Sunday, October 16, 2005


A Thousand Here, A Few Thousand There, Millions More....Everywhere?

Saturday, The 15th of October, 2005 in Washington DC.

Saturday, The 15th of October, 2005 in Toledo Ohio.

Isn't there a federal law against incitement to riot? Or conspiracy to overthrow government? I saw a "troop" of military clad "Black Panthers" basically calling for the release of terrorists.

The people speaking in DC never offered a word of thanks to the multitude of white citizens who made great sacrifices to provide shelter and relief to the "poor black victims" of Katrina. What kind of message is this sending to "their people"?

This kind of "free-speech" is harmful to race relations in our nation. How can we allow these angry black manipulators to take advantage of those who are unfortunate or ignorant of the opportunities they have as American citizens.

How can reasonable Blacks follow a kook like Louis Farrakhan? "Honorable"? I think not! This man is dangerous to America-regardless of race. His followers are beginning to resemble the radical brand of Islam encouraged by its hateful leaders.

It's still protected Free Speech, however much it pisses you or me off. I'm not so impressed by what they had to say than I am by what they did.

In D.C. they marched peacefully, if not respectfully.

In Ohio (and I'm reminded somewhat of that old CSNY tune) the Neo-Nazi's March, which was constiutionally protected-- however abhorent their philosophy, it was, nonetheless the Black population who truly "Marched". And they weren't particularly respectful either.

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The "Neo-Nazi" groups are at least as insane as the "Nation of Islam" crowd-if not more.

As I've read more on the situation in Toledeo, I see that the tension has been brewing there about this "Neo-Nazi" event for a while. People who don't understand that toleration is to be rightfully extended to any citizen who expresses free-speech until speech is replaced by violence.

What I got out of the speeches I heard on the mall in Washington was a call to come together, first, and attack, second.

This sends a dangerous message to those who don't really understand the true dynamics of their social and economic situations.
Sadly, I missed the speeches at the Mall. Had to work the weekend news, so all I got was CBS... and not much "Million More or Less" March. Got a nice recap from Rush this afternoon though.

And you're right. Trouble had been brewing in Toledo, and not just because of this March. Toledo has had a Black Gang problem for quite a while.
I heard, earlier today, that the Neo-Nazi group was requesting permission to have their rally in Toledo, again!

The spokesman for the group said that they have had thousands of e-mails supporting them and over 250 requests to join their organization since all this happened. That's amazing to me.
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