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Sheehan Chronicles-View from a Left-Caoster

The following comments were originally posted on the "Cindy Sheehan" thread over at Club 100's forum.
The author's name is Darin. I like the way he expresses things.

I think Cindy Sheehan is disrespecting the legacy that her son's sacrifices made possible. By using the specific word "vain," she personally believes her son died for his own profit, or to "die for Israel." It comes as no surprise that she has been outside Bush's Crawford Ranch, associating herself with the rent-a-friends that actually support her son's killers.

Here are a few of her gems that will back up my assertion that this is not about honoring the legacy and heroic actions of Casey Sheehan, but everything to do with pushing the cut-and-run caucus in Congress into action:

"The U.S. government is a morally repugnant system"
"This country is not worth dying for"
"There has always been excuses for wars, but NONE of them have been good or valid"
"I DEFINITELY think that we should support war resisters in the military"
"Am I emotional? Yes, my first born was murdered. Am I angry? Yes, he was killed for lies and for a PNAC Neo-Con agenda to benefit Israel"
"You get America out of Iraq and Israel out of Palestine and you'll stop the terrorism"
"The U.S. government is now ruled by murderous hypocrites... criminals who should be arrested, charged appropriately, confined behind bars"


She used her son Casey's insurance money to buy a house (when separated too) and pay off years of tax liens, while currently threatening to stop paying taxes. She's used his grave as a podium to spew her anti-war, anti-Israel and anti-American sentiments while aligning herself with Michael Moore,, Lynne Stewart, David Duke, Communist front groups, George Soros funded groups and then again, the list goes on and on!

The media has been less than disingenuous; Cindy Sheehan had a moment with the President last year (and tells two different accounts of it). There is a photograph of President Bush actually embracing Mrs. Sheehan, and he has met with many family members of the fallen heroes. Instead, they hail her as the "Rosa Parks" of the anti-war movement, and fawningly call her Mother Sheehan.

This is nothing but a story about a non-story. The lamestream press knows that it is mid-August and Congress and the President are on a month-long hiatus. With a wacky mother camping outside of President Bush's ranch, with unprecedented demands, attitude and rhetoric, this will surely accomplish the selling of news and continuing to bring down the President. To the rest of Americans, it has shown that the President is the only one in this whole story to act his age.

Thanks Darin!

Where did your man Darin get his information?
Go to the link in the sidebar I've provided for Club 100 and ask him yourself. I don't really know.
If you watched the sundays shows today you must have realized that everybody, including leading republicans, believe that the president should meet with her. The woman lost her son in this war and she has every right to express her opinions. The president should have the courtesy to meet with her. Especially now that more than 60% of Americans believe that the Iraq war is a mistake.
Leading Republicans? Hah!
Hagel just committed presidential suicide.
Allen supports the war, but would have met with her to prevent the over-enthusiastic media from using it during an otherwise boring news month.
a pretty good piece on the matter.
You are completely wrong. Hagel did not commit presidential suicide. On the contrary he started gaining the votes of independents and democrats. Dont forget that more than 60% of Americans think now that the Iraq war was a mistake. As you also admit, Allen who suports the war also said that he would meet with her. He is definitely a leading republican in the congress. Or isn't he?
If you think that liberal democrats are going to choose an anti-war Republican over an ant-war Democrat, you are greatly mistaken.
Hagel will only gain votes from anti-war Republicans in any significant numbers if at all.
Allen is a leading Republican-and will continue to be as long as he supports the war.
The real question-who does the country trust to keep it safe from terrorism?
Oops! I left an "i" out-better get ready for the "Grammar Nazi". A phrase that Tom Alday so rightly and accurately coined!
Well, I am a liberal democrat but I would vote for Hagel over several Democrats. In a similar way I could easily vote for McCain. Regarding on who can we trust to keep the country safer, I believe that Bush has done a terrible job. Instead of going after the terrorists who attacked us, he took us to the wrong war and made the Middle East more unstable and dangerous than it already was. Bush and his administration clearly have good intentions. The problem is that they lack in competence. A democratic administration would be far better for the safety of the country.
A Democratic administration would set us up for more attacks!
Sometimes-I know it may be hard for you to understand-war can be brutal. Sometimes, people actually have to die in order to accomplish a mission. Sometimes a mission may take considerable time to accomplish-as Dubya stressed repeatedly in the run-up to Afghanistan and Iraq. Sometimes a mission can be prolonged due to those who don't understand and unwittingly give aid and comfort to the enemy.
Sometimes there are people who do understand, and actively try to hamper the mission in order to score political points.
The latter, some may dismiss. I happen to believe that the Democratic strategists new this, as well. In my view, it makes them traitors.
The Bush administration has made mistakes, as every war-time administration has-if you really want to blame someone for the direction this effort has taken (especially the massive number of Iraqi civilian deaths) , blame the Dems. The strategy they employed during this past election campaign is what has brought us to this violent point.
Regarding everything,

You have a grammar nazi troll? My condolences. They're the worst kind.

I am not signing up for Club 100 just so that I can ask Darin. All I will say is that if Darin doesn't have a source, and if Darin doesn't know Cindy Sheenan personally, then it's heresy. Would you believe anything nice I had to say about Sheenan? I would hope not because I don't know jack about her.

I also agree with the Blue Wind. I supported McCain in the 2000 race.

You keep saying that a democratic administration would invite more attacks. I don't understand why this is true. John Kerry was not for pulling out of Iraq. I recall that he was for increasing troop spending.
If Kerry had won the election (thank God he didn't) our troops would be home and Iraq would be right back in the same boat it was before. Terrorists would have won the election. (notice the image in my "about me" section)

Seriously, I don't know you, but I doubt that many liberals would vote for an anti-war Republican over an anti-war Democrat. I could be wrong-we'll see.

I've read quite a lot of what Darin has written. It is well thought out and well researched. I've also seen him on C-SPAN asking brilliant questions of well-known conservatives. I don't think he would fabricate anything or use something that was not documented.
Kerry didn't say he was going to pull out. He actually said that he was going to spend more money to fight this war properly (you know us tax-and-spend liberals).
Then, amazingly, he voted against funding for them.
That ad was misleading. John Kerry voted against an $87 billion dollar bill that happened to include the $300 mil funding, because the US did not have the funds to pay that bill. Kerry had supported an alternative bill that would have paid for the war, but that bill was defeated in session.
Did he vote against it?
No. Why on earth would he do that?
"I voted FOR it before I voted AGAINST it." If that wasn't Kerry's exact quote, it is the gist of it, anyway.
I'd vote for McCain. Hell, if somehow Hilary wins the nomination (she won't), there are a number of Republicans I'd vote for.
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