Sunday, August 07, 2005


An American Hero

Yesterday, I caught part of Adm. James Stockdale's funeral on C-SPAN. I"m sure most kids, if asked, would not even know who this brave man was. It would be good for all Americans to know who this great American patriot was.
In the '92 General Election, he was Ross Perot's vice presidential running mate. I'll never forget the statement at his first vice presidential debate: "Who Am I and what am I doing here?" The world should know who this brilliant man was!
During the Vietnam war, he was a high-ranking naval officer who flew a mission into 'nam and was shot down. While in the well-described P.O.W. camps, including the "Hanoi Hilton", he organized and ran the system that kept many U.S. servicemen alive and hopeful over years of abuse and torture-even collecting intelligence about NVA activities! To go into all that he was able to accomplish within that system would take pages.
This man was probably one of the great heroes in our nation's history!

Thanks, Admiral-and farewell!

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