Saturday, October 29, 2005


Ahem! See What I mean? (Miers Withdrawal)

A few days ago I wrote a piece about my view of the Republican "revolution" that took place over the Miers nomination. If you'll recall, every media source (including FoxNews)was reporting that it was the conservative wing of Bush base that was baying like hounds with a coon treed about the SCOTUS pick. Since the de-nomination, however,
polls are telling a different story
I know CNN is a liberal propaganda source with about as much credibility as "Democracy Now", but I also saw similiar poll results on a poll by FoxNews. I couldn't find the results of the Fox poll but I remember their numbers being even more indicitave of the failure of the media to recognize that the opposition to Miers was from the LIBERAL side of the Republican party. Gary Bauerites and a few others were the exception-not the rule. The "revolution" was a few socially liberal Republicans posing as conservatives and being helped along Most, of course, who happen to be liberal as well. Even Fox bought into the charade!

Unfortunately, it looks like you're right. Even blatant cronyism doesn't seem to faze people, at least not enough for them to demand change.
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