Saturday, August 20, 2005


(Homo) Revision

Let's get something straight around here. I'm sick of the words: "homosexual" and "heterosexual". It gives perverted behavior way to much legitimacy. From now on, I'll try to remember and not use these words anymore in conversation of any type.
From now on it will be: "Normal sexually-oriented humans" and "abnormal sexually-oriented humans"! I'll retain my uses of : "poofta", "fag", and "queer", however. Not because I hate the abnormal freaks, but because I hate their devious agenda.

"It gives perverted behavior way too much legitimacy."
What does this agenda consist of anyway? You're spewing about in on no fewer than three blogs now, but you never have explained what the "agenda" is. Care to enlighten us, your loyal readers?
Those who champion the cause of queerdom have an agenda of forcing society to accept their perversion. Understand- also think that champions of ALL forms of promiscuity have that agendea.
I really should have offered another term. "Abnormal obsessive sexually oriented humans."
You see, Zach, I think that any form of promiscuity or abnormal sexual behaviour should not be acceptable.
You lefties can label me a "Neo-Con" all you want. The fact is, though I'm just a "humble" (HEE, HEE) ol' hillbilly, I at least have the capacity to think for myself. I don't have to depend on scientists with an agenda, professors with an agenda, or politicians wit an agenda. I can sift through what's given me and make my own sound judements.
As long as you little-men-who-think-you're-big listen to people like Ward Churchill or Chuck Schumer, you will continue to be little-men-who-can't-think-for-yourselves. Grow up and keep your filth to yourselves!
The direction society has gone in the past 50 years or so-concerning promiscuity-has been harmful to families.
As long as you are working actively-Zach, you are most assuredly working actively-to force society to accept your perverted view of sexuality, I will continue to expose it.

And yes-I do think that the rise of the evolution myth has contributed to the decline in morality....but that's just my thinking.....unacceptable to you self-serving weaklings who utilize perverted advice.

In some ways the left reminds me of cattle-in othersways they remind me of zombies.
You need to leave your county some time. Living alone has clearly taken its toll on you and your reality. Please, take my advice and go somewhere.
Living alone? Heh, heh! Sometimes, that is my fervent wish!
Leave my county? Zackarooski, I've lived in places all around this world. I've lived in Japan, England and on the Island of Crete. I've lived on the east- coast, the west-coast and the Gulf coast.
I've walked on ancient ruins you've never even heard of. I've picked Roman and Minoan, as well as WWII German and British artifacts from where they lay on the ground at my feet.
I've stood in the midst of the standing-stones on the Salisbury plain-something few have done in the last century. (Pretty cool story to tell about that event!)

Taking a "road-trip" to visit your "ma'am" doesn't really qualify as an intellectually rewarding experience.
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