Tuesday, August 09, 2005


New Science Confirmed! (Perpetual Motion is Possible!

Folks, I believe a great breakthrough in science has occured, right here, at this site! It has been duly documented and recorded, that observations of the comments sections on the evolution posts confirm that "perpetual motion" actually can be accomplished!
A momentous breakthrough for the scientific world-and I can claim to be a part of it!
As the debate rages on in these comments, it is clear to see there is no end to it-thus-"perpetual motion" is not only feasable, but progressing as I write!
It doesn't seem as if either Kyle or myself will allow the other to have the last word in this debate. Notice the title to this blog? See whose name is in the "About" section? LiberalLoather and D. Elrod, respectively!
I vow NOT to allow any prophet of evolution have the last word on my site!

Of course, I could drop dead! That would blow the "perpetual motion" thingy, though, wouldn't it? Just a minute....let me see...uh, maybe....if I try a little bit...I can come up with some other angle that provides that "perpetual motion" can and does exist!

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