can come up with.
You are decieved-you're decieving others! What a gtreat legacy to leave to our kids!

As for the "Scopes" thingy-I could put both of our arguments before a jury of our peers, present evidence which supports both sides-since the charges being examined at this trial are that my view is an uneducated one with no evidence to support it-I say that my view could never be convicted of the charges! There is tremendous amounts of "reasonable doubt" which would aquit my position!

From what I've read-the "scopes" trial was a sham in the first place! I knew, eventually, this would be mentioned by those desperate to grasp at straws to defend their monopoly on "science"! Just like I knew-it didn't take that long either-that the ""look how much bloodshed "religion" has brought to the world" distortion would be brought into the fray!
You guys have shown me no evidence that your religion has any credence whatsoever!
Again-this conversation is clearly revealing your positions: reliance on fantasy, your fear of allowing another valid view to be heard, and your hatred of anything "God"!
I'm getting pretty tired of arguing in circles. Everything that you just brought up has already been addressed. Like always, you talk about gaping holes in evolution and have nothing with which to back it up.

And for the record, we already talked about the Big Bang. Why, since it doesn't have to do with evolution? Good question. Kinda illustrates the point that I brought up earlier that creationists grab little factoids from all branches of science, utterly not concerned about knowing what they're talking about.

I think we're probably getting to the point where, if you're unable to accept that scientists have critiqued evolution much better and for much longer than you and still accept it, the rest of the world is just going to have to do its best to move on without you.
Move on, then! I'll be happy in my knowlege thatn you in your search for the answers-I don't care>
It is YOU who hasn't addressed the issues, pal. You say the "big-bang" has nothing to do with evolution? Who the hell are you trying to fool-or is it your people's way of "avoiding the issue"?
YOU have not addressed the holes in your precious faith's foundation.
Prove to me that evolution works!
Did you answer my debunking of your debunking concerning the "entropy" thingy? Hell no! You can't-tou just say it doesn't apply in the instance of evolution! You can't change scientific law, Kyle>
And we're supposed to believe a bunch of yahoos who don't even follow the known laws in their field of "
Again-you have clearly shown you put your faith in a concocted lie-you won't admit it is faith-you have given absolutely NO evidence that your theory works. You can't and you knoe it so you try to make the other view look foolish. You rely on the words and interpretations of flawed men as if they were flawless-clearly placing your faith blindly based upon an idea that suits their agenda!
I've laid your lies and agenda bare.
You say I haven't answered you? I say Bullshit! You don't want to hear the answer-you don't want others to hear the answer-you are afraid of the answer!
It threatens your belief system (self preservation, self gratification) and it threatens your lifestyle!
That is why you keep coming back and saying nothing except that I don't know what I'm talking about!
As I've told you before-the problem is that you don't know what I'm talking about! Your fear of the truth will not let you!
"space-dust" answer the question!
"energy from which the "big-bang" resulted-answer the question!
Faith in evolution-admit it!
"entropy"-explain why you feel that "science" can ignore this known law in order to defend your faith!
I could go on-and will as I do my own refreshment course on the science behind my position and the abuse of science behind yours.
Maybe by thenb you will have thought up some excuse as to why you can't or won't answer the questions you have avoided since theis debate began!
You can't win this argument-I'm right, you're wrong! Regardles of what your prophets have brainwashed you with!

As a result of this debate, I have come to a conclusion based on comparison, observation, and testing. The same tactics used by liberals in politics are used by evolutionists in "science"!
That should tell us something, right there!
No substance-only concoctions, distortions and groundless attacks! Reminds you of how a 7 year-old might approach a debate!

I'll leave it to any others who might venture on to this site as to who has answered who's questions-it's pretty clear!
Good argument, zac!
I think this argument is over.

You claim I haven't answered your ignorant questions, but you haven't even checked back to the site on which you asked them.

You repeat the same blanket statements over and over, and over and over you have no proof of any of your attacks.

You continuously make the mistake of thinking that biology and cosmology are the same field. They're not. That's why they have different names, idiot.

You continuously ask for proof, but when provided, you dismiss it as bias. There isn't any proof that you wouldn't dismiss.

You say that you are making your opinion based on observation and testing. Observation of the Bible and testing of evolutionists' patience? That isn't the kind of scientific investigation we're talking about.

No substance-only concoctions, distortions and groundless attacks! My point exactly. We request proof, you drop the word "moondust" and expect that to destroy evolution. You request proof, we come up with crate-fulls that you refuse to consider.

Now you're talking about spacedust? You've never mentioned spacedust before. I'd love to hear what you have to say about this spacedust, you moron.

Creationism is science for the fucktarded. Anyone who can't see that by now is allowing himself to be raped by puppeteers. Think of that imagery. Yikes.

I'm tired of arguing with a little child with his fingers stuck in his ears. I feel dirty after allowing this fool this much of my time.

I think this argument is over, at least for me. Go ahead and think you've won, everyone reading this is dumber for what you've said.
You've answered nothomg, dude! You are the child-your tacticas and remarks prove it!
biology and cosmotology are related, numbnuts! You could not have biology except for cosmology! What a decieved deciever you are.
Who has dismissed who? The record speaks for itself!

I've been to your site, seen that you say the same things over and over-so I've let you have the last word. Something your fear of my view will not allow you to do here.

I've explained myself clearly and rationally! You, on the other hand, revert to critiquing my writing style and saying I'm an idiot.
Good argument, Kyle!
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