Thursday, August 11, 2005


Liberty-Drop back and Punt!

As I've weaved my way through the very small portion of the blogosphere I've thus encountered, I'm struck at how a large group of folks are crying about the direction of "homeland security". By that, I mean the Patriot Act and all. They are out there now-screaming, whining, spitting, hollering, biting, clawing, weeping. I understand their plight-even sympathize with it deeply!
Where the problem lies, however-in my way of thinking-is with the fact that over the past century or so, we have allowed our world to slip down such a slippery slope(especially in the past two decades!) as to make any recovery impossible without a complete rearrangement of everything taken for granted! In esscence-the proverbial "runaway train"!
My area of concern is this-in order to reverse this "trend", are people ready to have a complete rearrangement of everything they hold dear? Are they prepared for war in our streets-against ourselves? Or is it time to face facts, lower our fists, and figure out a way to navigate throught rapid changes that are happening, now, before our eyes?
This "fugitive couple from Tennessee" story-along with other crime stories featured on television-are examples of situations we want to praise, yet wouldn't have been possible a few years ago without changes we don't like.
The snowball is rolling down hill. It has been for a long, long time! It's building speed and growing bigger!
Do Americans have the guts to stop it? Or will we let it roll by, send another couple down the hill, and build a great-big snowman at the bottom?

How long did it take you to come up with that list of verbs?
Is that supposed to be an insult? Tell me, how long does it take before you attack someone in a way completely apart from the issue? Liberal tactics show their ugly face again!
Bizarrely reactionistic and defensive much?

He's a little high-strung.
You guys are SUCH is master-debaters! Wow!

One-line personal insults-looks like you might be winning after all!
Funny phrase wasn't it? Kyle, what possesses you to be on such a mission to allow for homo-nuptuals? Evertything you've tried to debate me on, here, ends up having the "homo" angle brought into it by you.
Sorry, Kyle-my bad. It's Zachary who is on the fag/marriage crusade. You're the one who counters any argument I have by saying I don't know what I'm talking about or that I dodge your points. Obviously not true, but then...when does a liberal rely on truth and accuracy in any debate?
I said "semen breath" because it proves that you're a hypocrite (One-line personal insults-looks like you might be winning after all!). You can dish it out but can't take it.

Loather, you have done everything but consider truth and accuracy. The pure audacity of claiming argumentative superiority when you dismiss any evidence you don't like as "bullshit" and twisting your opponents' views is laughable. Anyone looking back over your posts sees nothing but a little child plugging his ears and screaming.

There's no use even answering you if you can't follow logic (here comes some baffling claim that scientists don't follow logic).
You accuse me of dismissing your evidence? That's laughable, Kyle! You guys won't even consider the vast evidence supporting my view. You won't admit that your "evidence" is held together by assumations of your own design.
Zachary DOES interject the fag issue into every post, it seems-the "semen-breath" phrase just stressed my point.

Your "science" dismisses the FACT that a catostrophic goelogical scenario BEST fits the strata your gurus say was uniform in nature.

Your science is continually being challenged by new discoveries-like long extinct (multiple millions of years, extinct by your "science") fish which mysteriously show up-alive, mind you-in fishermen's nets.

Your "science" dismisses the fact that your whiz-kids were wrong in calculating the Moon's dust layer depth.

Your science takes the view that best fits its agenda. You say that your "scientists look at origins objectively-anyone reading these comments will realize their findings spring from their faith in the evolution fantasy.

Your science looks at an obvious human footprint made inside an obvious dinosaur footprint and say "There must have been a bi-pedal dinosaur in these regions who had a foot structure identical to a human's footprint" A heel, a ball, an arch and five toes-your priests want us to believe-even thopugh that observation is the ONLY evidence to support the claim-that thewre was a dinosaur which walked upright on two feet exactly like a human's. Give us a break!

Your "science" is irresponsibly disregarding and bending known scientific laws to promote the myth you worship.

Perversion? "Science" can explain it!
Evolution? "Science" can explain it!

I don't trust your "science".
What you don't realize is that science and "science" are the same thing. Your view of science is some perfect thing, which is foolish. What you call science was what you would call "science" fifty years ago. All of science is constantly improving itself. Why aren't you attacking Newton for not knowing about general relativity (or do you not believe in that either)?

Your evidence is a joke. Look at any site not affiliated with a creation "thinktank", ie, any respected scientific organization, and your "evidence" falls apart.

A child, with fingers in his ears, singing the national anthem at the top of his lungs.
I don't trust "any site not affiliated with a creation think-tank". I see any site "not affiliated with a creaton "think-tank" as an "evolutionist think-tank".
Science, to me, is what we KNOW about nature.
"Science", to me, is what you guys THINK you know about nature.
You don't trust my fundamenal views on Christianity.
I don't trust your fantastic stretches to support your view on evolution.

Again, I NEVER questioned the patriotism of anyone on your site-don't have to do so. The answers are there, already.
I don't trust "any site not affiliated with a creation think-tank"

That sums it up.

Direct banning complaints to Zac, I don't have power over that.
Sorry, Kyle. When I come to your site and see you guys all over each other with hugs and kisses-I tend to respond to you all as if you are one entity.
I'll try to separate your comments from now on.

BTW, you've already made known that you don't trust any creation site. Am I not entitled to decide where my faith rests?

I keep on coming back to the thought that if you guys are so confident in your "science", you wouldn't be trying so hard to discredit the views I hold.
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