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I Just Cant Help It! (Flowerpot Babies)

Here I go again-talking about the abortion issue! You know, at its heart, the decision to abort a child is selfish. The climate that the pro-death crowd has produced-along with the attitudes that the inhumane laws regarding abortions around the globe have brought upon us, results in stories like this shocking one from Germany!
The bottom-line to those who choose or support abortions....anywhere....comes down to "What do I want". The question of "What's right?" is either never considered or is rejected....both symptoms of extreme selfishness!
I'm sure this woman felt like she was doing the right thing-after all, why should she pay for an MD to do it when she could wait a few months and do it ,herself? It's sad, but there will be many folks around the world who will feel sorry for this animal-I doubt there will be many who value life to do so!

I don't really see the decision not to subject a potential child to a life of deprivation, poverty, and neglect as a "selfish" decision. I don't see the decision not to further overcrowd America's woefully overcrowded, underfunded, and just plain crappy foster system with more children as a "selfish" decision. Frankly, if you wanted fewer people to have abortions, you should encourage adoption by, say, treating homosexuals equally in the adoption field. But that's something your side would never stand for...

Of course not-it isn't natural-that's what you evolutionist tend to believe, isn't it-we are one with the biological world around us? I know, here it comes-(In the deep voice of a seasoned television anchor) "Studies have shown that homosexuality may not be a lifestyle choice, afterall. Science now shows that there is a "fag" gene...."-hee....hehe,hehe,hee....HAR_HAR_HAR...(sigh)! What a bunch of crap!
Why does it matter if homosexuality is genetic?
It doesn't go along with your "science", dude! Where does homosexuality exist in the natural world except by humans?
Don't give me the "dolphin" defense-it's redicuoloius! Probably a bunch of queers trying to justify their unnatyral acts!

Depp-voiced anchrman-"Studies have found that evolutionist have been right all along! This week, it was shown that the human species is evolving at this point in history. Soon homosexuals, becuse of a natural mutation, will have the ability to procreate amongst themselves."

What a bunch of cow-manure!
As to "overcrowding" and "subjecting a child to poverty". Good thing abortion wasn't an acceptable alternative at the time President Lincoln was being carried in his mother's womb!
Wait! Let me rethink this....maybe it is a good practice in cases like Bill Clinton and Oprah Winfrey-too bad their parents didn't believe the way you do at the time of their gestation!

What idiotic reasoning! It is my guess that the leader who could bring the world together might have already been born-except he or she wasn't! Again-too bad!
Let me guess, Kyle-you're one of those who feel sorry for this poor, poor woman. The one with her dead babies all around!
If you look at the posts, actually, you're arguing with Sam about abortion. Please address all snide comments about dead babies to him. Thank you.

I'm more curious about why conservatives find the prospect of a genetic component to homosexuality so threatening. Homosexuality has been observed in many species, the one I remember most is the giraffe. Looks like this guy collected some information together.

I like how you dismiss evidence of gay dolphins as "redicuoloius" by surmising that the authors must be gay. Laughable.

The funny thing about conservatives being threatened by a genetic component...it doesn't matter. Alcoholism is genetic, but we still don't consider it a good thing. So why can't you accept that homosexuality might be genetic and still not like it? I guess it's just because you're anti-science.
Alcoholism-genetic? You guys will stoop to any amount of falsification to justfy your vices! Alcoholism isn't genetic-it results from bad behavior-what freaking bull-malarky! (Here we go-"but science has proven...") - BULLSHIT!!!

I looked at your site-again, BULLSHIT!

So you DO believe that mankind is in a transitional evolutionary stage!

You have very little respect for truth, don't you?
Alcoholism-genetic.....all part of the evolutionary process, i guess.
We must have inherited THAT gene from our poker-playing dog/cousins!
Wow dude, I chose alcoholism as an example because I thought it would be completely non-debatable, as it should be.

Drinking heavily = poor life choice.

Being physically dependent on alcohol = alcoholism = genetic.

There's a difference between heavy drinking and being an alcoholic, and if you can't realize that, then I'm sorry, the rest of the world will have to continue on without you.

Ummmmm how about I talk about Tay-Sachs disease (or are you going to say that that's not genetic either...)? Another example of something genetic that isn't considered a good thing. My point was that you can still think homosexuality is a bad thing and accept that there's at least a genetic factor.

"So you DO believe that mankind is in a transitional evolutionary stage!" mmmmm not exactly sure how you reached this conclusion, but ok. Actually mankind is no longer a transitional evolutionary stage because natural selection no longer works on our population, that is, generally everyone has the opportunity to pass on their genes, regardless of their fitness. Part of the purpose of society is to get rid of the pressures of natural selection.

Dude, you can look at scientific evidence all you want and say "BULLSHIT" (just like you can stick your fingers in your ears and sing the national anthem), but sorry, that's not an argument.
"natural selectio no longer works" -Gowd, man, you guys have EXCUSES for everything, don't you?
Do you ealize how inane your defense of your percieved "best evidence" is?
Mom to kid: "Did you break that vase, Tommy?"
Kid to mom: "Yes-but it was because a bee flew in my ear and I had to jump from couch to loveseatto table-top then swing my baseball bat back and forth to get it out....Mommy, really!"
Mom to kid: "That's allright sweetie-bad old bee!"
Kid (under breath to no-one in particular): "Hee-Hee-Hee! Got outta that one, didn't I?"
See, this is the problem. If you knew what you were talking about, you'd know why natural selection no longer applies to humans.

Natural selection depends on the strongest surviving and outproducing their competitors. In nature, the amount of offspring you have is dependent to your fitness. However, that is no longer true with modern society: the number of children someone has isn't dependent on any fitness or survival capability. Since natural selection is the driving force of evolution and natural selection is a force that society has removed from humans, humans aren't evolving.

This is why you need to know what you're talking about. Know what you're talking about! You dismiss all of this evidence without knowing what you're talking about! Your arguments have no credence if, like they have, your arguments and comments continuously betray that you don't understand even the basic tenents of the theory you're trying to attack!

Not only that, but you've managed to dismiss decades of carefully researched and tested psychology, physiology, neurobiology, and genetics in a couple of posts of uneducated hyperbole. Talk about ignorant.
I guess I'm just an ignorant hillbilly since I "dismmiss decades of carefully researched and tested psychology,physiology...." and so on and so forth. Why would an ole hillbilly, like me, distrust the "experts? Well....hmmm...let me see...uh....vioxx, comets made of solid ice....shall I go on?
Your science is constantly being proved wrong-but you always have another road to travel. Matters not to you that, most likely, the road you travel is going to end up another dead-end!
I've got the answer you're looking for, Kyle-but you reject it-your choice!
What, did God tell you that Vioxx was harmful or that comets weren't made of solid ice? Your arguments don't make sense.
Is vioxx harmful? Weren't "scientist" alarmed to find that their assumptions were wrong about the make-up of comets after the one they just blew up?

Didn't Armstrong and the boys discover that the potentially dangerous depth of "space-dust" on the moon was only inches deep?
You are putting your faith in flawed assumptions, pal!
Sambo, knowing your philosophy-how you've presented it, anyway, makes me wonder if you don't need to be neutered, or something!

Atack me, I'll Zac Attack Back!

Evolution screams of responsibility, doesn't it? Gawd!
Let me see....I can probably take the alternator off my dad's old pick-up and figure out a way to make it work on my mother-in law's car...if I had to! Heck, I wouldn't be surprised if by careful experimentation, I might be able to drain the oil or coolant from my uncle's little red volkswagen bug and put it in my new Focus ST and it would operate as designed! Dang-I'll even wager to bet, that if I were to have a leak in my cooling system,i
I'd probably have to be extra careful here, but I might be able to put some Stop-Leak in there and it would work just as well as it would in a Peterbuilt!

Deception with an exponent of 1000!
You can yell 'deception' all you want, but, when it comes down to it, you have no reason why creationism would predict the thickness of moondust, you have no facts, no arguments, no alternative theories.

Vioxx is a perfect example of how scientists admit that they were wrong. Thankfully the large amount of investigation and testing that goes into drugs before they reach the market works the vast majority of the time.

Science was able to put people on the moon and return them safely. Your moondust comments are insignificant and hold no meaning whatsoever when science is very willing to modify its theories.
"no reason why creation would predict the thickness of space dust"

Kyle, I believe the earth is no more than 10,000 years old, roundabouts -moon either, for that matter! Crazy, isn't it?

Too bad that I'm supported in that by an undeniable fact, huh?
I think a line from the big-lipped idot, here is quite appropriate!

"Time,time,time is on my side-yes it is!
There was a comment, by sam, several posts back-about my "sticking my fingers in my ears and singing the national anthem".
I served my country for four years during the most important time (besides now) of my lifetime-during the Reagan Administration. I participated in "show-of-strength" excercises in Sicily and Greece. I volunteered for a detail, just after the last bombing in Lebanon, to clean up the morgue after they autopsied and processed 17 marines who died in that event.
If you were referring to me-and not to the general public-Kiss My .......GRITS!!!!!
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