Monday, August 15, 2005


That's the Spirit!

This weekend I noticed something in my little town of which I had to comment. For the last several weeks, there has been a young man taking the initiative and putting out admirable effort in the quest to make an extra buck. I can imagine this kid, sitting at home in front of the tube, like my own kids, watching "Spongebob Squarepants" and saying repeatedly during each commercial break : "I"m bored-there ain't nothin' to do!"
This young man decided to to do something about it!
It's been HOT in this part of the country-very hot! The parking lot of our local shopping center is not the place to go cool down. Yet, day after day, this little guy is out there, sitting patiently in the scorching sun, waiting for a thirsty shopper to stop and give him custom! Others have noticed, as well, even the local newspaper, which did a little story on him a week or two ago.
I had already decided to write a little piece about this valiant effort to turn idleness into profitability, but on Saturday noticed something that prompted me to get out my camera and get the goods. Down the road from where this young man is set up for business, I saw a small group of kids toting a sign that read: "Lemonade 25 cents". I noticed this after having my attention drawn to it by the shrill yells of the little entrepreneurs whose aim was to attract potential customers. It worked. Though I had just finished one Lemonade, I was compelled to get I did!
These little guys and gals had formed somewhat of a "corporation". They had set up in the midst of a two or three family yardsale, hoping to take advantage of the traffic generated. When I went to their table, all of them lined up-one little girls said: "Tommy has got more money than me." I paid my hard-earned cash and got my cup of cool refreshement-well not as cool as the other kid's product (it actually had ice), but somewhat refreshing, nonetheless!
Later that day, I stopped by the first young man's place of business and asked him what he was working for. He sat there with a blank look on his face, and gave a quick shake of the head, "Nothing in particular?" I asked. "Just wanted to make a little spending money huh?". To that, he responded with a rapid nodding of his head and said "Cool car!" I laughed and told him I thought his effort was pretty cool, as well.
Funny, the other kids had about the same response to my similiar question to them. They had toys and candy on their minds!
When I asked the first young man how he felt about his new-found competition, he replied: "They ain't gonna do very good where they're at," he said-"I've got the better spot!"
I told him I thought he was absolutely right! The other little corporation had folded by early-afternoon.
I admire this young man for his effort.

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