Friday, October 21, 2005


Feeling Patriotic? A Question For Pundits And Posers

This question is aimed at every American who gives a shit. I particularly would like to know how the following political pundits would answer this question:

Ann Coulter
Maureen Dowd
Thomas Freedman
Thomas Sowell
Bill Press
Rush Limbaugh
Michael Reagan
Randy Rhodes
James Carville
Michelle Malkin
Chris Matthews
Joe Scarborough
The two Als-Sharpton and Franken
The Buchanan siblings-especially Pat!

You can make your own list. Add to mine in the comments if you like!

The one essential thing about this pop-quiz on patriotism is that the participant MUST answer sincerely! Without this crucial element, the test is useless.

Feel free to fantasize about how your favorite pundit or politician might answer.

Here goes:


Do you secretly hope for a future terrorist attack against the United States of America?

Secretly? Yes... to wake up all those idiot Dems and Libs.

Publicly? Hell, NO!!!
I imagine there's at least a few on your list who would say yes.

And allow me to clarify my previous comment...

I believe another attack is inevitable. It WILL happen. I'd just like it to serve more than the purpose the terrorists intend... to wake up and effectively silence "...all those idiot Dems and Libs."

Great Post!
I agree, El! Another attack is inevitable. It's easy-from what we've seen and heard from them in the recent past-to predict the direction that their talking points will take when it does happen again.

I'd say about half of my list would say "no" in answer to my question. (I try to!)
Both the liberal and conservative ones would benefit, career-wise, with another terrorist attack.
Liberals could say "see? Bush has done a crap job of protecting the country." (Personally, I don't need another terrorist attack to tell me that. Those immigration numbers say it all.) Conservatives could say "see? There are terrorists out there. This war on terror is, in fact, necessary."
I think the real issue would be, which ones are cynical enough to hope for another terrorist attack.
You right on the money, Ms. Antoinette. Your logic is impeccable.
Which is why I emphasized wishing to know Pat Buchanan's heartfelt answer!
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