Thursday, August 11, 2005


Grieving Mother? Regretful!

I've caught bits and pieces of the "grieving mother" story. Read some crap about it over on a liberal site. What prompted me to post, however, was the interview I just saw on Olberman with Cindy Sheehan, the "grieving mother" herself.
Now, I know that people sometimes do irrational things when they are grieving, but this is getting out of hand. This woman needs real help!
I felt sorry for her before, but after this interview- I feel sad about the burden of grief she is putting upon herself. She is obviously suppressing her grief by what she is doing!
How could a mother dishonor her heroic son in this way? This young man joined the military with full-knowlege he could be sent into battle and killed. Yet, he went! He died doing his duty. This tirade by his mother is dishonoring that sacrifice!
One day, when the big liberal activists have stopped using her, she will realize what she has done. She will weep bitterly every time she thinks about her betrayal.
Betrayal to her country, to her president, to her son! When the people who are encouraging her, now, no longer knows she exists.
I feel so very sorry for this lady! Her grief will be greatly prolonged because she has been taken advantage of!
I have heard nothing about how her son felt about the war-it really doesn't matter, though, does it?

I Loathe liberal tactics. And I shall expose them every chance I get!

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