Thursday, August 18, 2005


LLL Delays Anouncement

Today, The Head of Research at LiberalLoatherLab's Research Institute, Dr Schlitz, informed me that the anticipated announcement concerning the "Twin Creek Specimen" will be delayed until Saturday. The announcement's delay was prompted, according to Dr. Schlitz, by a related research expedition in the Black Hills of South Dakota.
"Our field researchers have been working hard for the last several days, in South Dakota, examining a a phenomenon that we believe may be related to the "Twin Creek Specimen" Said Dr. Schlitz. "We don't want to reveal the findings we've made on the original specimen until we have either confirmed or eliminated the new phenomenon as related."
Dr. Shlitz went on to say that the faculty and students-as well as visitors to our Research Institute "have been astonished" at the "Twin Creek Specimen" which has been on display in the new lecture hall for the past several days.
"People are amazed and delighted at the specimen on display." remarked the department's head. "Folks are asking some very interesting questions about it-we'll be happy when we can reveal this object's secrets on Saturday!

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