Thursday, August 25, 2005


Chicken-hawks VS Chicken-shits

There has been an inane leftist argument going around focusing on the phrase "chicken-hawks". This term is used by the zombies of the dark-side to paint conservatives-ecpecially conservative college and university students-as cowardly psuedo-patriots. Their argument-"If you're so keen on the war, why haven't YOU joined up and gone to fight in Iraq? Nanny-nanny-boo-boo!" It's really a decietful way to try and score points, politically.
Young America's Foundation, An organization dedicated to the promotion of conservative ideas on campus, released a short guide to give students a kind of "cheat-sheet" in order to give them ideas on how to argue with the "chicken-hawk" accusation.
This item was posted on YAF's Club 100 community forum, yesterday afternoon. I'm grateful they have allowed me to show it on this site.

Talking Points Against the "Chickenhawk" argument:

So, the big argument from the Left in regards to the Iraq war is essentially: If you support the war, but do not sign up to serve yourself, you are a hypocrite and a "chickenhawk."

I am sure many of you may come across this on campus. To help counter this, we have put together the following talking points:

1. We are engaged in a war of ideas on college campuses that is essential to winning the war on terror. This is also very important since hateful professors are spewing anti-American rhetoric at the students every day and students rarely hear all sides of the argument.

2. The Vietnam war was lost because there weren't enough people on the homefront telling the truth and supporting the war...

3. Where were these leftists when Clinton was sending our troops to Kosovo, Somalia, and Haiti? They weren't signing up then. Also, why aren't they serving in various UN peacekeeping missions worldwide, according to their logic?

4. The troops in our programs tell us it is so important to continue the battle of ideas on campuses and to support the men overseas through programs like what we did with Freedom Alliance to send needed supplies and thank you notes over there during the conference.

5. We are the ones fighting for the right to serve in ROTC on campuses. The same leftists who criticize us for not joining the military are stripping willing and able college students at Yale, Harvard, Emory, Stanford, etc from their rights to serve their country.

6. The majority of Americans do not serve in the military, so the Left is essentially disenfranchising them from contributing their voice to the debate.

7. The logic is flawed that only people who are involved in something can voice an opinion about it. For example – the public voices its opinion about a wide range of government programs even though most people are not in the government, and people speak about welfare but not many are actually on it or administering it.

This was originally posted by Patrick Coyle. Patrick is a co-author of "The Conservative Guide to Campus Activism", an book designed to give young college conservatives help in setting up organizations, hosting conservative speakers and event, preparing patriotic memorials and challenging the rampant liberal philosophy being pushed on campus.

Thanks Pat, and thanks YAF!

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