Thursday, August 04, 2005


Remember Rebekah Gould

A year ago this coming September 20th, a beautiful young girl was brutally beaten to death just outside my small hometown of Melbourne, Arkansas. Rebekah Gould had gone to a "friends" house in a very rural area, took him to work, and was seen in town for the last time around 9 that same morning. When the "friend" returned home, that evening of the 20th, he discovered Rebekah's car still in the driveway and her personal items still present.
Police said that there was a "substantial" amount of blood throughout the house and initiated a search for her that continued a week. That is when this vibrant young college student's partially nude brutalized body was found where it had been dumped like so much garbage off the road about 35 feet at a popular local scenic pull-off. (A friend and I had been at that lookout enjoying the view 3 days before they found her body-I was shocked when I learned of the discovery and where she was found.)
There was rumors that an "ex" had followed her to her "friend's house.
The investigation into the vicious murder stalled, early on, due to our state's crime lab being overburdened with cases. The last story I could find told of the attempts by state police to find a rumored "murder weapon" that might have been thrown from a bridge across White River at a little place called Sylamore.
Not much news between December of '04 til then-May 27th. Nothing since!
What got me at the time of the murder and ensuing search, was that there was NO mention of this beyond state media. Fox News didn't descend on our little county and demand to know what was happening. Neither did CNN or MSNBC! Gretta Van Susteren has never, to my knowledge, been to Izard County! Neither has Joe Scarborough!
I've tried to do some research on the "net" about this case, but there seems to be a media vacuum. Maybe I'm just not skilled enough to get good results. If this interests some of you amateur blogger-type sleuths, please, do some research and let me know what you find!
The murder happened about 13 miles from my home. Her body was found only five miles away. When my buddy and I had stopped there a few days before the grisley discovery, we had talked about the murder. Believe it or not- I had actually mentioned smelling something dead-which, now I know, was probably Rebekah Gould.
This story stays in my thoughts because it literally hit close to home!

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