Monday, October 10, 2005


The Twilight Years-Mark Martin Can Still "Get It Up"!

I missed the Nextel Race, yesterday. I was thrilled to learn that a fellow hillbilly, Mark Martin-truly a Hall of Famer in Nascar, broke his 51 race winless streak. Mark Martin is from Batesville, Arkansas-just a few miles from my hometown. He's currently in seventh place for the coveted Nextel Cup Championship. This is his final season of competition in the sport he has excelled at for many years.
Arkansas-especially the folks from the Batesville area-are proud of his achievements this year and we are all rooting for him to miraculously win it all!
Viagra is his main sponsor. Pretty good PR to have a representative in the twilight years of his sport to show he can still get it up and boogedy,boogedy, boogedy! Not only that, but give his adoring fans so much satisfaction in the process.
Go Mark, win this thing!

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