Wednesday, August 17, 2005


LL-Banned From ZacAttack! (LOL)

Hillarious! They couldn't stand the heat so they kicked me out of the kitchen! These intolerant jerks refused to answer my questions, had no credible argument for any of my comments on their lame posts, made fun of my writing ability and debate style, then banned me from commenting. It makes me laugh.
I'll keep them linked. I want others to go to their site and see what a liberal, self gratifying circle-jerk looks like. I'll even let them continue to comment on this site-I have nothing to fear from these little men.
Duck and run, boys!

We love you too, big daddy.
You forgot to mention that I had asked you on two different occassions to refrain from summarily questioning the patriotism of anyone who disagrees with you. You spit in my face both times and so I had to take action. I'm sure you have to see the logic in that. I can't be like the UN and threaten action if you don't comply and then back down.

Surely you agree with me! You brought the ban upon yourself. But it's lifted now. I think I made my point. You've learned your lesson, and know better than to do it again.

Now about humans walking with dinosaurs. Please tell me you're joking. I've been laughing my ass off all day because of your little comment. In fact, I haven't found a conservative or a liberal who actually agrees with you. But don't you worry your pretty little mind, I'll keep trying!
I never questioned anyone's patriotism on your site, pal. It seems that my comments explaining my view of why the war in Iraq has been lengthened and made more brutal by the liberal Democratic tactics employed during the 2004 presidential campaign, has hit a nerve, though. Sorry-sometimes when you face the truth-it hurts.
Because I say that Cindy Sheehan is dishonoring her son and his fallen comrades by her allowing herself to be used by left-wing activists, and in so doing giving our enemies aid and comfort I am questioning their patriotism?
I don't get it.
As for the dinosaur/man issue-you aren't looking very hard. You obviously haven't been href=">here< yet.
I guess I'm a dumb-ass after all.
Well, I have to admit that I did call you a "dumb-ass" in my mind when I saw your attempt at html, but you're forgiven.

As for questioning my patriotism and questioning my faith, look at the threads on which I had to scold you for doing it.

Your ban has been lifted for at least five hours now. Come on back. Just don't be an idiot. Leave thoughtful, intelligent comments and we'll get along just fine.
And in case you didn't notice, I care for you so much that I put your picture on my blog!
The LiberalLoather salute!

That's okay, Zacharuski, I'll let you guys admire yourselves for a while.

I want to enjoy the badge of honor-my first as a "blogger"-your "temporary" ban rewarded me with.
I didn't know it was such an honor to be an unintelligible asshole. I learn something new every day!
It's an honor for me to be labeled by immature know-it-alls like you.
What have you proven in your attempt to discredit me?
That you are a better typist!
In some parts of the world, intelligence is something people strive for. In your neck of the woods, ignorance seems to run supreme.

What have you ever been able to do to discredit me? Call my website a circle jerk? At least you spelled my name right, unlike poor Ann Coulter's name in your links section. I already informed you of that horrible misspelling and yet you let it go. Because of your inability to spell or use language correctly (and by correctly, I mean well), Ann Coulter's link doesn't even work. What a loser.

Go play with your "wife" or something. I'm sure you'd have more fun pretending you're married than pretending your posts and comment make sense.
There you go, folks. There's your "ZacAttack".
Aww, did I hurt your wittle feewings?
But at least you finally took my advice and changed poor Ann Coulter's link.

Did you ever get to see the shrine I have of you on my blog?
Folks-can you see the way these deluded youngsters think? Look at the way they debate! Continue, Zackster, PLEEEEEASE-continue to expose your "intellect".

Hell, it looks like after I debate with these young ideologues for a while, I can then leave them alone and let them expose themselves! (pun intended)
Who exactly are you talking to? You have like four people visit your blog, and three of them are liberals poking fun at you.

You never did answer my questions.

Duck and run! Duck and run!
What questions, Zachary? You mean the immature-"Aww, did I hurt your wittle feewings?" thingy?
Or did you mean the one about the LiberalLoather salute you have on your blog?

Seems like you are the one left with lame one-liners. I understand that, though. You can't write more than one line unless you're making fun of someone's typing skills or bringing up the poofta issue!

There are more than three or four who have visited my site. Seems they are satisfied with the way I am exposing your lame views and rediculous tactics.
Zachary, if you think I'll ever back down to little pukes like you, you're even a bigger fool than I presently believe you to be.

LiberalLoather is my name-Exposing liberals is my game!
What exactly have you ever exposed?
What a liar and cheat you are, for one!

I know I refer to fags as perverts, but you didn't have to go and expose yourself, Zac.
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